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Rowan's Tattoo
  • Rowan Whitethorn first met Lyria in a market place in Doranelle.
    • He was a prince, she was a girl who sold flowers
    • She was his mate and there was no one nor anything that could stop him from claiming her
  • But Rowan’s loving Lyria lost his favor with Maeve, Queen of the Fae
  • Rowan still yearned to prove himself to his Queen. He still wanted glory and redemption. And so when war came he answered the call.
    • In war Rowan proved himself. In war he got his glory, he got his redemption, he gained back the favor of the Fae Queen. But all at a cost.
  • The cost of Rowan’s winning was the loss of Lyria. The loss of his mate. And the loss of their unborn child.
  • In his shame Rowan left civilization, he turned his back on his cousins and friends and family.
  • Eventually Maeve found Rowan and in turn he became blood sworn to her.
    • Serving her for almost two centuries as commander, prince and protector of the lands
  • At some point Rowan got his tattoo that goes from his hand up the side of his face.
    • Telling the story of his failure, of his shame
  • Decades later Rowan met Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir of Mala fire-bringer, and Queen of Terrasen
    • Like him, she was broken, scarred, vengeful and empty.
  • But with the Queen of Terrasen, Rowan climbed out of the dark abyss he had been in for centuries
    • With her he stared to live again
  • But Rowan’s tattoo stays, even after he falls in love with his Fireheart, even after he marries his Carrenam.
    • Even after he learns that Lyria, the woman he loved and mourned, is not his mate.
  • Rowan still feels regret for what he had done, what he had failed to do. He still loves the woman who had once sold flowers in Doranelle. He knows he will never not love her.
  • But eventually Rowan changes his tattoo.
    • Now the tattoo starts with Lyria’s death, but it ends with Aelin.
    • It is now the story of his exacting revenge for Lyria’s murder. Of his wandering and his time with Maeve. Of meeting Aelin atop a roof in Varese, of training her, and helping her. Of becoming Carrenam and blood-sworn. Ending with the night he became her consort. When he became her husband.
  • Now the tattoo he wears is not the story of his grief, but the story of his rebirth.
All I want from ToG 6

*Some asshole insulting Rowan*

ROWAN: “Excus-”
AELIN: “Rowan is my blood sworn and carranam. He is my mate and my husband. He is the King- not a consort, but King of Terrasen and nobody, especially not you, will speak to him like that- and if you do, you will find yourself without a tongue.”

Yes, TOG 6 was pushed back. But that’s alright. Chaol is getting his own novel, and I’m hyped for that. But to the people complaining about TOG 6 being pushed back, please, please stop complaining about it being pushed back. It could’ve been pushed back two years instead of a year and a half. SJM is a person. She’s not some robot cranking out content. She can have health issues. She’s working on Catwoman, ACOWAR, and the sixth book in TOG. That’s enough to make anyone collapse. And she’ll have things to attend for you, her fans. Suck it up and stop complaining, because no amount of whining is going to change that. Give Sarah a break already. She deserves it.

Waiting for ACOMAF 3 and TOG 6 be like

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If Gavriel knew about Aedion ...

Imagine a world where everything is the same but Gavriel knew about Aedion after his mother died

  • Aedion’s mom was dying, she knew this. And even if the Fae healers tried to help, she wouldn’t be able to survive
  • So she sent a letter to both Gavriel and Evalin
  • When Gavriel got the letter he dropped everything and hightailed his way to Varese
  • When Gavriel got to Varese Aedion’s mother had just died and Aedion thought he was alone in the world.
  • Aedion was allowed to stay in Varese but it would never feel like home, not without her. So he was going to be going to Terrasen, to his cousin Aelin to serve and protect her.
  • Gavriel first laid eyes on his son in a hallway, Aedion was sitting on a chair, his feet not reaching the ground. He was crying because they had just buried his mother and tomorrow he was to set sail to Erelia.
  • Gavriel came up in front of him and knelt, Aedion looked up and stopped crying. Not because he knew who Gavriel was to him, but because it was Gavriel. Gavriel, the warrior his mother told stories to him about.
  • So he stopped crying if only in awe. But he still had tears on his cheek.
  • Gavriel reached out and wiped his tears away.
  • He tells Aedion, his son, gods above, that he is his father. And that he is now here and will protect him
  • Then Gavriel took Aedion into an embrace and held him for a solid 10 minuets. Only breaking apart when the King of Wendlyn came into the hallway.
  • Gavriel shows the King the letter and tells the King everything, all the while holding his son in his arms. 
    • Aedion falls asleep in his fathers arms while Gavriel discusses where Aedion would go. With him or to Terrasen.
  • After debating all night it is decided Aedion would still go to Terrasen, but Gavriel would travel with him and stay with him when he is able to.
  • So for three weeks it is only the two of them on a boat headed to Terrasen.
  • On the boat Gavriel bonds with Aedion even more. 
    • From eating together, to tucking Aedion into bed, to telling him stories. Gavriel teaches him the basics of fighting, teaches him the constellations and shows/plays with him in his lion form.
  • When they finally reach Terrasen Aedion does not want to leave his father, not when he just lost his mother.
  • But Gavriel cannot stay and he tells Aedion he will write to him constantly and will visit as much as possible
  • When Gavriel gets back to Doranell Maeve can tell and sense that he has a son. 
    • He gets whipped so thoroughly he is incapacitated for months.
  • But Maeve will never go after Aedion, not when he is in Terrasen and is so close to Aelin.
  • However when the King of Adarlan kills the royal family Gavriel goes insane. 
    • Especially once he learns there is no magic, that his son fought at Theralis, of Aedion in war camps and fighting for the King of Adarlan. That his son is called the Wolf of the North. That he is called Adarlan’s Whore. 
  • Throughout it all he is still in contact with his son, but it is not as often as it once was.
  • And when Fae are debating to send aid to Terrasen, he is the one who fights for them to the most passionatly.
  • The only reason Aedion doesn’t get snatched by Maeve and that he doesn’t go to his father is because Maeve will not go to Erelia and Gavriel will keep his son as far away from his awful Queen as possible
  • The first time Aedion and Gavriel sees one another in over 10 years is when he goes to Erelia at Maeve’s orders. 
    • And OH MY GOD !!!! That reunion. Its is the most sad and beautiful reunion ever. Rowan and Fenrys had never see Gavriel cry before and Aelin was sure that Aedion would never ever cry either. But they did. And they stayed by each other’s sides for the next week. Talking, catching up, marveling at one another’s presence.
  • And when Maeve cuts Gavriel’s blood bond he feels broken, he has no honor. But he also feels the happiest he has ever felt in years. For the first time he can be with his son without fearing the dreadful Queen he had once served.

14 things for a broken heart

1) No matter how long you stare at your phone, he’s not going to text you.

2) The boys you let into your bedroom will not make you forget him.

3) Write. Write until your hand is cramping and there are tears landing on your paper

4) Don’t stalk his social media. You’ll end up missing him even more.

5) DO NOT READ OLD TEXTS. Especially after midnight

6) Don’t ever compare yourself to his new girl. You are beautiful.

7) It’s ok to cry. Scream into your pillow and then stain it with tears.

8) Don’t beg for him back. If he wants to come back, he will.

9) Wearing low cut tops and push-up bras to impress him won’t bring him back.

10) Literally do not read old texts, can’t stress this enough.

11) If he misses you, he’ll call.

12) When you see him and feel like crying, smile. Smile so big because you don’t need him.

13) Don’t make up scenarios in your head about him hoping they’ll come true. They won’t.

14) You don’t need him

—  I hope this helps
How I think the lock will be forged/why Aelin won't die TOG 7

I have two of my own theories after reading EOS. They are….

It says that Mala gave up her immortal body to forge the lock but Aelin has both a mortal and immortal body (when she shifts from human to fae) so if she gave up the immortal body (like Mala) she would still live because she has a mortal one. However, I don’t really like this theory because then Rowan will live forever and she will be a mortal again and die early :( (or who knows, maybe he’ll give up immortality. If that’s even possible)

My second theory, and the one I like the MOST, is this…

In Heir of Fire we learn that Aelin has two sets of magic in her veins, the fire, from Brannon/Mala, and the water (or healing magic), from her mother’s side (Ashryver). So if she has to give up the fire to forge the lock for mala’s bloodline then (ignoring the immortal theory above) Aelin would still be able to live because remember she has TWO different magics in her system. So if she give up the fire it would be okay because she still has the water left to tie her to being fae. ALSO the water is a HEALING gift.

So even if Sarah does make us think Aelin is dead (IDK how she would do it. maybe like end of ACOTAR with Feyre) then the water left over in her veins would heal her and bring her back??

Thats what I think! And personally I’m SUPER obsessed with the second idea, like I can’t get past it. I really think it’s a possibility!

Okay, I’ve been in this fandom for a long time and I’ve seen a lot in this fandom. But never have I seen this. On multiple occasions, I have read people saying that they want Chaol to just come back and reunite with Aelin & Co. so that we’d get their story. Or that they simply don’t want his book. But I disagree.

Now I know we’re disappointed that ToG6 isn’t coming out until 2018, I being one of them (confession, I had a min freak-out when I read that). But the reason for ToG6 not coming out until then is because SJM has health issues. HEALTH ISSUES!!!! I am not going to demand a book to be written if the author is sick. That’s just wrong. Plain and simple.

And besides that, everyone was excited for Chaol’s novella before this announcement. What’s changed. We are still getting a book. We are still getting ACOWAR. We are still getting something written by SJM. AND ABOVE ALL WE ARE STILL GETTING SOMETHING WRITTEN IN THE TOG WORLD!!! Plus, it’s about Chaol.

I for one really missed him in EoS. It did not feel the same without him. And I cannot wait to return to him. I can’t wait to read about his adventures without the craziness of Erelia. I can’t wait to learn more about Nesryn. I can’t wait to be introduced to Nehemia’s family. To re-meet Yrene Towers. To see how she has grown as a woman. To see who will become allies with Chaol. And, to learn if he will be able to walk again or if he has heard any of the craziness that is going on simultaneously in Erelia.