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Can I recommend: It's You That's Haunting Me by Perfchan? Hilarious and adorable youtube ghosthunter au! Needs way more attention than it currently has!

thanks very much!! <3 - Karri

it’s you that’s haunting me by perfchan (2/6 | 10,772 | Teen And Up)

Keith is a loner; his interactions with others tend toward clumsy or strained, but he has a persistent enthusiasm for the paranormal. Lance is a recent college grad; caught up in his day-to-day, he wouldn’t call himself unhappy, but still feels his life lacks direction. When Lance is introduced to Keith’s ghost hunting videos, his interest is piqued and he can’t help but want to tag along. Initially opposed, Keith soon finds himself warming to the company of the living.


Halloween Countdown: 8

Warning: mentions of blood, violence and sexual situations.


You wake up to the sound of a piano.

The room is dark, but large and luxurious. You were sleeping on a queen-sized bed, and when you sit up your head pounds painfully, the room spinning around you. It takes you a while to get yourself out of bed as you stagger towards the door.

The piano is louder in the hallway.

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Could you do HC's for a very tall+curvy mc? I'm 6'2" with DD's so I don't see my body type often, haha. For Saeran and Vanderwood too, please! Have a nice day/evening!

Sorry because it took me so long to respond to your request :( 


  • Loves it 
  • he’s really happy
  • feels like your hugs are protecting him 
  • and who doesn’t love curvy girls? 
  • most of the time trying to make you feel beautiful no matter how you are 
  • he’s your cute little puppy 


  • at the start he’s a bit intimidated 
  • he wants to be the one who can protect you 
  • but your heigh is making it hard for him
  • but realizes its better 
  • you don’t need that much protection as a small girl 
  • he’s a lover for big chest 
  • gets super jealous when you go out with a revealing top 
  • because doesn’t like how others see your body 
  • loves every inch of you


  • totally fine with her 
  • because she likes you for the way you are 
  • and of course loves your curves 
  • and the way you fit in your clothes makes her admire how beautiful you are 
  • always stepping on her toes to kiss you 
  • she wears tons of heels so she can be closer to you 
  • but is fine because her legs look amazing with heels 


  • loves it 
  • I mean he loves you so damn much 
  • how could he not love your body 
  • gets a professional designer to made tons of nice clothes specially for you 
  • get involved in fashion just to put models of your size in fashion shows
  • you get to have million of cute bras because he loves to see them on you


  • is a bit surprised 
  • he knew you were tall 
  • but wow 
  • anyway it doesn’t matter 
  • he likes you like that 
  • and is a really nice way of sleeping 
  • he’s the little spoon 
  • DD?? 
  • oh hell yeah! 
  • he’s really happy (hehe) 


  • the first time he saw you he thought he could made some good use of you 
  • wanted you as his assistant 
  • but slowly fell in love 
  • and your heigh was nothing to him 
  • no matter that he looked small
  • he was used to be small since a child 
  • loved your body 
  • and made sure to tell you every single day 


  • doesn’t say nothing about it 
  • is not important to him
  • loves you 
  • so he doesn’t actually see it as an uncommon thing 
  • and he’s crazy for curvy girls 
  • but doesn’t like to say it to you 
  • but when someone says something about it 
  • oh he goes crazy 
  • and I mean crazy 
  • probable ends up in a fight over how beautiful you are 
  • and that your heigh just made you more perfect 


super short hc bc I don’t know what is like to be tall :( sorry 

party (2 of 6)

Summary: As a reward for not drinking at a frat party, Johnny gives you exactly what you had stayed sober for.
Pairing: Johnny/Reader
Word Count: 1,617
Part 2 of a 6 part series. This series boils down to a place, a kink, and a member. Each part is for a friend of mine, so this time around, it’s for Admin F. Even if it’s not that good, i hope you enjoy ;)

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vitor where can i watch all the seasons of drag?

season 2-8 are on netflix but i’m gonna link them as well if you don’t have it

you gotta have any torrent downloader software installed in order to download some of these (i personally recommend qbittorrent)

Mine Omegaverse Character Masterpost (heavily spoilered)

Baylor Perditus Archeron

Age: 10 (Currently)
Birthday: December 31
Sign: Capricorn
Secondary Gender: Omega
Parents: Caeli Perditus and David Odium
Siblings: None
Sex: male
Orientation: Gay
Description: ash blond hair, freckles, hazel-green eyes, 5′5″ (at full height) golden skin
Distinguishing Marks: belt-mark scars across back, deep self-harm scars down wrists
Disabilities: Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, dyslexia 
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
Favorite Color: Light green

Nathaniel Verrum

Age: 13 (Currently)
Birthday: June 15
Sign: gemini
Secondary Gender: Alpha
Parents: Azriel and Mor 
Siblings: Blake, Adrien
Sex: male
Orientation: Gay
Mate: Bay
Description: long black hair, dark brown eyes, 6′2″, golden brown skin
Distinguishing Marks: tattoos, nose and lip piercings, scars on left hand and fingers 
Disabilities: none
Hogwarts house: gryffindor
Favorite Color: purple  

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