This time last year, the 20th of August, 2014, was when the channel hit 1 million subscribers….

I love you guys to death and I always will. This is a celebration for the community. This is a celebration for the channel. It’s not a time when people come in and say, “Congratulations Jack. You worked hard and got to 6 million.” No. We all worked hard. I’ve put in my hours, I’ve made the videos but you guys have made the channel so much more than I ever could have on my own. You are the best community I could ever ask for for my time on YouTube… and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.
- therealjacksepticeye 

Things I want from Steven Universe

1) How the gems found Amethyst
2) ANY Steven/gem fusion
3) Rainbow Quartz’s voice
4) Homeworld
5) White Diamond
6) Bismuth
7) What Lion is
8) Gem War flashbacks
9) Blue Diamond’s face and voice
10) More Gem types
11) Gem hierarchy explanations
12) Another possibly evil Rose Quartz
13) Rose’s relationship with Am and Garnet
14) Rose fusions
15) Peridot’s weapon
16) Explanations of how gems get corrupted
17) Healed Centipeedle
18) Stevonnie fighting with sheild and sword
19) Steven’s birth flashback
20) More Pearls
21) Green Diamond if she exists
22) Temple Gem
23) How Lapis Lazuli got stuck in the mirror
24) Rose’s other lovers
25) What the deal is with Greg and Amethyst

Please, Sugar Woman