So one night when I was working the night shift at taco hell in the drive thru I had like 2 customers in the drive thru while I was cashing out the first person he told me to pay for the guy in front of him which kinda confused me considering I live in a wealthy white town and everyone is kinda snobbish and the guy explains that he’s the guys manager so I paid for the other order it was not even 6 bucks I’m pretty sure and the guy gets his order and drives off and the guy pulls up and I tell him his manager already paid for him and he got such a big smile on his face and made my night a lot better the world is a much better place when people pull small random acts of kindness

Happy birthday to :

•mommy’s little angel
•dad’s soldier
•sammy’s big brother
•the drop out with 6 bucks to his name
•the righteous man
•the best friend
•the tenderest lover
•the loyal protector
•the nurturing caretaker
•the geekiest geek
•the smart-ass
•the brave hero
•the man who saved the world


The man who deserves way more in life but makes the best out of it anyway.


2016 Full Moon Dates

January 23, 8:46pm Eastern – Wolf Moon
February 22, 1:20pm Eastern – Snow Moon
March 23, 8:01am Eastern – Worm Moon
April 22, 1:24am Eastern – Pink Moon
May 21, 5:15pm Eastern – Flower Moon
June 20, 7:02am Eastern – Strawberry Moon
July 19, 6:57pm Eastern – Buck Moon
August 18, 5:27am Eastern – Sturgeon Moon
September 16, 3:05pm Eastern – Harvest Moon
October 16, 12:23am Eastern – Hunters Moon
November 14, 8:52am Eastern – Beavers Moon
December 13, 7:05pm Eastern – Cold Moon

2016 New Moon Dates

January 9, 8:30pm Eastern
February 8, 9:39am Eastern
March 8, 8:54pm Eastern
April 7, 7:24am Eastern
May 6, 3:30pm Eastern
June 4, 11:00pm Eastern
July 4, 7:01am Eastern
August 2, 4:45pm Eastern
September 1, 5:03am Eastern
October 1, 12:12am Eastern
October 30, 12:38pm Eastern
November 29, 7:18am Eastern
December 29, 1:53am Eastern

2016 Total Lunar Eclipse

March 8, 8:58pm Eastern

2016 Equinoxes & Solstices

Spring Equinox
March 20, 12:31am Eastern

Summer Solstice
June 20, 6:35pm Eastern

Autumn Equinox
September 22, 10:21am Eastern

Winter Solstice
December 21, 5:45pm Eastern

Check out all of my 2016 calendars here!

3 airport stories

1. after missing my flight the day before, i tried to fly out of washington d.c. on the next available flight at 4am. i was starving and tired so i tried to buy a bottle of milk that cost me 6 bucks. in a fit of exhausted pique i said “that cost more than gas” and continued to argue with the woman over the price of the milk for reasons im not really sure i understand. i was so tired and so outraged. milk is a renewable resource. but oil isnt….and yet this injustice STILL occurred

2. while waiting for a flight back to oregon, someone went on the PA of the airport to ask “whoever left the …pig…man…painting” at TSA to come pick it up. they wouldnt let me see the painting

3. i was trying to take a piss in the reno/tahoe airport and the woman in the stall next to me spent the entire time i was in there trying to coach her little yipping rat dog to take a coordinated, well aimed shit into the toilet using her tiniest, squealiest baby talk voice.

if any of y’all are interested in some cheap drugstore makeup that’s actually worth buying here’s a few things i use that honestly really impress me and i would totally recommend

-revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner, like 6 bucks, its dark and easy to apply and stays on 4ever

-nyx bb cream, $11.99, really good coverage for a bb cream sometimes i dont even bother with foundation when i use it, makes your skin soft. (only complaint is that i dont think it comes in darker shades which… is… really frustrating)

-elf HD blush, literally 3 dollars and its the best blush i own

-maybelline colossal cat eyes mascara, $6, theres no need to spend 30 bucks on mascara bc this one is the best ??

-the nudes eyeshadow pallete by maybelline (there’s a set for blush tones too), it’s $9 and comparable to the urban decay naked pallete i mean the shades are a little less pigmented but still really impressive and ur saving like 40 dollars so

-elf professional matte lip color, $3, comparable to mac 

-revlon photoready concealer, $7, if you have acne scars this is ur bff

-simple cleansing micellar water, $7, this isnt makeup but its like a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one, great for sensitive skin. SO easy to use its perfect for lazy people 

In stories of me failing to be an adult:

So–plot spoiler–I’m closing a deal on a house. Right now, I’m looking to purchase furniture to fill it. In the process, I went to a second-hand used furniture shop.

What I was supposed to buy: a bed frame for a guest bedroom, a dining table set, or a couch set.

What I actually bought: a Playstation for $15.00.

Double twist: I bought my first Playstation game over 10 years ago.

Just imagine Tol Buck, is 6'2 with big muscles and long hair and wears leather jackets and always drives a motorcycle, pining over smol 5'2 Steve who wears big sweaters and glasses and loves art and history and cute boys. Just imagine the forehead kisses, the snuggling, Steve wearing Bucky’s clothes and it going way past his knees, Bucky going red in the face everytime he tries to speak to him. Tol muscly Bucky pining over smol asthmatic Steve.

Creature Feature: Week of 8 January, 2017

Hello, everyone! It’s Erick. I’m pleased to be writing our very first Creature Feature post! Without further ado, allow me to reveal it:


Mature doe Pachycephalosaurus “Gracy” photographed at our BTS studio on 2 November, 2016

Scientific Name: Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis 

Diet: Opportunistic herbivore; occasionally seen foraging for insects

Projected Natural Lifespan: ~20 years

Height: Buck - approx. 2.1 m; Doe - approx. 1.7 m

Length: Buck - approx. 6.3 m; Doe - approx. 5.8 m

Weight: Buck - approx. 492 kg (1,084 lb); Doe - approx. 445 kg (981 lb)

Where: Historical - Midwest United States (Hell Creek) 66 MYA; Huxley - Gladiators of the Mesozoic & Hell Creek

About: Pachycephalosaurus, commonly referred to as “pachys” by our staff, are average-sized ornithischian dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous. Living with other famous contemporaries such as Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus in the famous Hell Creek Formation, it’s still very much a star in its own right. Though the thick head ornamentation suggests otherwise, Pachycephalosaurus are very much docile animals and will allow keepers into their enclosure. They enjoy being scratched at the top of their necks.

At Huxley: One of our most “recent” creations, our stock of Pachycephalosaurus live in the group of enclosures known as the Gladiators of the Mesozoic, which is also home to other well-endowed dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus, Euoplocephalus, and Triceratops. Naturally skittish animals, we have seen them most active at sunrise and near sunset. They spend a majority of their time concealed in the dense foliage of their enclosure. It’s taken time, but their shyness is starting to ebb. Our guests and vets have spotted a few spending their post-lunch afternoons with a nice sunbath.
A little further in the park, and you’ll notice a standalone enclosure with one buck Pachycephalosaurus named Kirk. We’ll shine the spotlight on this interesting character in the near future!

Notable Behavior: As mentioned prior, our pachys are naturally docile. However, rutting season (normally mid-November thru January) can turn even the nicest into rude, moody little buggers. Their skulls (up to 23 cm thick!) are purpose-made for dealing with opposition. Instead of head-on collisions, as observed in something like a ram, Pachycephalosaurus tend to lob their heads in an angled swing. Their wide chest cavities make for perfect targets with minimal injury. Superficial marks include scrapes, bruises, and scars. 
However, some of these behaviors can still injure a Pachycephalosaurus. Broken limbs and skull lesions are common injuries. During the three-month rutting season, it’s also not uncommon for them to turn on their handlers. Wearing the color red seems to deter these animals from approaching our keepers. If extra incentive is needed, Tyrannosaurus hisses are played from hidden rock speakers (as well as other distraction mechanisms) to give our staff adequate time to distance themselves from a particularly moody animal.

Geneticist Notes: The Pachycephalosaurus currently on display bear the genome version “1.1.” Version “1.0″ were retired after exhibiting severe adverse reactions to routine vaccination.

Keeper Notes: …they like eating glue. No one knows why.


My Color Infusion Jade (I know she’s Subject I but she’s literally just Janay’s friend Jade) got Fab Fringe’s outfit cuz I find Tall clothes fit CI bodies a bit better than other sized clothing lol.

I’m loving the My Scene Hollywood Dressing Room set despite it missing all of its cool junk cuz these are some of the most clearest reflecting toy mirrors I’ve seen. I need to clean off the Bratz crap and possibly remove the star stickers but I’m happy I paid 6 bucks for these two.