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hey! i want to introduce my 6 yr old niece to sailor moon (the original) but don't know whether to show her the subbed or dubbed version. do you or your followers have thoughts?

Personally, I enjoy the subbed version more because it’s funnier, has more depth, not as cheesy, and the dialogue is overall just a lot better in my opinion. 

The dub has some good moments though and it would probably be a lot easier for a 6 year old to understand. However, I also think the dub has some problematic aspects. They censor ANYTHING that could be perceived as LGBT. For example, they changed Zoisite’s gender from male to female to make his relationship with Kunzite straight, they changed Haruka/Michiru from being girlfriends to being cousins, and they changed Fisheye’s gender from a man to a woman since he was gay and often dressed in women’s clothes in the original. They also often change the dialogue whenever they mention anything about living in Tokyo. There’s also a lot of other censoring and major dialogue changes throughout the series.

All that being said, the new official English dub of the original series is AWESOME. So you might get the best of both worlds by choosing that option :)

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with liking/watching the original English dub. What I said are my personal critiques/opinions and other people might feel differently. Besides, it’s still overall the same amazing story of Sailor Moon, so you can really do no wrong no matter what version you show her :)

6-year-old saves grandpa’s life after jet-ski accident: ‘He’s a true hero’

Carl and Melissa Flowers took their family out on their new boat Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day. When the engine started acting up, “Papa Carl” and Gram decided to go for a ride on the jet ski, while the rest of the family stayed back to fix the boat.

They were having a great time out on the water until they hit a wave, which sent them both flying off the jet ski and into the water. Gram, who has been taking emergency swim lessons since he was an infant, saw his grandpa floating a short distance away with his face underwater and bubbles coming out of his nose and mouth, so he swam into action and carried Papa Carl to the jet ski.

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45-year-old Lin Russell lived with her husband, Shaun, and their two children, 9-year-old Josie and 6-year-old Megan in a secluded cottage in Kent, England. On 9 July, 1996, Lin walked to pick up her two daughters from school with the family dog, Lucy. They were last seen walking down a country lane near the family home. Shaun, worried that they had not returned, called the police. The police went out searching and found the bodies of Lin, Josie, Megan and also Lucy not too far from their house. They had all been tied up and bludgeoned with a hammer. Miraculously, Josie survived the brutal attack and made a remarkable recovery. Michael Stone, who claims to be innocent, was apprehended and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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u look sooo young, like a 6 year old!

omg thanks ya im going for that just-gradutated-kindergarten-and-loving-it look 

Black Ships Paint the Sky.

Drive-By Truckers – the Three Great Alabama Icons

After going to Graceland, a place that one must visit when in Memphis – not for the tour, but to pay hommage to music – i jumped into a taxi and asked the gentleman to take me to the civil rights museum. Now there is a must visit when in Memphis. There is no way around that. 

Being Swedish I had naturally read about slavery, about segregation, about the civil rights movement – but I did not know. If you are in Memphis you have to go to the civil rights museum.

The gentleman driving the taxi was a black american in his mid 50s and I had to ask him what he remembered from his youth. He was 6 years old when they shot Dr. King, he told me, and he still remember that day clearly. I asked him how the world had changes since he was a child and he said “enormously. It is a completely different world now.” 

We continued to talk for the 10 minutes that the ride from the museum celebrating the white man that turned black music mainstream to the museum commemorating the struggle to turn black men and women as mainstream as the music they created. A fight that, in the eyes of a foreign beholder, seem to be far from over.

The US just got equality in regards to marriage. Do not stop there. 

Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Inside Out: A Dresden Files ficlet

(A/N: GUESS WHO JUST SAW DISNEY/PIXAR’S INSIDE OUT AND TOTALLY GOT A FANFIC IDEA OUT OF IT?! THIS GAL. So pretend that Harry’s magic aura doesn’t short out movie theaters and pretend that Maggie Dresden is around 5-6 years old and enjoy this fluffy thing I wrote.)

“Dad,” Maggie Dresden said, glancing up at the wizard. “What emotions do you think run your head?”

Harry coughed a little. “I don’t know, kid. What do you think?”

Karrin Murphy, who stood on the other side of the child holding her hand, opened her mouth and Harry pointed a long finger at her. “And no comments from the Peanut Gallery.”

Murphy just smiled and kept walking alongside them as Maggie rubbed her chin. “I dunno. Sometimes I think you’re really happy, like Joy.”


“Yeah. When you’re with me and Aunt Murphy, you’re always happy.”

Harry felt his cheeks flushing, and the side of his head felt like it was starting to catch fire due to Murphy’s intensely amused staring. “Is that right?”

“But when Mister scratches up the sofa or Uncle Thomas eats all the ice cream, I think you’re angry.”

“It was a nice couch, alright? I only threw my shoe at him once.”

Murphy arched an eyebrow. Harry scowled. “Okay, twice, but I never hit him with it.”

“Because he would have thrown it back,” Murphy said with a grin.

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6 year old: Look at these flowers I drew!
Me: Wow! Do you want to be an artist when you grow up?
6 year old: I see myself in a Lamborghini

Kindergarten has changed so much lol. My son came home showing me how to whip and nae nae and I was like, wtf? Apparently this was part of their PE curriculum. Which at first I thought was kind of shitty. And then I remembered that they used to make us square dance and in 5th grade I had to learn the dance to “Achy Breaky Heart” 😂😂😂
So now I’m watching YouTube videos so I can nae nae with my 6 year old hahaha!!!!

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Can we talk about the scene in HBP (movie) when Bellatrix shows up at the Burrow and then lights it on fire? Why did they put it in the movie? I've never been a fan of it

oh my god yES

i HATE that scene for many reasons but probably the biggest is that they left so much from the books out of the movie but they made time for this fucking stupid scene

like i could name 10 scenes off the top of my head that would’ve been better than that stupid fucking scene (and shorter too tbh)

like if they wanted something action packed, they could’ve put in more quidditch 
like maybe the game where McClaggen fucking bashes Harry’s skull in and then Harry writes sweet fanfiction in his head?
what a great one


I’ve literally been shipping this fucking ship since i was like 6 years old no lie and tHATS HOW THEY DECIDED TO SHOW IT IN THE MOVEIS ITS BEEN 6 YEARS AND I COULD STILL SPIT FUCKIGN NAILS I STG


that scene is just so stupid bc theres no reasoning for it and theres so many things wrong with it from a logistics standpoint thats its just a cluterfuck of poorly thought out activity that was clearly thrown in just to have an aciton sequence

i can go on but i’ll probably bore you so lets just say i totally agree 
its so stupid and awful @david yates plz stop

so today i was talking with my coworkers, women, about weight losing techniques and one of them was “wrap saran wrap around your stomach to sweat faster and lose water weight” and one of them said to me, with no ill intent, “you should try it some time, i don’t think it works but it makes you feel so thin and good”

and i said no and they asked why. i explained that while that doesn’t exactly sound healthy, i don’t want to feel thin. they were confused, but then our boss told us to get a move on so i couldn’t explain what i meant by “i don’t want to feel thin”

but i want to explain here. i don’t want to feel thin. i have spent so much of my life wanting to be thin, upset that i wasn’t thin, craving those moments where i felt thin. ever since i was about 6 or 7 years old in kindergarten. i knew i was always a “fat kid” even though i was probably normal sized.

and these days? i don’t want to feel thin. i love feeling fat.
i love looking at myself and seeing my lumpy stomach and the stretch marks on my arms.
i love how it feels to have my stomach rest on my legs when i sit down.
i love how it feels when i look down and have a double chin.
i love how i take up the entire seat when i sit down, how i take up an entire door frame or hallway.
i love how when i walk the floors sometimes tremble, when my entire weight comes down.
i love being big and strong and sometimes scary
i love taking up space.
i love existing as a fat person and no one can take that away from me

Horse riding experiences

Second day of horse riding camp: I CAN’T MOVE! My dog needed to drag me into the house. I am hyperactive, and have so much energy… but not this much ^^

Being with horse from dusk to dawn every day is really hard. Riding, cleaning, working, taking care of the tiny 3-6 years old riders (there is twelve of them every day). Walking ponies, lifting things… I am dead ^^ And it’s only the second day.

And today I rode the race horse of the stable lady. It was hard, because he has a spirit, but he gallops so perfectly.