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Day 254 - Kachikooru | カチコール | Bergmite

Kachikooru nibbles on ice cubes to grow big and strong. The bigger a Kachikooru, the closer it is to evolving for good. They get sluggish in the sun, so they’re most active at night.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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something that probably happened
  • Shiro-4: I need a communicator to call air support! Where's yours?!
  • Cayde-6: *shooting at Fallen* BACK POCKET!! BACK POCKET!!
  • Cayde-6: LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK! *tosses grenade*

This weeks Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition was M for Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Respect for a man that can pull off pants like these lol

  • Pam: But wait. Why are you telling me your plan to NOT make Lana jealous?
  • Archer: I dunno, I... Oh my God, Pam! I think you might be my best friend.
  • Pam: *hugs Archer* You're MY best friend!
  • Archer: What about Cheryl?
  • Pam: You're my second best friend! Oh, my God...
  • Archer: What?
  • Pam: Eh, by now I thought I'd be doing a lot better in the ol' friend department.
  • Archer: I thought by now I'd be dead.
  • Pam: Well... Day's not over.
  • Archer: Right?
25 things about Eric

Eric writes down 25 things he finds special/different about himself. Which is a change from his usual self-depreciating personal writings. The last point is kind of bittersweet, since it references his hopes for the future. 

25 things that make me different

1. My love for a computer game called DOOM. Doom is such a big part of my life and no one I know can recreate environments in Doom as good as me. I know almost anything there is to know about that game, as I believe that separates me from the rest of the world.

2. My dreams. Dreams are one of the most personal things for a person, and I know my dreams separate me from others.

3. My car! No one else except my best friend has a little puny car with a RAMMSTEIN sticker on it.

4. My bullet hanging from my rear-view mirror.

5. My berserk(?) and zippo that I always have in my right pocket.

6. My backpack. With its customized whiteout writings.

7. I can bite off parts of a pop can using only my teeth.

8. My personal views on other people (aka, KILL ‘EM ALL.)

9. My first impressions of people.

10. My penmanship. I haven’t seen anyone else write quite like I do.

11. My knowledge of fireworks.

12. My knowledge of conventional/amateur explosives.

13. My scars.

14. My anger management problems

15. My attitude towards people around me.

16. My diversion record.

17. My friends.

18. My patented way of killing spiders and crickets.

19. My nickname, just as long as there isn’t too many copy cats out there.

20. My music.

21. My fence signs in my room.

22. The large collection of bullet shells I have.

23. The black box and it’s contents.

24. My family.

25. My memories of the past and hopes for the future…

Since most of us start school very school, I decided to make a list of all my back to school essentials.

❀School supplies

  • Pencil case: For this year I got a very cute one at Staples.
  • Pens: triplus fineliner, paper mate inkjoy gel pen.
  • Pencils: I prefer mechanical pencil my favs are the paper mate Clearpoint they write very well.
  • Eraser
  • Binder: I don’t really use binder, I prefer using expanding file.I can keep all my paper for all of my class in one thing.I use the Five Star 6 pocket expanding file.
  • Folder:I prefer the one made of plastic.
  • Stapler
  • notebook
  • Planner: The brand ban.do have really cute one .
  • Highlighter: If you like to color code everything.
  • Ruled paper
  • Grid paper: I like to use grid paper to rewrite my notes and make them pretty.
  • Backpack or purse
  • Calculator
  • Ruler
  • Post-it


  • Lanes (computer): It’s like a bullet journal for your computer.
  • Quizlet (mobile device and computer): This is very helpful for when you try to study on the go.
  • Momentum (computer) : A clock and a to-do list in the same time with a pretty background every day.
  • SelfControl (computer): Keep studying without being distracted.
  • Spotify (mobile device and computer): This music app have a lot of study playlist.
  • Microsoft OneNote (computer and mobile device) :This is avery good way to take notes and organize them.You can create different notebook, folders and to-do list.

❀That’s it for my essentials let me know if you want to see a back to school playlist!!!!:)


Day 409 - Latias | ラティアス & Mega Latias | メガラティアス

Latias is the younger of the duo, with a more cheerful and playful personality than its older sibling, Latios. While there are more than one, they have been shown to always be created in pairs.

Mega Latias is incredibly similar to Mega Latios, and it is currently unknown why they converge to the same design. They can fly faster than a supersonic jet. If you listen close, you can hear the screech of them flying in the roaring skies.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day! Commissions open! animeleepocket@gmail.com)

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Redbubble of Latias: http://www.redbubble.com/people/autobottesla/works/15227295-day-409-a-latias

Redbubble of Mega Latias: http://www.redbubble.com/people/autobottesla/works/15227296-day-409-b-mega-latias

“Speedpainting” both alone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulSeOrTOEb8

Just part of my tweaker kit. There’s a lot more to it :p

Left to right:
1. a tool used to pick up small screws while working on computers, which I use to pick up shards to load my pipes :P
2. Black short pookie
3. Clear long pookie
4. 3 BIC lighters. Why 3? Because when the first one dies, if I only had one left, I’d have anxiety over the fact that I no longer have a backup. Duh.
5. Dope.
6. Pocket knife.
7. Two small glass vials of powder T to snort
8. Scale.


Cryptex USB Flash Drive 16 GB

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  • Mechanical combination lock stores 16GB USB 2.0 flash drive. Only those who know the password can use it.
  • Size: USB flash drive 6.5x2x2 cm; pocket 10x6.7x0.5 cm; box 18x5.7x5.7 cm
  • A great way not only to protect the information, but also to add an element of a game into everyday life.
  • Solid build quality. Velvet pouch included.
  • Designed by Stanislav Tatarinov

ポケモンクエストⅥ By cosmo on Pixiv

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Day 6: Pockets, Gear & Weapons

What’s in your OC’s pockets/packs? What gear do they wear daily (wristlink, communicator, etc.)? Do they normally wear armor? Do they always have a weapon on them? Is it always a specific weapon(s)? What do they carry around day to day? Why?

Aerasuni is a good camper and actually has a lot of pockets she runs around with to hold all her shit. She’s got her comm, her datapad, her navigator, a homing/locator, a couple dry packed supply rations, and more than enough pocket space to hold onto whatever other essentials she picks up along the way, including VITAL things like souvenirs. She also has a little pouch full of seeds she’s collected from some of the world’s she’s visited, which she plants once she gets back home. 

Given the Jedi philosophy of “this weapon is your life”, Aerasuni always has her lightsaber on her as well. Her lightsaber has a wooden exterior encircling the handle, since Aerasuni’s something of a nature buff who’s all about “connecting with the living force”, so she likes to have that anchor back to life and creation in a weapon designed to kill people. Sure, there’s the whole “No, it’s a tool of defense!” angle but Aerasuni thinks that sounds more like an excuse- it’s a weapon, it kills people, and it should only ever be a last resort.