Just about the biggest mystery for about everyone I’m guessing is what the heck “Are you my dad?” is supposed to be about. It seems to be a line from the new Gem, and yet Gems have no concept of parentage or gender. So why would a Gem ask such a question?

And then it hit me.

All throughout the Zoo arc, what would Steven having been calling Greg?

“My dad.”

….Guys what if Blue Diamond realized her special human is gone and is telling these two new Gems, while they’re out picking up humans, to go find the one that was called “my dad”?????

dumb mini SU theory

ok so the official PNGs of the new gems from “Wanted” just released and I noticed the gems Fluorite had.

One of those 6 gems is one that’s diamond shaped, so im wondering if Pink Diamond really got shattered?

also the diamond gem is on her stomach area and Pink Diamond also has her gem on her stomach

so im also wondering if Pink Diamond’s disappearance was just more out of the blue and since no one could find where she was they thought Rose Quartz shattered her, or that any witness seeing pink diamond being shattered saw another gem being shattered instead.

also, in regards to where Pink Diamond’s court was during the shattering, we might know where pink pearl went

yep. she might of fused with a ruby gem and became Rhodonite. for the rest of Pink Diamond’s court, i have no idea. OR, since they mentioned that Pink Diamond had a sapphire and it was brought up during “The Trial” and the quote “why didn’t her sapphire see the shattering?” maybe. just maybe. Pink Diamond was given Padparadscha as her sapphire and that’s why she couldn’t see the “shattering” because she was a “wrong” gem given to Pink Diamond by accident.

and again, in regards to the rest of Pink Diamond’s court, i have no idea. this would also explain why the off color gems all had a red/warm color scheme to them. This mini theory is more of an observation i had and it’s not really solid evidence of the theory.  

Maybe it’s just me, but is anyone else finding Blue Pearl to be one of the most mysterious characters on the show right now? She’s so quiet and reserved, never speaking unless spoken to, and yet this character has seen so much.

From “The Answer”, we know that Blue Pearl was around during the Gem War, and presumably had known Pink Diamond personally. Is Blue Pearl grieving the loss of Pink Diamond as well? Did she like Pink Diamond? Was Pink Diamond kind to Pearls? Is Blue Pearl forced to keep her emotions hidden because of her low status?

Are we going to have a scene in Wanted where Blue Pearl unleashes all those millennia of pet-up grief and rage on Rose Quartz?

| 9/3 | Happy Birthday Kaji Yuki! You’re an amazing seiyuu 💕

Song Lyric Prompts

Some prompts may be altered slightly to sound better/fit the request (e.g. prompt may be turned into several different phrases, changed wording, etc.) Ye have been warned.

1. “If your gonna be the death of me that’s how I wanna go.” –Collar Full, Panic! At The Disco

2. “Drugs every corner this is Gotham City / Killer Croc came to kidnap you then cut out your kidney.” –Purple Lamborghini, Skrillex ft. Rick Ross

3. “All the boys and I / All the boys and I / Love her madly.” –All The Boys, Panic! At The Disco

4. “Can’t do this to me baby.” –Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

5. “I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out / Cause that’s what young love is all about.” –Bubblegum Bitch, Marina and the Diamonds

6. “Sometimes quiet is violent.” –Car Radio, Twenty Øne Piløts

7. “What a wonderful caricature of intimacy.” –Build God, Then We’ll Talk, Panic! At The Disco

8. “Choke this love till the veins start to shiver.” –River, BISHOP

9. “I’m scared to get close / And I hate being alone.” –Can You Feel My Heart, Bring Me The Horizon

10. “Holy hands / Well they make me a sinner.” –River, BISHOP

11. “And all the kids cry out / Please stop you’re scaring me / I can’t help this awful energy / God damn right you should be scared of me / Who is in control?” –Control, Halsey

12. “Are you insane like me / Been in pain like me?” –Gasoline, Halsey

13. “If crazy equals genius / I’m a fucking arsonist / I’m a rocket scientist.” –Crazy = Genius, Panic! At The Disco

14. “Why don’t you show me a little bit of spine / You’ve been saving for his mattress, love.” –Dance, Dance, Fall Out Boy

15. “I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt / But I make these high heels work.” –Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, Panic! At The Disco

16. “The higher I get the lower I’ll sink / I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim.” –Can You Feel My Heart, Bring Me The Horizon

17. “This just ain’t livin’.” –Cancer, My Chemical Romance

18. “The normals / They make me afraid / The crazies / They make me feel sane.” –Mad Hatter, Melanie Martinez

19. “I’m fairly local / I’ve been around / I’ve seen the streets / You’re walking down.” –Fairly Local, Twenty Øne Piløts

20. “Our brains are sick but that’s okay.” –Fake You Out, Twenty Øne Piløts

21. “I need a gangsta / To love me better / Than all the others do.” –Gangsta, Kehlani

22. “I’m mean it, I’m okay (trust me) / I’m not okay.” –I’m Not Okay, My Chemical Romance

23. “I’m not as think as you drunk I am.” –Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, Panic! At The Disco

24. “Help our souls tonight / We’re losing / Losing this fight.” –Help Our Souls, Nihils

23. “To hang me up now / By my neck / Cause I’m a fate worse than death.” –Sarcasm, Get Scared

24. “I feel like I’m the worst so I always act like I’m the best.” -Oh No!, Marina and the Diamonds

25. “Could you imagine that / If we were gay?” –If We Were Gay, Ninja Sex Party

26. “Glory and gore goes hand in hand / That’s why we’re making headlines.” –Glory and Gore, Lorde

27. “You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece.” –Colors, Halsey

28. “You never know the psychopath sitting next to you / You never know the murderer sitting next to you.” –Heathens, Twenty Øne Piløts

29. “Can you save my heavy, dirty, soul?” –HeavyDirtySoul, Twenty Øne Piløts

30. “Those thoughts of past lovers / They’ll always haunt me.” –House of Memories, Panic! At The Disco

31. “When the city goes silent / The ringing in my ears gets violent.” –Jet Pack Blues, Fall Out Boy

32. “You got two black eyes from loving too hard / And a black heart that matches your blackest soul.” –LA Devotee, Panic! At The Disco

33. “I wanna make you shiver / Make your backbone quiver.” –Mercenary, Panic! At The Disco

34. “I do not have writers block / My writer just hates the clock.” –Migraine, Twenty Øne Piløts

35. “Don’t do love / Don’t do friends / I’m only after success.” –Oh No!, Marina and the Diamonds

36. “Make me / Make me impressed / Make me / Make me obsessed.” Pretty Little Psycho, Porcelain Black

37. “I’ve been thinking too much / Help me.” –Ride, Twenty Øne Piløts

38. “My shadow’s the only one who walks beside me.” –Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day

39. “You don’t love me / Big fucking deal.” –Starring Role, Marina and the Diamonds

40. “Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?” –Tennis Court, Lorde

41. “Whether near or far / I am always yours.” –The End of All Things, Panic! At The Disco

42. “Am I more than you bargained for yet?” –Sugar We’re Going Down, Fall Out Boy

43. “And I could just die laughing on your spiral of shame.” –Twin Skeletons, Fall Out Boy

44. “If wanna start a fight you better throw the first punch.” –The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty, Panic! At The Disco

45. “You’ll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away / But tonight I need you to stay.” -The Run and Go, Twenty Øne Piløts

46. “Drinking white wine in the blushing light.” –LA Devotee, Panic! At The Disco

47. “That shit is my jam.” –Samurai Abstinence Patrol, Ninja Sex Party

48. “Build a palace out in Paris just to fill with bitches.” –Purple Lamborghini, Skrillex ft. Rick Ross

49. “Your lips / They got me goin’.” –Lips, Marian Hill

50. “You don’t know the half of the abuse.” –Heathens, Twenty Øne Piløts

51. “God, I wish I never spoke.” –Soap, Melanie Martinez

52. “So what are you waiting for / Cause someone could love you more.” –LOST BOY, Troye Sivan

53. “In the Vegas lights / Where feelings spend the weekend.” –Vegas Lights, Panic! At The Disco

54. “Wow, I probably should’ve stayed inside my house.” –The Judge, Twenty Øne Piløts

55. “The windowsill looks really nice, right? / You think twice about your life / It probably happens at night, right?” –Holding Onto You, Twenty Øne Piløts

Feel free to add more or request your own lyrics!

Maybe it’s just me, but did anyone else find this amusing?

It appears that after learning that Blue Diamond wanted specimens for Pink’s zoo, Yellow Diamond decided to do a little research. Either that, or she had seen this particular report before and remembered there was a human talking about other humans in it. Upon seeing the report, she seems to have assumed that what Steven was listing off was human types, rather than individual names. Instead of Rubies and Pearls and Aquamarines and Jaspers, humans apparently have “Stevens”, “Connies”, “My dads”, “Sadies”, “Lars’”, “Onions” and “Mailmans”. Yellow Diamond has no idea what the fuck these types do or how human society works (nor does she generally care), but she is going to collect ALL the human types.

Presumably, though, she also would have saw this: