My day was made when my aunt went into the bathroom to get away from my uncle’s running monologue and he started relentlessly knocking on the door just to further annoy her and she replied with “YA KEEP A KNOCKING BUT YA CAN’T COME IN”

I snorted laughing

Arcane Mysteries Spread-a-Day Challenge: Day #16

What is my present greatest accomplishment?
How can I strengthen my gifts to help others?
How can I remain empowered and head strong?

6 of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, Ace of Clubs, Jack of Hearts

6♦A♥ (my greatest accomplishment) Opening my heart to love and change. Achieving greater emotional stability. If my heart feels secure, everything else becomes so much easier.

7♦J♠ (how to use my gift for others) Become more independent, so others can rely on me, rather than me relying on others. There is a clear sense of progress here, from the 6 of Diamonds to the 7. 

A♣J♥ (how to remain strong) Renewal of the heart. Myself as a lover, receptive and creative. I hear and follow the inner guidance of my intuition.

Interesting how the Jacks of Hearts and Spades (the “one-eyed-jacks”) face each other. The Jack of Hearts (combined with the Ace of Clubs) seems to be telling the Jack of Spades that the way to achieve freedom and independence is to discover an occupation that I love.

Strength, 3 of Wands, The Chariot

I need to master my impulses. It takes discipline not to allow myself to be controlled by whims, desires, and emotions. Order and self-control will help me achieve progress in my goals. 

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Pretty much all i carry commuting on a daily basis. Sometimes i add a Kindle Paperwhite and a MIU Glass Waterbottle. I especially love the Zero Tolerance Hinderer Knive, the Wallet, Oakley Fives and the Buff. These will always be a staple for me. I’m looking to replace the P3 and the Wallet. Battery Pack could be better as well.

Highschool!Hux Playlist

Deception and perfection are wonderful traits
One will breed love,
 the other hate

1. High By The Beach (Justin Caruso Remix) [Meg Paton Cover]// Lana Del Rey

2. Pity Party// Melanie Martinez

3. Wamables// Nicki Minaj

4. Lips// Marian Hill

5. Froot// Marina and the Diamonds

6. G.U.Y.// Lady Gaga

7. All Hands On Deck// Tinashe

8. Little Game// Benny

9. Got It// Marian Hill

10. Here (Lucian Remix)// Alessia Cara

11. Tag, You’re It// Melanie Martinez

12. Homewrecker// Marina and the Diamonds

13. Fools (GLADES)// Troye Sivan

14. Feeling Myself ft. Beyoncé// Nicki Minaj

15. Break The Rules// Charli XCX

16. I’m An Albatraoz// AronChupa

anonymous asked:

Whats your favorite music group or band? Or artist?

Hmm I have quite a few… I’ll narrow it to top 6!! - Marnia and the diamonds - Melanie Martinez - Black bear - Nirvana - The neighbourhood - panic! At the disco

I’m feeling talkative today, ask me something.

credit to the one on reddit who put all of these together.

So I was wondering about these murals. I did mention when I first saw them that White Diamond was the only one who was facing forward, while all others were facing left. This could suggest that White Diamond is more important? Possibly having more power than the others? Possibly being the ruler of the diamond authority? I don’t know. But the thing I want to focus on: the reason I decided to make this post: The planets.

The diamonds all clearly have planets around them. But they’re not all the same amount. White Diamond has many more than the others, I count 13. Yellow Diamond has 6, Blue Diamond has 8 and Pink Diamond has… 1.

There are also clearly moons orbiting some of the planets, and with Pink Diamond’s having one moon, I believe that could be Earth. Which leads me to belive that the planets around the Diamonds are the ones they control. Pink Diamond controlled Earth, but as we know, Rose shattered her. This leaves Earth under no diamond authority, and so the others swoop in to try and claim it?

That’s my idea anyway. Because Pink Diamond was gone, that meant that the other Diamonds could take it over instead, resulting in the gem wars over Earth. Pink Diamond had simply built a few structures here and there, and the rebellion of her Rose and Rose’s Pearl caught her b surprise, allowing Rose to shatter Pink Diamond.

OF COURSE I COULD BE COMPLETELY WRONG HAHA But this was on my mind and bugging me for a while and I wanted to get it out.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your MP3 player / iTunes / Spotify etc on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then tag ten people.

Rule: no skipping (Okay I did skip one or two, please don’t hate me, but I should really delete some of them.)

I was tagged by @tivafan-yupthatsme (Thanks, never been tagged to do anything, I feel like this an honour lmfao)

1. Artic Monkeys - I wanna be yours

2. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

3. Message to Bears - You are a memory

4. Daughter - Run

5. James Young - Come Back for Me

6. Marine and the Diamonds - Immortal

7. Artic Monkeys - Knee Socks

8. The Killers - Shot at the Night

9. Alessia Cara - Here

10. James Bay - Let it Go

I am tagging @cmonwereteamsparia @beatrixacs @loudlooks and @zivawarriorprincess

Music Tag 🌸

Yaaaasss more tags 💕 and I’ve been wanting to do this one so thank you @jimins-a-twat 😁 I’ll do one for kpop and one for my good ole English tunes 🎧
1. That’s My Jam - B.A.P
2. Ribbon - Beast
3. Can’t Help Myself - Eric Nam
4. Fuckboy (feat. Sik-K, Bewhy, & Ugly Duck) - Jay Park
5. I Need You - BTS
6. Gimme - GOT7
7. Diamond - f(x)
8. Galaxy - Akdong Musician
9. Converse High - BTS
10. I Am You, You Are Me - Zico

1. Teeth - Lady GaGa
2. Polarize - Twenty One Pilots
3. Let It Go - James Bay
4. Photograph - Ed Sheeran
5. Love On Top - Beyoncé
6. Nikes - Frank Ocean
7. Heartbeat - Drake White
8. Pour It Up - Rihanna
9. When It All Falls Apart - The Veronicas
10. Get Right - J-Lo

And now I tag: @jiminelli @cortamazing @dana-in-wonderland && @dabseok or anyone who wants to do this 😁😁

10 Songs Tag

I was tagged by @libra-strology. Thank you : )

Put your music on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play.

1.) I Can Talk- Two Door Cinema Club

2.) If I Ever Feel Better- Phonenix

3.) Undercover Martyn- Two Door Cinema Club

4.) Dirty Paws- Of Monsters and Men

5.) Mad Hatter- Melanie Martinez

6.) Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds

7.) Whistle- Blackpink

8.) LA Devotee- P! ATD

9.) Wild- Troye Sivan

10.) Headphones- TWICE

I tag anyone who wants to do it, because I don’t feel like going through people and tagging them :))