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TOG 6 theory about Aelin's rescue

This is my theory about Aelin’s rescue:
-Rowan found Aelin in start of Heir of Fire when Meave sent him to her to Doranelle to Maeve.
-Rowan found Aelin in Heir if Fire when she got angry and Skinwalkers tried to kill her.
-He found her in Queen of Shadows when he arrived to Rifthold.

He has found her many times and he will find her again.

“I’d walk into the burning heart of hell itself to find you.”

Just have a hope.

Yes, TOG 6 was pushed back. But that’s alright. Chaol is getting his own novel, and I’m hyped for that. But to the people complaining about TOG 6 being pushed back, please, please stop complaining about it being pushed back. It could’ve been pushed back two years instead of a year and a half. SJM is a person. She’s not some robot cranking out content. She can have health issues. She’s working on Catwoman, ACOWAR, and the sixth book in TOG. That’s enough to make anyone collapse. And she’ll have things to attend for you, her fans. Suck it up and stop complaining, because no amount of whining is going to change that. Give Sarah a break already. She deserves it.

For years, I have been doing the best I could to raise you four. Have I been perfect? No! Do I know anything about children? No! Should I have picked up a book on parenting?! PROBABLY! Where was I going with this? I had a point.
—  Julian Blackthorn, lecturing his younger siblings

Once upon a time there was a little girl with fire in her veins and steel in her hands
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a girl who traded in debts and oaths and promises and blood

Once upon a time there was a little boy with a crown atop his head and an eye that wandered
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a boy who killed his father and loved his kingdom

Once upon a time there was a boy who saw the world as it was and not as it should be
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a boy who started to see grey when before it was just black and white

Once upon a time there was a girl who had more scars on her heart and in her soul then on her body
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a girl with a wildness no form could contain

Once upon a time there was a girl who only wanted a fairy tale
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a girl who embraced the darkness

Once upon a time there was a girl who drank the blood of men
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a girl who broke free from the iron noose that was choking her

Once upon a time there was a boy who was the sword of the man who slaughtered his family
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a boy who found his family again

Once upon a time there was a girl who knew the language of daemons
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a girl who died for her people

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved someone very much
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a boy who died because of the woman he loved

Once upon a time there was a girl who was shy and meek
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a girl who lived through hell and who could still hold her head up high

Once upon a time there was a boy who lost the love of his life
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a boy who found true love again

Once upon a time there was a land alive and vibrant
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a land being reborn from the ashes

Once upon a time there was a land with a king on the throne and demon who held his leash
Look forward
Once upon a time there was a land with a city made of corpses and whose people did not sing but wailed

The Top 10 Films of 2016

Another year has passed, and since I remember people being interested last time, I have put together a fresh list running down my top 10 films of 2016. Enjoy, and look out for my top 10 most anticipated films of 2017 list @starwarsnonsense (which is my Star Wars blog)!

Honourable mentions: Rogue One, Kubo and the Two Strings, When Marnie Was There and Love and Friendship.

1. Paterson

One line review: An exquisitely understated and sweet portrait of the poetry of the mundane, elevated to the level of transcendence by a marvellously genuine and appealing performance from Adam Driver.

2. Nocturnal Animals

One line review: Not style over substance as some have claimed (though every frame is gorgeous), Nocturnal Animals is a deeply unsettling portrait of a seemingly immaculate life fractured by festering regrets.

3. Moana

One line review: My favourite of all the CG Disney animated movies, Moana is a wonderfully refreshing adventure that has relationships between women at its core.

4. Arrival

One line review: A beautiful piece of cinematic sci-fi that is ultimately a celebration of linguistics and love - this underlines that 2016 is truly the year of Amy Adams.

5. Your Name

One line review: A Ghibli-shaped hole in my heart was filled by this movie, which features wondrously detailed animation and some of the most ingenious and rewarding plotting I’ve ever seen.

6. Midnight Special

One line review: I bought a ticket for Adam Driver but loved Midnight Special for Michael Shannon, who delivers a powerhouse performance as a father willing to go to any lengths to protect his terrifyingly powerful child.

7. Zootopia

One line review: A perky and remarkably imaginative animated movie with a central message that promotes tolerance and compassion without resorting to preachiness.

8. Tale of Tales

One line review: The year’s best looking movie (sorry, Nocturnal Animals!) and one of the best and most authentic presentations of fairy tales I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

9. The Witch

One line review: The year’s most unusual horror movie relies on historical authenticity and the gradual build of a creepy atmosphere as opposed to cheap thrills, and is a remarkable evocation of the paranoia and superstition of the earliest European settlers of America.

10. The Girl With All The Gifts

One line review: This movie basically means Hollywood shouldn’t bother with a film of The Last of Us, since there’s nothing left to accomplish - the killer premise of child zombies is exploited to the fullest extent here, and the weird, faintly surreal ending truly lingers.

Rowan's Tattoo
  • Rowan Whitethorn first met Lyria in a market place in Doranelle.
    • He was a prince, she was a girl who sold flowers
    • She was his mate and there was no one nor anything that could stop him from claiming her
  • But Rowan’s loving Lyria lost his favor with Maeve, Queen of the Fae
  • Rowan still yearned to prove himself to his Queen. He still wanted glory and redemption. And so when war came he answered the call.
    • In war Rowan proved himself. In war he got his glory, he got his redemption, he gained back the favor of the Fae Queen. But all at a cost.
  • The cost of Rowan’s winning was the loss of Lyria. The loss of his mate. And the loss of their unborn child.
  • In his shame Rowan left civilization, he turned his back on his cousins and friends and family.
  • Eventually Maeve found Rowan and in turn he became blood sworn to her.
    • Serving her for almost two centuries as commander, prince and protector of the lands
  • At some point Rowan got his tattoo that goes from his hand up the side of his face.
    • Telling the story of his failure, of his shame
  • Decades later Rowan met Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir of Mala fire-bringer, and Queen of Terrasen
    • Like him, she was broken, scarred, vengeful and empty.
  • But with the Queen of Terrasen, Rowan climbed out of the dark abyss he had been in for centuries
    • With her he stared to live again
  • But Rowan’s tattoo stays, even after he falls in love with his Fireheart, even after he marries his Carrenam.
    • Even after he learns that Lyria, the woman he loved and mourned, is not his mate.
  • Rowan still feels regret for what he had done, what he had failed to do. He still loves the woman who had once sold flowers in Doranelle. He knows he will never not love her.
  • But eventually Rowan changes his tattoo.
    • Now the tattoo starts with Lyria’s death, but it ends with Aelin.
    • It is now the story of his exacting revenge for Lyria’s murder. Of his wandering and his time with Maeve. Of meeting Aelin atop a roof in Varese, of training her, and helping her. Of becoming Carrenam and blood-sworn. Ending with the night he became her consort. When he became her husband.
  • Now the tattoo he wears is not the story of his grief, but the story of his rebirth.
How I think the lock will be forged/why Aelin won't die TOG 7

I have two of my own theories after reading EOS. They are….

It says that Mala gave up her immortal body to forge the lock but Aelin has both a mortal and immortal body (when she shifts from human to fae) so if she gave up the immortal body (like Mala) she would still live because she has a mortal one. However, I don’t really like this theory because then Rowan will live forever and she will be a mortal again and die early :( (or who knows, maybe he’ll give up immortality. If that’s even possible)

My second theory, and the one I like the MOST, is this…

In Heir of Fire we learn that Aelin has two sets of magic in her veins, the fire, from Brannon/Mala, and the water (or healing magic), from her mother’s side (Ashryver). So if she has to give up the fire to forge the lock for mala’s bloodline then (ignoring the immortal theory above) Aelin would still be able to live because remember she has TWO different magics in her system. So if she give up the fire it would be okay because she still has the water left to tie her to being fae. ALSO the water is a HEALING gift.

So even if Sarah does make us think Aelin is dead (IDK how she would do it. maybe like end of ACOTAR with Feyre) then the water left over in her veins would heal her and bring her back??

Thats what I think! And personally I’m SUPER obsessed with the second idea, like I can’t get past it. I really think it’s a possibility!

Aelin at the end of HoF be like:

Dear the King of Adarlan,

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Book order to read the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

So, I’ve seen a lot of people ask what order they should read the ToG series. And I’ll admit, it’s a bit confusing. So I hope this helps:

Throne of Glass was published in 2012 and is the first book

Crown of Midnight was published in 2013 and is the second book

Heir of Fire was published in 2014 and is the third book

The Assassins Blade was published in 2014 and is the prequel to the whole series

Queen of Shadows was published in 2015 and is the fourth book

Empire of Storms was published in 2016 and is the fifth book

Tower of Dawn is being published on September 5, 2017 (according to Good Reads and assuming it does not change) and is the sixth book

Throne of Glass Book 7 is slated to be published in Spring of 2018 and is the final instalment

TAB is the prequel novella to the entire series. BUT IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE READ FIRST. You can read the series before you read TAB. HOWEVER, I highly recommend reading TAB before reading QoS simply because characters come back that were in TAB.

While they are re-introduced in QoS, as if they are new, reading TAB gives you a better idea on who the characters are and what they mean to Celaena’s journey as a whole.

ToD is basically Throne of Glass Book 6. It is not a continuation of the story, but it is what happens simultaneously to Chaol while the events of EoS are taking place. According to what SJM has said, it is IMPERITVIE to read ToD in order to understand what happens in Throne of Glass Book 7.

Whew, well I hope this makes sense and that I helped you guys.

Have fun reading :)