Willing Fall to come with darker lip colors! And I also cut 6+ inches off of my hair a couple of weeks ago. Still getting use to it, but I think I like it!

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nickname: christa

star sign: gemini

height: 5″9 (6 INCHES TALLER THAN LAV)

time right now: 5:50 pm

last thing googled: “straighten hair no heat”

favorite music artist: lana del rey lol

song stuck in your head: gangsta by kehlani

last movie watched: suicide squad

last tv show watched: the 100

what you are wearing right now: black high waisted shorts, grey t-shirt, gay ass tattoo choker 

when did you create your blog: i made this blog in like february  i think

what kind of stuff do you post: well its a sp blog so…….

do you have any other blogs: my main and my dc sideblog

do you get asks regularly: no :(

why did you choose your url: i luf bebe…

gender: girl

pokemon team: mystic

favorite color: peach

average hours of sleep: 5 but it varies

lucky number: fuck if i know

favorite characters: in sp? bebe and tweek

how many blankets do u sleep with: 1

dream job: marine biologist, translator

following: 281

20 blogs I would like to know better: i don’t want to bug so if u wanna do it than u should 

trans-n-pans  asked:

As much as I love these fucking small cock patrick and feminization hcs, Patrick canonly has a huge fuckin dick. I forget where I saw this, but someone mathematically analyzed a picture of Patrick with his bulge showing and the final conclusion was that Patrick was 6.3 inches long. My submissive senses are tingling.

hah yah i’ve seen a post legitimately discussed about this lmao tbh tho good for patrick good for u, he must be a happy man lol

anonymous asked:

What is... Critikals dick size like I never knew this information came out what...

why have I gotten a million asks asking me this lmao.
it’s 6 inches please leave me alone I can’t remember which video some one thought it was a stream but it was a video. If anyone can remember which one it was please ease their souls thank u


Almost 2 years later (3 months shy) been busting my ass in cross fit & now getting plenty of cardio as a letter carrier. I’ve lost over 6 inches off my waist, 4 off each thigh.. Hoping to only go up from here!