6 seconds of light

remember that post that was like “see, hux stood in blue light like for 6 seconds and in star wars blue means good, so he’s going to turn good or be revealed as a good guy” becus despite my best efforts i cant scrub that from my memory


[Special Gacha] Tales of Asteria x The Idolmaster Million Live! Collab
Duration: 2/28 (Tue) 22:00 ~ 3/17 (Fri) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Colette (Idol), Velvet (Idol), and Rutee (Idol) from the special gacha, as well as 5☆ Lailah (Idol), Presea (Idol), Rody (Idol), Illia (Idol), and 4☆ Agria (Idol) [detailed in the next post].

(More on Awakening here

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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i like to think that Hiro once pasted a bunch of glow in the dark stars on the ceiling above Tadashi’s bed while he was in school to spell out ‘NERD’ just so he could make a ‘sorry bro, deny it all you like, but it’s written in the stars’ joke a few hours before bed to build up to the punchline


This is my message to the USA (x)

Wrong Side of Heaven (Pt 5)

Almost there.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 (here) / Part 6

The light only lasted a second, but it felt like the second drug on for a small eternity. It was the difference between being among mortals and being in the blessed land above, where time marched on mercilessly and where time was merely a concept. After spending so long among the mortals, the once familiar sensations now felt almost alien, entirely strange- the weightlessness, the muffled sounds, the lack of wind, air, pressure… it was almost unwelcomed.

“You always have to do things your way, don’t you?”

Blake opened her eyes, reacting to the bright light out of habit rather than because it was painful. Like stepping out to greet the morning after a long night tracking her quarry, she squinted against the harshness for a moment before everything came into focus, and only then did she realize that she felt no pain, no stinging from the sudden exposure. Of course she didn’t- there was no pain here, in the land of the Angels. She thought she’d be brought to the pearly gates, but no; apparently, the Highest had something else in mind. She stood now well within Heaven’s bounds, among the white expanse that shifted to suit the whims of the Angels who dwell there, the place she might once have called home. Marshaling her thoughts, Blake did her best to recover from the moment of disoriented surprise, ignoring the way her broken wings refused to be hidden away. “I suppose you expected me to learn a lesson.”

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Duration: 4/30 (Sat) 22:00 - 5/16 (Mon) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Sorey (Formal Attire), Tear (Formal Attire), and Luke (Formal Attire) from the special gacha, as well as 5☆ Alisha (Formal Attire), 5☆ Spada (Formal Attire), 5☆ Chloe (Formal Attire), and 4☆ Natalia (Formal Attire) [detailed in the next post]

  • The first spin for the event period will only cost 3 Asteria Stones instead of 5.   
  • 6☆ characters don’t appear directly from the gacha, but are awakened from their respective 5☆.

(More on Awakening here)

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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 Fanmixes: Eos

a mix for the goddess of the dawn.

1) Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than the Sun 2) The Oh Hellos - Like the Dawn 3) Foo Fighters - Aurora 4) Local Natives - Sun Hands 5) Matisyahu - Sunshine 6) Gotye - In Your Light 7) Oasis - Morning Glory 8) 30 Seconds To Mars - Bright Lights 9) Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine 10) Years & Years - Shine 11) The Runaways - Here Comes The Sun 12) The xx - Sunset 


Better Together

Reader request: Could you do a Steve x reader smut? Plus dirty talk?

“Steven Grant Rogers put me down!” you shrieked out as you giggled before your boyfriend dumped you unceremoniously on his bed. You two had just been bickering over what movie to watch – you wanted Fever Pitch and he wanted to finally see The Notebook – when you had insisted that you wrestle for it. “Wow should’ve thought this through, Y/N, you had thought to yourself exasperated as Captain America had you pinned in about 6 seconds, planting a light kiss on your nose and swinging you into an effortless fireman’s carry. Now, here you both were.

Steve bounced onto the bed and leaned over you, covering your face with rapid kisses as you tried to stop the attack as you laughed and laughed. He abruptly stopped, crashing his lips against your furiously and tracing his mouth down your neck as he lightly bit the exposed skin. You inhaled and sighed out as you felt yourself getting turned on, bringing his chin up so you could kiss him again. You pulled apart and smiled as he wound his hand in your hair. “Where’s this coming from, huh?” You teased. “I thought you wanted to watch The Notebook.” Steve smiled, running his hand lightly across your breasts. “I did, until I had you pinned down and I kind of got turned on. Sorry,” he said, smiling crookedly. You chuckled softly. “No, you’re not. Now come here,” you murmured as your lips met again.

You felt your hormones raging as your lips met and broke apart in a quick rhythm, Steve’s free hand sliding up under your shirt to grab at your left breast. You both reached to take off each others shirts at the same time, breaking apart to smile at each other and going right back at it.

A small moan of pleasure escaped you as Steve’s teeth bit down on your breast hard, pressing himself against you as you each moved up against each other with a ravenous intensity. “God, I want you, Y/N,” Steve murmured into your ear, earning a shiver and a whine from you. “Baby, fuck me, I’m getting so wet for you,” you whispered seductively. You sat up quickly, hands moving to undo his belt and zipper as fast as you could. You had him in his boxers as you reached to grab his dick, smirking as his head fell back and his eyes shut at your touch. “Y/N, yes, that’s it. I’m so hard for you, I can’t wait to fuck you.”

You couldn’t help it, you laughed. In the most seductive tone you could muster, you murmured, “Language, Cap,” before bringing his boxers down and placing your mouth on the tip of his penis.

You knew this was his weakness; Steve absolutely lost it whenever you gave him head. You loved knowing that you could make this gentleman go absolutely mad with lust just with a few licks of your tongue.

“Ohh, babe, fuck yes you’re so good baby,” Steve cried out, massaging your hair with his hand. “I love when you’re on your knees for me, you look so hot Y/N.”

You kept sucking for a little bit longer before Steve pushed you back abruptly and practically tore your jeans off. Once the panties were gone, Steve immediately jammed two fingers in you and you cried out in pain and pleasure. “That’s my girl. You’re so wet for me, I love it,” he whispered as he started to pulse his fingers in you. Your back arched and you felt your eyes closing and open as you were taken over by the pleasure spreading through your body. “Babe, yes,” you whined. “I want your cock in me, Steve.”

Once he entered you, he wasted no time in rapidly thrusting back and forth, pinning your arms over your head as he pounded into you. “Oh, Y/N,” Steve moaned, an octave higher than usual. “You feel so good, baby.” You spread your legs as you felt yourself getting closer to an orgasm, wanting to give in wholly to the warm, blinding sensation in your brain. “Make me come, Steve. You wanna see me come?” You wrapped your legs around his lower back to get him closer to you as he continued to thrust in and out. You both moaned out, his pace quickening as you sensed he was about the come – and you were too.

“Yes, yes, fuck yes, Y/N,” Steve cried as you also whined out, “Baby, I’m so close, c’mon, harder!” 3, 2, 1 and you both climaxed simultaneously, falling limp like sweaty rag dolls into each others arms.

“Holy shit,” you said breathlessly. “We came at the same time! Do you know how hard that is to do?!” Steve flipped himself onto his back as you snuggled into his shoulder, his chest still rising and falling rapidly. “That was honestly incredible. You’re incredible.” he said earnestly, his eyes wide. You both started laughing, you snuggling into his shoulder as he placed an arm around you and kissed your forehead. You looked up at him with a sly smile. “So, still want to watch The Notebook?” Steve laughed and ran a hand through his damp hair. “I think I need some time to recover first.” You smiled and moved yourself in even closer to his toned body, kissing his shoulder. “That’s OK, I’ll just wait right here.” Steve smiled and kissed you gently. “Sounds good to me.“

Bag Demon!!! A.K.A. introducing a new party member while the villain attempts a monologue

Backstory: Starting a new campaign with a party that was together for some time, sadly minus a player. New player’s character comes from teh Feywild and needed a way to get her to the party, that as a warm up exercise were hunting down a vampire in teh catacombs beneath a city. Said vampire being a PC’s father.

The banter between them while the poor vampire was trying to monologue and was ignored was amazing.

(DM as Vampire) Va'Kelith: But I will have my vengeance!!! 

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Enough of this! Tonight you sleep in hell you dog!”

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “Vengeance?” (laughs), “You are so agressive Dear Father, will you not answer my questions?”

(DM) Va'Kelith: Maybe I should… After all the knowledge will be useless to you, once I trapped you just like you trapped me, here in these forgotten tunnels, buried alive… buried alive…

DM: The vampire start his monologue when something happens. Va'Shera feels a great source of heat practically on top of her.

PC 2: Va'Shera readies herself!

DM: The heat source is apparently your bag of holding that starts smoking and even glowing red hot.

PC 2: Va'Shera opens the bag and looks inside.

DM: As you do the bag explodes, tearing itself apartm its contents spilling around you.

PC 2 (ooc): oh ffs… I lost a damn Bag of Holding?

PC 1 (ooc): Dont worry I have one! I’ll carry your tampons!

DM: The explosion dazes you temporarily, but other than that you are fine. You barely have time to take this into account, when a ball of lighting starts growing, where the bag used to be right in front of you. It forms a sphere, roughly 6 feet in diameter and then dissipates in just a second. Lighting arcs across the room from the sphere right before it dissipated. And when it does so, there is a figure in front of you. The figure is unarmed and unarmored

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “What the hell?”

(New Player/PC 3) Erevanne: “Hello!”

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “What the FUCK!” (Looks at her with wrath)

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: (Vimak stops moving) “Who the hell are you!”

DM: Vampire looks annoyed at the interruption.

(PC 3) Erevanne: “I am Erevanne and I need your help, urgently!”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: (Looking at PC 1) “Boss should i kill it?”

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “You owe me a damn bag of holding!”

(PC 3) Erevanne: “What!?”

(PC 5) Lucan:(looks around blandly) “Perhaps we should focus on the Master Vampire and its minions first?”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: (Directed at PC 1 and pointing at PC 3) “Boss the devil spawn is talking!”

(DM as Vampire): Va'Kelith: “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?!?!”

(PC 5) Lucan: “Shush you, dont you see us adults talking?”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: (at PC 3) “Who are you?! BAG SPAWN!?”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: “This demon shall taste my hammer, even if it comes in the guise of a elf!”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Do not harm the Bag Demon Vimak! It seems friendly for now!”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: “But Xavier i never get to smash a demon, its aways undead or orcs or something…”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “We will find a rock, write demon upon it for you to smash later.”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: “Aye not many goliaths can claim to having slain a rock demon, but not many could claim victory over a bag demon either…”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Can we discuss this later? Vampire needs staking.”

(PC 5) Lucan: “Now that this is mostly handled.” (he points out towards Va'Kelith) “Anything you want to say?” (he pauses) “Something productive at least?”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Be careful what you say filth, I’m writting it down. Be poetic.”

(DM as Vampire) Va'Kelith: (having had enough of his monologue interrupted) Enough of this foolery! Minions! Attack!!!

Keep the faith

A simple song I made for gruvia week

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