6 weeks


vernon’s inspirational words.


Come as you are, as you were

As I want you to be

As a friend, as a friend

As a known enemy


In this reality Keith and Shiro are already lovers, and Keith feel that He is not Him, but…

This is my tribute to Kuron whom history I consider king of angst. 

Happy Mother’s Day~!

from Future!Verse

Portrait of Yuuri and all his kids <3

(one day late but shhhh)

(this is actually not the final version, there’s supposed to be flowers, buuuut I didn’t finish that in time so at a later date ^ ^;;;)


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to six mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami, Chris, Otabek) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

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6 weeks

Since I’m not an establish patient anywhere the doctor’s office I called couldn’t get me in until October 8th, and my insurance is changing October 1st and I won’t be able to see them. So now I have to wait until October to even make an appointment. Which is ok, but I couldn’t go that long not knowing hard far along I was. So we paid for an ultrasound at an outside location. The tech measured the gestational sac and crown to rump length and they both estimated me at 6 weeks. This could very well change, but he said it’s a good indication since both measurements were giving the same date.

So that gives me a approximate due date of May 8, 2019. Bill’s dying for them to be born on the 4th and have a Star Wars baby. And as I am typing this out I feel a little tickle of excitement, which has been lacking so far.

We got to hear the heartbeat, which was 117. Kennedy’s was 127 at the first ultrasound so I don’t think that’s an indication of the sex yet. Here is some pictures of the little tiny squish.