6. my kit

  • count olaf: unhygienic, can't act, is a moldy crouton
  • also count olaf: dated kit snicket, dr. orwell, esmé squalor, possibly ??? jacquelyn, has more game than anyone in the entire series combined

Me waiting for the season 7 finale of GOT and Jonerys Boatsex since I’ve watched leaked Ep 6 like

None of these gifs are mine.


A Series of Unfortunate Events Meme (x)

Six relationships: Siblings - the Baudelaires, the Quagmires, the Snickets



I drink because it feels good. I killed my husband because it felt good to be rid of him. I fuck my brother because it feels good to feel him inside me. I lie about fucking my brother because it feels good to keep our son safe from hateful hypocrites. I killed your High Sparrow and all his little sparrows, all his septons, all his septas, all his filthy soldiers, because it felt good to watch the, burn. 

Game of Thrones (The Winds of Winter)