6. boat

More Cute Sickfic Things

• Imagine wonderful Character A supporting the feverish Character B’s rambles, saying things like “yes, of course” and “wait until you get better and then we can pet the all the dogs in the park”

• An utterly delirious Character A who starts crying at the thought of little baby birds that fall out of nests, and Character B trying to placate them. Bonus points if it’s the character that is usually so stoic and serious

• Feverish Character B falls asleep in random places either because it’s cold or cosy, and Character B finds them, eyes fond, yet brows knit in worry at Character A sleeping on the bathroom floor with the giant teddy bear

• Dehydrated Character B complains of a headache and Character A gives them a pill (when in actuality they need to down a glass of water or two) only to realise that their mouth is dry and immediately begins to fuss

• When dehydrated Character B refuses to go to hospital or drink that icky stuff, so Character A goes crazy and buys 1263 juice packs and forces them to drink it under their stern gaze

• Character B being a blanket hog when sick and Character A waking up to complain, only to find them unnaturally warm and looking utterly adorable wrapped up like a little burrito

• Something bad happens and Character B screams and cries, only to have Character A hold them and try to calm them down, but cry so much that they throw up and have to be looked after

• Character A is really lonely and buys a kitten and Character B tries not to sneeze or sniffle as they’re allergic and because they don’t want to make Character A feel guilty

• When Character A is caught out with a fever and cannot walk straight so Character B huffily gives them a piggy back ride and finds themselves enjoying having Character A so close

• Character A being a celebrity and rushing out of a talk show, saying that their significant other, Character B, is much more important and hastens to look after them

• Sick Character B being self-conscious about how they look when they’re sick and Character A holding their chin and saying that Character A never looked lovelier and that they will love them regardless of how they look when sick

• Character B feeling guilty about throwing up/crying/snotting all over Character A and apologising, while Character A soothes them saying that they’re health is more important

• When feverish and exhausted Character B just collapses into Character A’s arms, head lolling on their shoulder as Character A hauls them, whilst tutting, off to bed

here’s the gay mac watchlist!! every title on the list has some noticeable hints, but some are more subtle than others. bolded titles are really gay (episodes where mac being gay is either explicitly discussed beyond an offhand comment, or there are details included that very obviously reflect closeted mac). asterisks after titles* indicate that components of that episode were written out of ignorance, and may only be indicators of “gay mac” when taking mac’s misogyny, transmisogyny, and/or Propensity To Be An Asshole into consideration, especially in early seasons. 

4.4 is the first instance where anyone directly mentions that mac is gay; the references become less and less subtle from there. as always, if this is your first time watching sunny, i recommend skipping season 1 and coming back later. hope you enjoy!!

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Go Go Christian Rangers!

So my campaign group did a session tonight.  We got to introduce a brand new character, a werebear sorcerer that is following the ancient blood path.  She sings annoying tunes when she speaks and is pretty much getting on everyone’s nerves.  While I do DM the game, I actually give the players a chance to take charge and decide what they really do over all.  The rest of the party is a Bard, a Half-Elf Cleric, a Dragonborn Necromancer, a Barbaric Gnome, and a Night Shadow Warlock.  We had all learned about how Power Rangers was added into the DnD campaign as part of the home brew earlier in the day so I wanted to add them in as a cameo.  The Necromancer was able to identify the 6 Power Rangers and informed the others of his information when the following happens;

Sorcerer: I roll to tell them about my religion, the Maker.

DM: Okay, roll a D20.

Sorcerer: *Natural 20*

DM: Fucking hell… So, the sorcerer sees the Power Rangers and starts screeching at them about her religion and her Lord The Maker from within the boat.  The 6 members were all enthralled with her spoken words about religion that they all now worship Jesus Christ by promoting violence through love and tolerance.

Entire Group: *Bursts out laughing*

Warlock: Okay… I’m going to roll and see if I can get them to believe in Cuthulu instead.  *Natural 20*

DM: So the Power Rangers then hears the annoying voice known to belong to the Warlock and are so moved by his speech about Cuthulu that they decided to drop Jesus Christ to worship him instead.  The entire group of 6 members turns on each other to honor their new Lord.  Zords are now being summoned to the battle to fight against one another.



DM: Now all 6 members are blinded from the sudden flash of bright light provided by the cleric.  Your party slowly continues to row down stream.

Crush - Chapter 6. Rock The Boat

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: I’m trying to get these up as quickly as possible so I can try my hand at the newest chapter, so excuse me. :) Thanks again , of course, for reading and following the story.

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Captain’s Orders (Avengers x reader)

Request: @iamwarrenspeace How about the Female reader is married and the team doesn’t know (They didn’t read her file) and they keep trying to set her up with Steve or Bucky and one day she blurts out that she’ll never cheat on her husband because she loves him. Of course the team is shocked, but they are happy for her and they start asking her questions about her husband. 

I strayed just a little, but I hope you still like it!

“I’m not gonna launch those ships.  Captain’s orders.”

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Inktober Day 26 - Song

When Groot had first asked him for a lullaby, a few nights prior, Rocket didn’t even know what he was talking about. It sounded like a made-up word. The kind of stuff Quill would occasionally say… and yes, of course Peter was the one who told Groot about it.

After being convinced by big, brown puppy eyes, Rocket had finally dived deep into Terran musical culture, in search for the perfect song.

And now here he is, holding the baby in his arms, singing him to sleep.

“If you’ll be my star 
I’ll be your sky 
You can hide underneath me
And come out at night 
When I turn jet black 
And you show off your light 
I live to let you shine 
I live to let you shine”

The twig yawns, content. He nuzzles against Rocket’s chest and closes his eyes. He’s still so tiny it makes the raccoonoid’s heart clench. Rocket watches him with a smile; it’s so rare to have peaceful moments like this one, and he wants to cherish every second. He keeps singing softly.

“But you can skyrocket away from me 
And never come back if you find another galaxy 
Far from here, with more room to fly 
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by”

As he goes, Rocket has to fight a lump in his throat. His voice gives out a little. Given what happened to the old Groot, these verses feel like a punch in the guts to him. But he doesn’t stop singing, he just hugs the baby tighter, holding back tears. He loves the twig so much it’s ridiculous.

“You’re the stardust he left me.” Rocket murmurs to the sleeping Groot, before kissing his forehead. He then takes him to bed and tugs him under the covers, making sure he’s warm and comfortable.

When he’s satisfied, Rocket gets in his own bed and turns the light off. He sighs contently as he drifts off to sleep.

On the other side of the Milano, Drax wipes away a solitary tear. Gamora looks out the window, smiling. Peter grins at them, moved, then turns off the baby monitor.

Notes:  Because Rocket always forgets to turn off that damn thing   
Again, thank you to @memoryweaverphoto, who made this possible by writing: “Groot has a favourite song that Rocket has to sing to him each night, which he’s really embarrassed to be caught doing by Peter”. It immediately made me think about the perfect tune. As usual (it’s not like I don’t try, I just mess up along the way), it’s not exactly what you asked for. I wanted to write about Rocket turning around to go to bed, just to find out that Quill had been there the whole time, tension would follow, they’d talk about it… But it just didn’t work. I’ve deleted two paragraphs. I wanted something simple, just Rocket not being afraid (for once) to show how much he cares, with the rest of the team being silently moved by that. He doesn’t need to know they know.


Above are some of the photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev revealing whether or not he had any explosive devices on him. 

The chaos erupted shortly after 6 p.m. when boat owner David Henneberry — alerted by a flapping tarp and a blood smear — found the fugitive bomb suspect huddled and bleeding in the bottom of his craft. Henneberry immediately called 911 and cops moved in, rushing people out of their homes while helicopters roared overhead.

As Watertown police crept closer, Tsarnaev was spotted “poking through the plastic” that covered the boat, said Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau.

Tsarnaev may have been inside the boat all day Friday as cops and SWAT teams combed the city looking for him. The wounded teen, who was lying in his own blood, didn’t surrender easily. An FBI agent negotiated with him for more than 20 minutes, Deveau told CNN.

Nobody wanted to approach Tsarnaev for fear he had explosives on his body. A robot was sent in to pull the tarp off the boat.

“Slowly, over a 15- to 20-minute period, we were able to get him to stand up and show us he didn’t have a device on him,” said the police chief. “We needed him to lift his shirt up and we could see his chest.”

Tsarnaev, who was cuffed about 8:45 p.m., wasn’t strapped with explosives.

It was stated that there was so much blood surrounding the young man that if he hadn’t have been found, he would have bled out.