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New Larrie here. What's the significance of 28

Okay I’m not the best at compiling information but I’m gonna try my best…

Starting with the facts: This number is very important to Louis for some reason

As for the rest… there’s endless rumours to why this number is significant to him (some kind of anniversary?) but there’s just weird shit about the number and how so much stuff to do with H&L adds up to 28

For example: Harry’s X Factor number was 165998 and if you add the individual digits together until you get one digit, you get 2. (1+6+5+9+9+8 =38  3+ 8 =11 1+1=2)

Louis’ number was 155204 and if you use the same method you get the number 8. 


That’s the basics. There’s been weird shit during Harry’s promo with the number 28 too (on SNL he performed tracks 2 and 8 from the album for example) so now you’re acquainted with the basics you can shake your head with the rest of us when by weird coincidence everything to do with Larry or each of them individually adds up to 28.

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for the simblr questionnaire... #2, 4, 6, 7, and/or 15 :)

2. favorite expansion pack?

for gameplay, def get to work! i love the jobs but i rarely use it and the furniture is kinda trash heh but for furniture i really love city living, but the gameplay…….

4. favorite skill?

cooking skill! i just lov how the animations keep changing and all the different food ooo

6. describe your dream expansion pack? (answered)

7. describe your dream stuff pack?

hobbies stuff pack pls omg i need more easels and pianossss

15. who are your favorite simblrs/simblrs who inspire you the most?

ok so i already did a follow forever SO these are only some of the ones that come to my head!!

@stefizzi ; @poolbrop@melancholycotton ; @desgoffes ; @diigosims ; @ivo-sims ; @ardoismi@theplumbobarchitect ; @dazzled-simblr ; @skarlet-sims ; @ageispoliis ; @witch-hammers ; @early-grape ; @earnoodle ; @cabsim ; @literallywhothe ; @hommes-sims ; @gladysmorse ; @boocreek

i’m def missing a lot of ppl thooo

send me some sims questions!

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Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you got to meet Robin, he is actual sunshine, don't you agree??

He is!!! He was sooo kind to me! I meet him 6 times in 2 days lol I felt like a stalker but u know he was so sweet and I wanted to hug him all the time 😭

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fuck is wrong with you ugly trophyless witches. crucifying a 19yo for wanting better opportunities your ugly club never gave him in the first place. nobody batted an eyelash when juanfran switched clubs? saul? you never wanted him, up until rm started showing interest. he's a kid ffs.

I accept the insults as I called Theo a rat, but let me explain a few things:

1- “your club never gave him better opportunities” Well Atleti took him off from a 4th division team and sent him to a La Liga team to continue improving instead of playing against kids or rotting in our bench. More info in this post.

2- “Nobody battled an eyelash when Juanfran switched clubs” Hmmm that’s because Juanfran spent 2 seasons playing close to zero with RM (6 matches in 2 seasons) and then he signed for Espanyol, and then he spent 4 years at Osasuna, and that’s when he signed for Atleti. It’s not like he ditched RM for Atleti???? How’s that similar?

3- “Saul?” Well now that you ask, Atleti did with Saul a similar strategy than with Theo. Saul spent two seasons playing most of the time with Atleti B, and a few matches with Atleti. Simeone liked his talent, but with Tiago, Gabi, Mario Suarez, Koke, Diego Ribas, Arda, etc, it looked like he wouldn’t get the minutes and experience he needed, so they sent him to another La Liga team to play more minutes. 

Saul was sent to Rayo Vallecano and played 37 matches with them (as a centre back most of the time lol) and then he came back to Atleti, where he got more and more important with every season:
- 2014/2015: 1669 minutes
- 2015/2016: 3648 minutes
- 2016/2017: 4010 minutes

He spent 2 years at RM’s academy and when he was 13 he went to Atleti’s Academy. It’s somewhat similar to what Morata did, but in the opposite direction. And once again, not even remotely similar to what Theo did. Switches between RM and Atleti academies are quite usual as the kids sometimes don’t get enough minutes, or they live far from one and close to the other, or the parents want the kids to switch, there’s probably hundred of cases about this.
What it’s a lot less common is to do your whole youth career at the same team and when you’re about the get the chance to play with the main team, leaving for the biggest rival.

4- “You never wanted him until rm started showing interest”. Read #1 again, and I would tell you to read all of Atleti fans’ opinions since the beginning of the season, they were like “I hope Theo does well, he has a brilliant future” “Have you seen Theo’s latest match? He’s amazing” etc. You can find posts made by me loooooooooong before RM showed any kind of interest for him saying how great he was. I (and a lot of Atleti fans) have literally watched Alaves’ matches this season just to see him develop. Fans were dreaming with a future Atleti with Lucas and Theo in the defense line. So don’t try to make us look like we never cared about him bc we were already following him even before you even knew he existed.

Progress Note: Step 2, Day 6

Subjectively: Wow I can’t believe I’ve studied for 6 days and I don’t already know all of medicine. Jk but I’m getting frustrated. I feel like I should ramp up my UWorld

Objectively: Did neuro OME + the 109 UWorld questions, then skimmed the neuro and neurosurg sections of Step 2 Secrets and did 10 questions off an old neuro NBME 


3 things I did well today: (1) I made KILLER cous cous :)! (2) Completed all my goals in a reasonable amount of time!:) (3) Added some extra resources today like Sketchy path for the freaking goddamn nephrotic syndromes, Step 2 Secrets, and 10 Q off an old NBME! :)

3 things I could do better: (1) I continue to suck at ID, so watch more high yield sketchys …. (2) I let my anxiety get to me a little bit when I wasn’t scoring as well on UWorld and making frustrating mistakes….. (3) I could be a little better about shortening breaks


1) Shame watch high yield sketchys because aparently I don’t even know freaking disseminated histoplasma

2) Trust my preparation, avoid SDN/reddit/anything that talks about Step 2 prep that will do nothing but make me anxious

3) I dunno, will power ? start timing breaks. 

Cat GIF of the day: 

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2 and 6!

2. who is your favorite character to draw?


6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

I have so many aaaa I’ll tag some!

[Friends and amazing artists]: @dimensionfiend @ebberry-jay @dkbun @sixpine@maya1121 @ochairo​ @i-bestness @bizzarasaurus @ryllcat21 

[Huge inspirations pls notice me]: @luxjii @soupery @juuria @cryptidsp00n @asutori @feliville @lemonteaflower @appulsprite @bunblevee @sergle @clock-heart @ikimaru @wi-fu @greywick

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6 and 2 please

6. What fictional place would you like to visit?

The College of Winterhold in Skyrim. “I want to use the power of ice and fire to destroy any who oppose me” I mean c’mon how sick would it be to shoot ice spikes from you hands?

2.  What is your favorite piece of clothing you own / owned?

My shirt of Plague Knight and Mona from Shovel Knight







6月2日の恵比寿天窓 Switchでのライブメンバー出演GLTVでした!
まだ見てないかたは⬇️⬇️⬇️ このリンクで見れます!



ナオミ  GLTV出演しました\( ˆoˆ )/








「でも、わたしにできなくても、It’s not a problem. 神様が完成させてくださるから、大丈夫です。I can do anything by God.」






本番 指めっちゃ震えましたが(笑)


神さまのあたたかい愛を感じた ご奉仕でした


May 28, 2017