The portrayal of equality on this show is absolutely incredible. Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Avatar: The Legend of Korra has managed to equate everyone onto a level playing field.

In the world of Avatar, the only thing that matters is the heart and the drive to fight for what you believe in.

The fact that they went out of their way to have men and women fighting together was amazing. This show took it even further. They have created characters that are physically disabled in some way. Teo was paralyzed. Toph was blind. And Ming-Hua has no arms. However, in the world of Avatar, these people are not disabled or handicapped. They are fighters. They are a threat.


River’s last kisses with her husband. I obsess over them.

She initiates the first one. He is taken a bit by surprise but honestly he does not protest much, in fact he kisses her back. His hand finds its way to her arm, then moves up into her hair. This is when River grabs him round the waist and pulls him in. Now, only now does the doctor starts flailing his arms about but not once does he protest or try to push her away. River here is already married to the doctor, she’s kissing her husband, while the doctor’s kissing the woman he’s slowly falling for, for the first time.

Then we have their last kiss. He initiates it. Without any hesitation or doubt, he gently grabs her face and kisses her. These two, husband and wife, ghost or echo and widower, are now equally in love and equally heartbroken.

Her face in the last two gifs: in DotM gif she realizes this might be his first kiss, the dread of knowing the worst possible fate for her was drawing near. Then the worst did happen, she died, and then there’s her doctor, kissing her with all the love he can muster, holding her like she’s the most precious thing in the universe. She smiles, tears in her eyes, because she feels cherished and she knows without a shadow of doubt that she is not alone in this love story.

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Glee: Season 6 Promo


“I Just spent the last two days threatening to quit my job in order to convince everyone to let her in, and as soon as I did she tells me she’s leaving to join your team? I was humiliated!


Ming-Hua, The Armless Waterbender

I think it is so cool the way that Avatar levels the playing field through bending.

First they set an amazing precedent by showing just how strong female characters can be.

Then they created a character that used her blindness as an asset.

Now, they are showing how someone who has a very serious handicap, still being able to kickass and threaten the Avatar despite missing limbs.