6. boat

Things rowers hate:

1. Rowing when it’s freezing out
2. Not being able to go out and having to erg
3. Waiting for 3+ hours to be able to leave a regatta
4. Forgetting a post workout snack
5. When the person in front of you splashes you a lot (especially in combination with the first)
6. Novice boats/coxies who don’t know the course yet
7. On-the-square rowing practices
8. When the sun doesn’t rise until practice is entirely over
9. When coaches wake your boat badly
10. When someone says they didn’t pull as hard as they could have
11. Lightning
12. Heavy old wooden boats
13. When people who don’t row complain about how they have to get up at 6:00
14. Disgustingly polluted water

But it’s worth it


Carol and Daryl in The Walking Dead 6x13 “The Same Boat”

Gifs by: walking dead icons.

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Above are some of the photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev revealing whether or not he had any explosive devices on him. 

The chaos erupted shortly after 6 p.m. when boat owner David Henneberry — alerted by a flapping tarp and a blood smear — found the fugitive bomb suspect huddled and bleeding in the bottom of his craft. Henneberry immediately called 911 and cops moved in, rushing people out of their homes while helicopters roared overhead.

As Watertown police crept closer, Tsarnaev was spotted “poking through the plastic” that covered the boat, said Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau.

Tsarnaev may have been inside the boat all day Friday as cops and SWAT teams combed the city looking for him. The wounded teen, who was lying in his own blood, didn’t surrender easily. An FBI agent negotiated with him for more than 20 minutes, Deveau told CNN.

Nobody wanted to approach Tsarnaev for fear he had explosives on his body. A robot was sent in to pull the tarp off the boat.

“Slowly, over a 15- to 20-minute period, we were able to get him to stand up and show us he didn’t have a device on him,” said the police chief. “We needed him to lift his shirt up and we could see his chest.”

Tsarnaev, who was cuffed about 8:45 p.m., wasn’t strapped with explosives.

It was stated that there was so much blood surrounding the young man that if he hadn’t have been found, he would have bled out. 

Ok guys I need to talk about this now.. been thinking about it all day long. I just NEED to talk about that scene last night so here I go..

Daryls first priority from the beginning of that scene to the end was Carol. From the moment he walked in, cause he went straight to her without hesitation.

Gentley pulling her aside to see if she was ok. You can see the relief (that she’s alive) and the concern (if she’s hurt) all over his face as he does it. And after asking her about the fire, his voice turns into that  softer ‘talking to Carol’ voice we have all become familiar with, asking her once , and then again if she’s 'good’.

And she looks down as if she’s almost trying to front and pretend she is ok. In other words, she trying not to look in his eyes. Because if she does, that’s it for her.

And then Daryl does that thing with his fingers, touching her chin and neck genty and lifting her face to his. Its such a soft, intimate gesture on his part. She can’t lie to him, can’t front cause he will see right through it. And he can most definatly see the pain on her face before she even answers. And she tells him the truth. She’s not okay. The quiet no is all Daryl needs to act. To do what his heart his telling him to do.

To help her, to comfort her, to make her feel better. To get through there before she tries to put those walls back up again. 

The soft yet urgent 'come here’ is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard him say, I mean that too. It comes right before he pulls her into his arms and holds her tight.

He just holds her and cradles head with his hand, sensing that she needed this even if she didn’t think she deserved it. And for a guy like Daryl, whose not always comfortable with these sort of things, this comes surprisingly natural to him with her. 

Because it’s Carol. She’s different. Whenever he’s around her she and her well-being become his number one priority. His heart takes over, because in many ways she is his heart. Or at least owns a very big part of it. And when she’s suffering and in pain, he wants to make that better even if he isn’t always sure how to go about it. But seems to do a splendid job just the same,  relying on instinct.

And Carol can simply not fake it around him. She can’t keep that mask up when he looks at her. When lifts her chin and can see that vulnerabity on her face. Something she wouldn’t even try to hide. It goes both ways with them. There is trust they don’t have with anybody else And they are each others rocks. Their solid ground when it feels like its gonn cave in.

I noticed something else too guys. After he let her go, he didn’t leave her side. They stood next to each other through the rest of the scene. Staying close, you can clearly see it in the background. Standing by and staying close together.

What happened last night, what this scene showed is exactly why I ship them. Daryl was there Carol needed him just like she’s she’s been  there for him. Non one but Daryl could’ve gotten that out of her and given true comfort she needed, the one that comes from showing your true face, just like none but Carol could’ve reached Daryl and touched him that way in 'Them’

What they have is something so very special and this moment just showcased it so wall. For me it was actually worth waiting for, just to see the moment when she starts to really let him back in. Even though he was never out in the first place.

It was just so beautiful and i’m just so over the moon about it.  :)

These two love and trust each other more than anyone else. There is no one that can tell me they are not soulmates.

Its such a great love, I think i’ll ship it forever if its all the same to you :)

lovely gifs by @oohhshiny