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For some reason, the idiots were out in force today. Within 30 mins of each other, I had these two gems. Customer #1: "Do you have any forks? To eat with?" Um, either I missed something, or she thought I was too stupid to understand what a fork was. Customer #2, standing in front of a 6+ feet section of deodorant: "This isn't deodorant, is it? Do you have deodorant?" Deodorant hasn't changed appearance in I don't know how long???

When in Glastonbury: When Gillian Met Actual Brad Pitt
  • Nick: We ran into my friend Gillian, and Gillian had had an issue with her foot where something happened and her toenail had fallen off, and she had it replaced with a fake toenail. In the early hours, say 6:00am, Saturday morning at Glastonbury she thought it would be a great idea to take off her shoes, peel off those sweaty Glastonbury socks and play a game of 'Guess Which Toenail is Fake?' with actual Brad Pitt. That's a real story of what happened.
  • Adele: [laughing] Did he get it right?
  • Nick: He got it right. He's an expert in spying out fake toenails. I asked her, "How was Brad Pitt?" and she said, "He just looked very sad," and I was like "Yeah he had to look at your gross feet at 6 o'clock in the morning!"
Dumeril's Boa Caresheet

Dumeril’s Boa Caresheet with improvements written by me, with some text from Lillie Nyte’s writeup. I’m adding this to my “Setup & Care” link.

^ Vigil, my 4 year old female, 5′10″ in length

Description: Dumeril’s boas (Acrantophis dumerili) are a medium sized boid with an average length of 5-6 feet for males, with females attaining maximum lengths of 7-8 feet. Rare individuals can reach 9 feet. This is a slow growing species who may take 5~6 years to reach their “maximum” length, but continue growing slightly their entire lives. They are a heavier bodied ground dwelling species and can easily weigh up to 20 pounds. 

Dumeril’s boas generally have very docile temperaments, can be easily handled, and tend to be very reluctant to bite. In handling, they tend to find a position to relax in and will stay there. They are burrowing ambush predators, and a relatively inactive species.

They can be easily sexed visually due to the fact that males have obvious cloacal spurs where as females’ spurs are often hidden by the surrounding scales.

Dumeril’s Boas (individuals a year or older) are a great beginners species for those wanting something bigger, but still very manageable for one person and with undemanding, simple husbandry. Neonates tend to be shy and may have trouble getting started on food.

Distribution: Dumeril’s boas are found on the islands of Madagascar and Reunion located off the southeastern coast of Africa. In Madagascar, they inhabit semi-arid habitats in the southwestern regions of the country. They share some of the northern parts of their range with the Madagascan ground boa and may even interbreed with them in the wild where their natural ranges overlap. 

Enclosure: A 4x2 foot enclosure is the minimum acceptable for an average size adult Dumeril’s boa. Large females may need up to 6x2 feet. Neonates can be kept in 20 gallon tanks or tubs. They are a highly burrowing species, especially as adults, so they appreciate thick substrate, rummaging and hiding in leaf litter or scattered fake leaves and vines to provide further ground cover.

For neonates, I would avoid making the substrate thicker than a couple inches, or you will have a hard time finding them. Neonates tend to be shy and require tight, secure hides where they can be hidden entirely (no hides with large openings), and a lot of cover, such as leaf litter or fake vines. Individuals younger than 2~3 years old may also climb a bit when “hunting”, but normally become very terrestrial as adults.

Substrate: Dumeril’s boas do well on a variety of substrates, like cypress mulch, aspen, coco chips. Some keepers use newspaper, but I recommend substrate that allow them to burrow and act naturally. Dumeril’s drink large amounts of water at a time, therefore they urinate more than other species and require frequent cleaning.

Temperature/Humidity: Dumeril’s are a cooler species than the red-tail boa. Their enclosures should have a hot side with temps around 85-88 degrees Fahrenheit and a cool side of 73-80 degrees. In my experience Dumeril’s will spend the majority of their time on the cool end of their enclosures and periodically bask on the warm end after meals. Heat can be provided using heat pads, heat tape, ceramic heat emitters, heat lamps, or radiant heat panels. Be sure to attach every heat source to a thermostat.

Dumeril’s boas can be maintained in 40~50% humidity. They do not require a high level of humidity, since their natural ranges are in more arid regions of Madagascar. Higher humidity is tolerable, as long as there is good ventilation in the enclosure. When in shed, Dumeril’s boas may benefit from a slight increase in humidity and may even make use of a humid hide created by placing moist sphagnum moss inside of a hide.

Feeding: Dumeril’s boas should be fed mainly rodents. Rodent sizes should be just as wide~slightly wider than the widest parts of their bodies. Neonates can be started on larger than average prey items such as rat pups. These animals are ambush predators, striking at their prey from their hiding spots under the substrate. 

Dumeril’s under 2 years old may be shy eaters and may need to be fed in a smaller, darkened enclosure. Sometimes a frozen/thawed rodent may have to be left in their enclosure with them over night. Young snakes should be fed every 7~10 days and larger juveniles to large adults should be fed about every 14~30 days. They are fairly inactive animals with slower metabolism and a tendency to become overweight.

Remember that each animal is an individual, and some behavior may differ from the norm. 

I don’t even watch or know anything about Hockey but god damn if it isn’t the wildest sport in existence.  Like, you have these huge dudes, like, over 6 feet tall, 200+ pound guys, whipping around on ice with the grace and poise of professional figure skaters, all while lugging around 10-17 pounds of padding and a fucking stick, that they use to fucking rocket this tiny puck around to each other with pinpoint accuracy.  And then in a fraction of a second they could be fucking bare-knuckle brawling, just beating the absolute shit out of each other.  And it’s all legal.  Like

Ya’ll feyre and tamlin will be sharing a bed….. A newly mated feyre….will be sleeping next to a MALE WHO IS NOT HER MATE….

Remember when Rhys said it killed him to know feyre was sharing a bed with tamlin even before they were official and now…….

Honestly Fuck you tool

Edit: the text at the top says “a nightmare, I’d told tamlin. I was the nightmare.”

Spread House in Nagano

The single-story house designed by Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima / TNA is held above its hillside clearing on cedar-clad steel columns. The 10.85 meters (35.6 feet) square residence contains a 4.4 meter (14.4 feet) square central opening. The roof slopes upwards from the inner courtyard, so the home’s profile is box-like from the outside.


Strap in nerds because have i got a long post ahead for you

So me and @sassycsap​ (bless her soul. she’s like my first friend here) talked about the nyoom nyoom post with how Rich would totally cart Jake around in a wheel chair like madmen on a chariot race because Rich is a Fast Boy™ and somehow we accidentally gave birth to this beautiful thing called the *drum rooooolll*

BMC Incredibles AU

So here’s each of the Characters

  • Rich is Dash (super speed) u can’t argue with me. have u seen the nyoom nyoom post
  • Jake is violet (invisibility and force fields)
  • Michael is Frozone ya’ll (Ice powers)
  • Jeremy is Bob (Super strength)
  • Christine is Helen (Elastic Body) (because we’ve all universally accepted that she’s the Mom of the Gang)
  • Jenna is Jack-Jack (this guy has a lot of powers that I’m too lazy to type in)
  • Chloe is Edna (She makes the costumes!!!!)
  • Brooke is Mirage (That really pretty girl who’s a spy)(don’t worry, we we’re made her good)
  • Squip is Syndrome (Bad Guy™)

=(The HCs are under the Cut so I’ll spare u the mess)=

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real life tumblr

- if u block someone then everytime theyre around its just this black vaguely human shaped void that doesnt effect u in any way and is repelled immediatly upon coming 6 feet near u

- anon hate is someone in a mask running after u to tell u they hate you

- u try ur best to avoid anyone wearing a flower crown

- callouts are a hoard of people follwing one person and yelling stuff about them

- pornbots are just naked people on the street

- people come up to you to talk and you get excited but then they tell you their name is Erika and theyd like you to play their new game and point you towards a shady alleyway so you push them away and leave

- drama takes shape in the form of random fistfights on the street

- every once in a while someone walks up to you and says YOU ARE VALID

alright but i can’t stop thinking about this… andrew and neil had never have pets. in their life. and they get cats of all animals:

  • Neil would do his best on researching about them whenever he doesn’t know why they behave a certain way, but still he’ll never understand his cats’ behaviour so he kind of rolls with it.
    It’s different with andrew, because he still isn’t used to them and they’re an inconvenience he can’t get rid of 
  • the first time they hear one of their cats purr is an experience they’ll never forget: 
  • Neil: Andrew…. come listen to this
    Andrew: ….. it’s vibrating.
  • just when andrew DECIDED to give Sir a scratch, the cat bites his finger. not roughly, just a sign that means “leave me alone for now” but andrew just thinks the cat doesn’t like him and tells neil he doesn’t like the cat either and he’ll never bother again
  • but later he tries again, luckily when Sir is in a good mood and he is pleased to hear him purr. Neil too.
  • the cats always get in Neil’s way when he goes to feed them, and they’ve made him trip hundreds of times. He’s stepped on their tails too, on accident, and andrew had to come to tell him the cats were just fine before he panicked. 
  • neil loves playing with the cats. he has scratches all over his fingers and hands because he plays hiding his hands behind the couch or chairs, and the cats attack them when he wiggles his fingers 
  • whenever andrew walks into the kitchen the cats follow him because they think he’ll feed them. they meow loudly and purr, with their tails up and scratch the counter where Neil keeps their food. Andrew just stares at them as he slowly pours himself coffee.
  • BATHING THEM. it’s also neil’s job, but andrew helps whenever he feels like it. 
  • The first time they bathe them, they discover that Sir is not that fat, he just has a Lot of hair. and also, that King Fluffkins loves water.
    Andrew takes pictures of Sir’s wet figure as the animal stares right into the camera with an expression that clearly says “help”
  • CAT HAIR, rip andrew’s all black wardrobe 
  • they had learned to keep their wardrobe CLOSED SHUT the hard way,   because they had woken up to the cats sleeping in there, over their clothes.
  • andrew can’t go to the bathroom without Fluffkins sticking his paw under the door, and he finds annoying the first times, but then he grows used to it and would poke it and snort when Fluffkins’ claws poke him back.
  • andrew finds all the shit cats do amusing: Like jumping 6 feet high when they get scared, running non-stop around the house and crawling on furniture with a stunned look on their face, the way their pupils dilate and the little wiggle they do when they’re about to jump on neil’s fingers, or when they climb up the courtains 
  • neil can’t be one minute sitting with his laptop that one of the cats HAS to walk over him and sit over his computer
  • andrew: