#March4Trump rallies in Berkeley, California and around the country turn violent

  • Saturday saw an unusual take on the protest narrative that’s developed nationwide since President Donald Trump took office: his supporters convening in cities across the country for coordinated marches in his honor. Wouldn’t you know it? Many of the #March4Trump rallies turned violent.
  • As Reuters reported, anti-Trump protesters showed up to counter pro-Trump demonstrators in Berkeley, Calif., the crowd numbering between 200 and 300 in total. 
  • The scene devolved from relative peace into violence with people from both sides walloping one another over the head with “wooden sticks,” per Reuters, with some Trump supporters brandishing pepper spray.
  • According to Reuters, an elderly member of the pro-Trump camp was attacked and kicked; according to Twitter, he was also pepper-sprayed. Read more. (3/6/2017 12:30 PM)


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Anyway operation SCREAMING was a huge success! The server will be up again tomorrow at 6:30 PM EST (or 12:50 AM European Central, OR 3:30 Pacific Standard Time)

ANYWAY since SCREAMING was just a placeholder name, here is the new information for the server:

Name: Kings of the Board

Password: enpassant

Number of players that can fit: 15

(due to someone joining early on when only me and @conquerwithmind were here and being very very confused as to why they could only choose Maxwell, I’ve decided to password it… however, anyone who sees this is 100% free to join!)


Woke Up New
The Mountain Goats

The first time I made coffee for just myself, I made too much of it
But I drank it all just ‘cause you hate it when I let things go to waste.
And I wandered through the house like a little boy lost in the mall,
And an astronaut could’ve seen the hunger in my eyes from space.

And I sang
Oh, What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do without you?


Hi all!!! With summer and my college class bills coming up, I will be taking THREE COMMISSIONS!!!

To reserve a slot:

- EMAIL jadeflower99@gmail.com



- if plush, attach size and character references. Keep in mind, I cannot do embroidered faces!!! 

- if cosplay, attach references of the outfit, as well as any fabric preferences if you want it made a specific way.

PLUSH PRICES: not including shipping

tsum plush: small (5-6″: $20-30) big (10-12″: $40-50)

beanie plush: small (6-8″: $30-40) big (12-13″: $50-60)

squid: $25 unicorn: $30 cat roll (12″): $30

COSPLAY PRICES: not including shipping


if you would still like to support me but cannot afford a commission, my patreon is here and my paypal is jadeflower9999@gmail.com

Random daycare question

What are your ratios for ages?!?! I was just talking to someone whose state ratios are 1:15 for 3yos?!?! Ours are

1:4 up to 27mo
1:8 27mo-4yo
1:12 4&5
1:20 6-12
1:30 13+

I guess I just don’t understand the ratios in her area they seem soooooo high!

1:4 babies
1:6 1 yr olds
1:11 2 yr olds
1:15 3 yr olds
1:20 4 yr olds

Are ours off base? How do daycare handle that ratio rationally and actually provide good care?

February 6, 2016
12:30 AM

Let me tell you about the boy I fell in love with. I’m not going to tell you his name or his age or where he lives or what he likes to do with his free time, but rather, I’ll tell you about his anatomy; I’ll tell you about the things that make him who he is. I’ve fallen in love with every part of him; entranced by his freckes, bewitched by his laugh, and captured by the bones underneath his skin. I could study him all day; sometimes I even do. I could create disorderly constellations by connecting his freckles for infinite lifetimes and never get bored. Sometimes I start with the freckle perfectly placed on the bottom of his sternum, and other times I’ll start with the freckle on his chin. The prominence of his collarbones never cease to entice my curiosity. I only wish I could trace them from their beginning and ultimately to their end. I am often restless during the night because thoughts of the way his neck looks when he swallows or when he throws his head back in laughter preoccupies my mind. Speaking of his laugh, I could listen to that sweet sound for the rest of my existence. The waves of his laugh crash upon my ear drums and serenity fills my entire body. How could I ever become distraught with a laugh like his constantly reminding me of how incredible life is? To be completely honest, his voice in general is the very thing that my ears crave to hear on a daily basis. He has many different voices. However, if I had to pick and choose just one of his voices to be my favorite, I would choose his morning voice. With just the simple sound of his voice in the morning, you would be able to envision his puffy eyes and messy hair. God, his messy hair. To be able to run my fingers through that soft, brown hair would be the ultimate pleasure. I imagine it’s soft, anyway, considering it looks as if it is. I often think about his skin; I dream about the way it would feel on my fingertips if they danced across it. I would trace every crevice and bone there is to trace on his skin. My fingers’ route would at some point meet with his fingers, also. I could talk about his fingers for hours. The way they move, the way they touch, the way they look. I wonder if his hands are gentle or aggressive. His hands are the only hands I desire to hold; his fingers are the only fingers I desire to intertwine with mine. I’ve fallen in love with his shoulders. When he sits lazily slumped over and his shoulders droop, I swear my breathing staggers. And when he moves in a certain way and I see his muscles move underneath his skin, my heart stops. I could watch his muscles until the end of time. And when he smiles, my eyes focus on the little chip in his front tooth. His flaws are the most beautiful flaws. His lips perfectly exemplify how beautiful his flaws are. His lips are often chapped because of his allergies and I couldn’t be more blown away by the perfection within that imperfection. When he smiles and when he talks, I watch his lips. I watch and wonder what their texture is like. I’ve fallen in love with his scruff and his messy yet clean eyebrows and his ear piercings. The way he walks gives me goosebumps and his pants often hang low on his hips which makes me stumble. His nose is the cutest nose out of all noses and his eyes are not to be messed with; you could get lost in that sea of brown for ages. When he clenches his jaw and makes that stupidly beautiful face he always makes, I swear you will be convinced that there is no evil in this world. All of these little things, like his cheeks and his eyelashes, are what he’s made up of and I am irrevocably in love with every single one. Each detail is another one of the reasons I feel the way I feel about him. I could talk about him for infinite measures of time because there is not one thing that I do not notice about him. This incredibly ethereal human being has worked his way under my skin and into my veins and I’ve never been more willing to be intoxicated. This is the boy I fell in love with.


Massages Going Down

Be by this week for yours. You probably deserve it:

Fri 4:30, 6:30
Sat 12, 2, 4, 6
Sun 12, 2, 4

🙏🙏🙏 (at Abyss Body Piercing)

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Hetalia Zodiac Signs


  • BELIGUM - 4/19


  • NORWAY - 5/17
  • ENGLAND - 4/23
  • CUBA - 5/20


  • DENMARK - 6/5
  • SWEDEN - 6/6
  • HUNGARY - 6/8
  • ICELAND - 6/17


  • SEYCHELLES - 6/29
  • CANADA - 7/1
  • HONG KONG - 7/1
  • AMERICA - 7/4
  • FRANCE - 7/14


  • POLAND - 7/22
  • KOREA - 8/15


  • UKRAINE - 8/24
  • BELARUS - 8/25
  • SEALAND - 9/2
  • VIETNAM - 9/2


  • GERMANY - 10/3
  • CHINA - 10/10


  • TAIWAN - 10/25
  • AUSTRIA - 10/26
  • TURKEY - 10/29
  • LATVIA - 11/18


  • FINLAND - 12/6


  • RUSSIA - 12/30
  • PRUSSIA - 1/18


  • GREECE - 2/3
  • JAPAN - 2/11
  • SPAIN - 2/12
  • LITHUANIA - 2/16


  • ESTONIA - 2/24
  • EGYPT - 2/28
  • N. ITALY - 2/17
  • S. ITALY - 2/17

I left a???? Fucking note in the office last night that amounted to “I get that training has to be Early. Dont schedule me closing the day before a training tho.”

And what the FUCK does shorty do?

6:30-12 followed immediately by 11:30-4:45

I’m calling in fucking sick on Wednesday if I can’t find anyone to cover my shift.

TEARS OF SWAN atelier shop、今週からのOPENは以下のスケジュールになりますので宜しくお願い致します(^^)💛

TEARS OF SWAN atelier shop
OPEN:5/31(wed)〜6/4(sun) 6/7(wed)〜6/11(sun) 6/13(tue)〜6/18(sun) 6/28(wed)〜6/30(fri)



Rating: R (for violence)
Word Count: 3.1k +
Trigger Warning: blood, guns, death, children in dangerous situations
this concludes my FBI series! I hope you all enjoyed these! Up next is badboy/punk !
fbi luke // fbi calum // fbi michael

“Daddy I help!” Her voice was small yet demanding as it traveled up to Ashton’s ear from his left side. Jasey stood there, tugging on the bottom of his shirt with one hand, the other pushing her little golden ringlets out of her eyes as she looked up at him.

“Of course baby, here, you help me button it,” He smiled fondly at his daughter as she brought the white fabric of his shirt in her little 3 year old hands and began to struggle with the buttons until she slowly lead the plastic through the small holes, tongue poking out of the side of her mouth in concentration.

“Does mommy get help too?” Y/N entered the large walk in closet, her button up half undone as she crouched down as well, throwing Ashton a wink before Hannah turned around to her. He watched as she began to work through the buttons on his wife’s shirt quickly. Y/N scooped her up when she was done, kissing on her cheeks, eliciting a few giggles as she carried her upstairs, sitting her gently in a chair before whipping together a bowl of cheerios and sitting them in front of her.

Ashton poured two thermoses of coffee, sitting one aside for Y/N as she bustled around the kitchen, packing a quick lunch for Jasey, arranging it into a little Avengers lunch box.

“Done!” Jasey called out, pushing her bowl away from her and smiling up at her dad.

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Back from the Kansai Free! event!! Here are my spoils and the sunburn I earned waiting in line for them from 6:30 am till 12:30 pm. Once home I will get better images of the poster hung up and the rubber straps, my favourite!

A proper report will come ASAP but for for now I’ve posted many tidbits to my twitter @denkimouse. Thanks for reading!