Heres my personal list you can use reblog and share. Do whatever helps you on the mad dash of words.

 Here goes.

  1. Don’t give up if you fall behind. If you fall behind don't lose confidence…it’s the #1 killer of motivation. Just catch it up…and don't give up. You can do this!
  2. Prep and Outline. Some can fly by the seat of their pants and some cant. But for this long haul is always good to have at least a bulleted outline for how the story is going to progress.
  3. Plan for catch-up days.  Technically #NaNoWriMo requires you to write 1,667 words a day,  But let’s be realistic here. People have lives, jobs, family…
  4. Write extra words when you have the time/energy.( goes with the above because shit always has a way of happening.)
  5. Build a support system.( I have a small but fantastic community of writers all cuddled up in a cozy discord chatroom that is open 24/7 for whatever may come)( @nyxhikari @kijilinn @hoseoks-kitten @aimeelawho @trulymightypotato @notconlives @ashes-of-elysian @pansexualnoodles  and @cattrout  LOVE YOU GUYS!)
  6. Update your word count. A thing we must do EVERYDAY.
  7. Create a routine.
  8. Don’t wait for an idea to hit you — just get something onto the page.
  9. Reward yourself when you reach a benchmark. Wording is hard work. Treat yourself when you hit a marker.
  10. Worry about the editing later. ( Bracket things that you want to change or research later.)
  11. Music. Music is an important staple for me…I need something to match my flow to and music is just the thing.
  12. Most importantly, stay positive.

My list gathered from many internet pages.

i just realized that probably a lot of people will die in the taz finale. i just want the third option with the dog and the book and everything but. theyre like. theres gonna be death. holy shit gang. i just want evrryone to be safe. i want john hunger to show up and be like “sorry everybody” and then some sort of witty joke and everyone laughs, freeze frame, credits roll. for real though i want greg grimaldis to give lup her $15, i want the whole bob and ipre squad to get a bunch of cottages in the forest or something, i want magnus and julia to reunite (i know kravitz can make it happen), i want merle and mavis & mookie to reunite, i just want a happy ending im so scared


The first trailer for 6 Days starring Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish, and Mark Strong