6 years ago it was released



The Spice Girls’ debut film, Spiceworld: The Movie, was released nationwide in the UK, 19 years ago today, on Boxing Day December 26th, 1997! 

The film was a #1 smash hit, grossing more than £6 million pounds during its opening weekend in the UK alone and over $100 million dollars worldwide.


Conspiracy theory: Taylor swift isn't real

1. She can wear heels all day and never looks like her feet hurt
2. Literally always has perfect winged eyeliner
3. Has an album in the top charts on iTunes even though it released over 2 years ago
4. Has sooooo many friends
5. On tumblr at the weirdest times
6. Will disappear for like six months then drop a new single
Feel free to add more


Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau, as featured in American Horror Story: Coven 
coming December 2016 From Integrity Toys!

[IT announced these dolls like two years ago–just as AHS: Coven was wrapping up. Retailers are finally taking pre-orders on the 6 dolls in the series. The dolls all have new face sculpts modeled after the actors who played each character, which helps explain the long delay in release! The edition sizes range from 600 to 900, depending on the character. I’m (more than) a little mad that Angela Bassett’s doll is the smallest edition size–even the Evan Peters doll has a bigger edition size than hers!?–but believe this means I’m gonna get my pre-order reserved ASAP-tually! –MOD]


I made two versions. Personally my favorite is the second one (the green hair kinda kills the contrast of the grey with the other bright green parts for me :/ even if it still looking good).

And sorry for the wait, I hope it was worth it.

Btw, if anybody wants to see the palette, it was this one.

  • TF2 comic team on August 31st 2015: "Okay, everyone! We admit, it took us way too long to release chapter 5. Chapter 6 will be out MUCH sooner! 3-4 months probably!"
  • 10 months later: "Wait, the last issue came out almost a year ago! Holy shit! Better work on it quickly! We should be able to finish it at the one year mark."
  • On the day of the "anniversary": "Oops, we thought the one year mark was September 30th, not August. Buuuuut we're almost done now and we will DEFINITELY concentrate on working on it until it's done! Should be able to finish it by the end of September!"
  • End of September: "Oh, we somehow got distracted by some REALLY COOL things that are happening at Valve right now! You will LOVE those unspecified things too! The comic? Uh, yeah, it will be out in a couple of months. End of the year. Probably."
  • February 30th 202X probz idk: "WHO IS EXCITED FOR ISSUE 6?! ... ... Anyone? Hello?"
Dog Emoji Review

Gradient shading isn’t great. He looks worried. The paw not being on the ground is aggravating. Other than that, he’s an ok boy. 6/10

Looks like a baby bear. He’s at this weird angle and I don’t like it. Reminds me of the dog toys McDonald’s released like, ten years ago. Why does he have rubber bands on his ears? 5/10

The outline is super thick but the geometric style is good. The fact that only one of the front two legs have been defined annoys me. He has a teardrop for an ear. He looks like he could protect me in the dark. 8/10

Gross, shiny, greasy dog. get this out of my sight. 2/10

Turd dog. He’s so dirty I hate him. Bad dog. 0/10

Beautiful woofer!!!!!!! I want him to be my friend. He looks like a dog that could fight by my side in a war. I bet his name is Fang. Good dog, good boy. 11/10

Kid friendly dog. Nice shading. I like the collar, it’s a nice extra touch. He seems untrustworthy. 8/10

It looks like a furry artist specialising in mostly porn drew him. He’s too happy for the app he#s used on. He seems unreliable. 5/10

Ugly dog but he seems like he is trying hard. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. 6/10

BEST FRIEND!!!!!! 20/10

This looks like Pewdiepie’s dog. He looks like he is lost. I don’t like his collar as much as the other one. 7/10

I feel like this came from a 13 year old’s Deviantart account. I keep thinking it has a dick and that worries me. 4/10

Me like 6 months ago when the Gilmore Girls reunion date was announced…

…but we had to wait all this time

Me when the promo was released and I realized we only had a month left


but trying to stay untempted and away from spoilers



Dazaigetoffmylawn reached the triple 6 number of followers (a few months ago cough), and my friends were kind enough to draw protective Chuuya to *turns on echo effect bc new year old memes* fight against the darkness of evil or whatever. jazz hands

In order of drawings:  @alhxshaxise @yulicechan @ask-fancy-hat-chuuya @eggedgelord

Aside from being really chill friends, (… “chill” actually bc flashbacks to nendoroid release announcements) they’re amazing, kind people who I respect. So uh… Theydocoolstuffsomaybecheckouttheirblogsiguess? Howdoesthefriendshipdo, Iknowdon’tnot????? DoesJuminHanisgay?!?

And thank you to all my followers! The blog has reached over 1,000 followers so I have a surprise in the works. Let’s have another great year together celebrating and supporting the masterpiece that is Bungou Stray Dogs.

My Debate Questions

I could think of some good questions for Trump: 

1. How many abortions have you paid for in your life time? 

2. Can you eliminate the word very from your vocabulary? 

3. Can you talk without hand gestures? 

4. Did you know who Justice Scalia was 2 years ago? 

5. Can you name 10 countries in Africa without help? 

6. How would you explain the comments you’ve made about women to a classroom full of 12 year old girls and their parents? 

7. If the IRS says there’s no problem with you releasing your taxes while being audited, why haven’t you done so? 

8. Explain the three branches of government and the balance of power. 

9. How much do you think the average gallon of milk is in America? 

10. How can you form an opinion about what needs to change in the American Education system if your children never attended a public school and you have done little to be involved personally in public schools? 

11. Why are you so pervy with your daughter? 

12. You started this all as a joke didn’t you? Then you got so insulted that people laughed that you decided to try to go for it for real? 

13. How do you look veterans and Gold Star Families in the eye after you’ve said you have sacrificed for our country? 

14. When will you admit you have a man-crush on Putin? 

15. Why won’t you let your first wife to speak openly about you?

Found this in the YouTube comments of Brown Out

10 years later

Ray was sitting alone, waiting for the release of Hotline Miami 6. Then suddenly, a little boy comes rushing into his room.

“Dad, dad! Come see what I’ve done in Minecraft!”

“You’ve been playing that game nonstop for three days, you must be really liking it, huh?” said Ray, a joyfull look on his 35 year old face, as he follows his son. Whilst walking, a deep feeling starts to surface, one he himself hid long ago. Was it… a sign?

“So, what is it you want to show me-”, started Ray when they reached the living room, but he couldn’t finish. In front of him, an image long forgotten. Long forsaken.

“I dug for a while to get gold for the ‘On a Rail’ achievement, but I think it looks cooler this way”, explained Ray’s son, but he was no longer listening. The pixelated 4 blocks-tall yellow tower had his undivided attention. “I still don’t have a name for it though,” continued Ray’s son, “maybe Tower of Winners? Tower of Players?”

“Pimps.” Ray whispered as a single tear ran down his face.

“What happened, dad? Why are you crying?”

“Nothing, just remembering some old memories.”

“Really? How were they?”

Ray smiled to himself:

“Incredibly boring”