So in her live stream Maddie said that she has this problem I can’t remember what it’s called but basically she grew so quick , she grew like 6 inches in a short time. Therefore , the ligaments in her knees didn’t grow fast enough so she has a problem with her knees. The doctor says she’s probably gonna keep getting taller until she’s 5.7

okay okay so hear me out fam.

When it comes to superhero girls and their costumes, I think…

SKIMPY IS AWESOME. I think ass hangin out, 6 inch thigh high boots, gloves, fishnets, sashes, tiaras… I love all that shit. I hate that argument, OH IT’S NOT TACTICAL. HOW YOU GONNA FIGHT IN THAT OUTFIT? 

BITCH, CAROL CAN WITHSTAND NUKES, YOU THINK HER HEELS ARE HINDERING HER???? (plus she flies so she probably isn’t putting all her weight down on them, ever think about that salties??

Most super heroines have super powers and don’t need the coverage. And If I gained super invulnerability tomorrow, I’d go fight crime in a sexy outfit too! 


As a countdown to the @beyonce concert in Philly on Sept. 29th (I’ma be there, soooooo excited eeee), I decided to illustrate the 11 Chapters of Lemonade. I love that this story goes through not only the end of a relationship but also the healing process. I haven’t done an illustration series in such a long time so this was a definite breath of fresh air :)