56 pound weight loss

notfarfromlegendary submitted:

1st pic taken in July of ‘14… “during” pic taken on april 2nd ‘15… Difference of 56lbs… I stand 6'2" tall… achieved by counting calories and lifting weights!

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we like tall boys, we can't help it

you like tall boys? YOU LIKE TALL BOYS? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH A TALL (heterosexual) GIRL LIKES TALL BOYS? DO YOU??? Girl do not get me fucking started. If you are under 5′5, damn near EVERYONE is taller than you. You should have no trouble finding a ‘tall’ man. All of the 1d boys are under 6′0, so just go for them and leave the tall ones for me 

Ok so I just wanted to show you guys the sexiest man I know. He’s on the right (don’t mind my dad on the left) I know you can’t see him very well but I’ve had a crush on this 40 year old stud since I was 13.

(( I got bored, and there was Gowland/Viva on my dash. Also, I know Viva’s not that short, but….*sighs* :) ))