X-ray, Lingerie, and Food play w/ jimin

I feel like Jimin wouldn’t really be the biggest. Maybe about 5 to 6 inches? (Still isn’t that small.) He would definitely know how to use it (;


You were sat on you and Jimin’s shared bed in the new lingerie he bought you. You had on a lace bra and panties with sheer, pink knee high socks. It was all matched perfectly with a simple pair of heels.

You waited for a while but as soon as you heard Jimin close the door you jumped up. As you walked down the stairs you went slowly yet seductively. When you were on the main level Jimin’s eyes were fixed intensely on you. They were blown out with lust as he looked at you.

“Welcome home, daddy. I missed you so much while you were away at practice.” You said softly as you walked towards him. “I’ve been waiting for you so I could surprise you.” You hummed and giggled as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Did you miss me too, daddy?” Jimin didn’t even answer. He attacked your lips with his own and began to shed his clothing off.

“I missed you lots and lots, kitten.” He mumbled against your lips before taking your bra off with ease.


Food play:
Jimin loved to put whipped cream on your nipples and down your body. He’d slowly lick it away as he kissed down your body towards your core.

Okay but this will be me when I’m 45 lbs thinner from losing weight in a healthy manner and not from bulimia, when my hair grows 6 inches from the vitamins that won’t be missing from my body, when I have written my second or third book and finally get off disability and work as a waitress in a diner all night where you can enter alternate universes by accident and I live in a place that is 2000 miles away from my family