iaintfraidofnoghosts submitted:

On the left is me today at 167lbs and 6’2”. On the right is me December 2010 at ~285lbs and 6’1”. Went from a size 46 in pants to a 32 or 34. Shirt size XXL or XXXL to a M or L. It took me about 2 years to get down to 185lbs and not until about a month and half ago I started my diet regime to get from 185 to 167. 

I can confidently say that when I saw this picture of me with my cousins (on the right, they were cropped out obviously), my weight problems were really put into perspective. That New Year’s Day (2011), I made the same resolution as I had done multiple times before. This time, I was determined. I am so happy of how far I’ve come and how much farther I could go.

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Once, the other players on the football team that Mark Strong plays for wrote him a letter. In the letter, they expressed concern about his aggressive behaviour on the pitch and wondered if he should seek professional help. At the same time, the team captain also wrote to him asking, with obvious concern, ‘Where is all this rage coming from?’

'When did this happen?’ I say, assuming that Strong was probably a teenager at the time.

'Oh,’ he says, 'let me see… it must be about nine months ago.’

—  Mark Strong: the strong, violent type  (2009) (x)