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thanksgiving is a day of spending six hours in the basement finishing stranger things because you’ve been around your family for so long and even though you love them you’re just socially exhausted and can’t take another second or you’re gonna explod- oh. just me?

Thanksgiving is going to your fiancés parents house and only eating mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes because youre a vegetarian and cant eat most of the things theyve made, and then proceeding to spend the next 6 hours playing pocket camp non stop


Wonderwall - Oasis - FUNK cover feat. Darren Criss!

August 6, 2017


I’ve been too afraid to dress nice bc for some reason every time i do, i end up having a really bad day. Its extremely cursed. But i needed to look nice for today’s gay communist goblin revolution session. 

Day 254 - Kachikooru | カチコール | Bergmite

Kachikooru nibbles on ice cubes to grow big and strong. The bigger a Kachikooru, the closer it is to evolving for good. They get sluggish in the sun, so they’re most active at night.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Since some of y'all don’t read ☺

My points, simplified and clear

1)Cupcakke was on HER page, doing what she does essentially for a living, minding her own damn business

2) She made a sexual comment about Jungkook saying she wanted to fuck

3) she did NOT tag them in that post, so they probably wouldn’t have seen the shit anyway

4) SOME army and jungkook stans came to her page, and commented and sent her racial slurs, death threats, comments telling her to kill herself, body shaming, and slut shaming, which led her to leave her social media

5) That was outta pocket

6) #heartsforcupcakke is one of the hashtags that those who are not okay with the situation, like myself, are trying to trend so she can see that not all army or jungkook stans are like that

7) use the fucking hashtag

My personal opinion on this is: every army who was involved in this, is trash. And anyone who is trying to victim shame her for this, also trash. If some of you, not all since people don’t like to read, can write smuts and make sexual comments about them on general principle whenever and we don’t feel the need to threaten each other, it’s very plain to see that this whole situation was unecessary. Everyone saying “okay but they could have seen her tweet!!” Um hello? We’re not invisible to them either. They can probably see all the nasty things that come out of this fandom that pop up as well. No one gets death threats or suicidal comments for writing a smut, so she definitely didn’t deserve it over a tweet, and that’s facts. And as for the race part? Yes I do feel like there was a sense of racial bias to it. Not completely, but it was definitely there.

People don’t just say shit like that for no reason. If Tinashe had made a comment about being attracted to the boys, people would be geeked. Don’t try to tell me that there was no anti-blackness there, cuz if that were the case those comments simply wouldn’t be there.

I want this hashtag to be more spread around so we can eliminate this perspective of us being a toxic fandom, because we’re not. We have bad apples but so does every fandom, but this was too far. It doesn’t coincide with our fandom or the image or message that the boys work so hard to spread. And this is incident is making its way to other social media platforms and really popularizing, and that could hurt the boys too. Part of our fandom fucked up, and it needs to be made right. For her, for our reputation, and for the boys themselves because now since it’s becoming more talked about, they really do have a chance of seeing it and that’s going to be embarrassing and sad for them. So if you give a fuck and you’re what a real army is, apologize on behalf of our bad apples, spread the hashtag and show her some love and if you are one of those people who feel like she needs to be educated (I am not), do that. But stop trying to place blame on her when she was minding her own business on her page and our bad apples of this bunch brought the fight to her. We shouldn’t just let people think we’re bad people and the behaviour is inexcusable, point blank period.


Day 239 - Eivui | イーブイ | Eevee

Eevee’s genes are unstable and have the capability of undergoing changes immediately due to different energy radiating from certain specific sources. There may be more evolutions not currently known.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Happy New Year!

Ten reasons why men’s clothes should not have pockets

1. Because the curve of a gentleman’s buttock would be quite ruined if one had to infer it through a lumpy wallet or keyring.
2. Because men sometimes adopt a seated position with their legs far apart, and I think we can all appreciate that if men had pockets this position might cause items to fall out of them and get stuck down the back of subway seats.
3. Because a real man should have on their person at all times at least a wallet, phone, keys, handkerchief, deodorant, electric razor, nasal hair trimmer, map, compass, multitool, selection of fuses, spare batteries, string, testicle buffer and sharp stick, and even if we did put pockets into men’s clothes they would obviously be insufficient to carry all of these items, so really why bother?
4. Because mankind has been carrying stuff since our days in the caves, when cave chaps would heft around rocks to impress the ladies. If there were pockets in men’s clothes, they would lose attractive lifting opportunities.
5. Because these are cost-conscious times, and surely no-one would wish to increase the price of trousers by adding extra frivolous fabric to them?
6. Because gentleman with pockets would be unable to resist the urge to adjust their genitalia in public.
7. Because backpack manufacturers would be put out of business by such a change, this being an economic risk we cannot afford to take in the modern age.
8. Because how better to signify your high-class status than by not carrying anything? There is surely no cheaper way to give the impression that you are a gentleman of such incredible means that you have a servant somewhere nearby whose job it is to gently hold your phone aloft.
9. Because even when empty, a pocket spoils the drape of a good pair of suit trousers, mildly disappointing loin-appreciators everywhere.
10. Because when we offered our test group of men who did not have any clothes a selection of clothes without pockets, most of them took some, and the one who did not was later arrested for indecent exposure, which frankly tells you everything you need to know about him and his ilk.

19 Ready-Made Vegan Meals for When You're Too Lazy to Actually Cook Something

1. Amy’s Kitchen Black Bean Tamale Verde

This tamale is seriously good and comes with a side of Spanish rice!

2. Kashi’s Chimichurri Quinoa Bowl Frozen Entrée

Yes, please!

3. Gardein’s Chipotle Black Bean Sliders

Customize with your favorite veggies and condiments!

4. Tasty Bite’s Bombay Potatoes

Great on their own or with your favorite veggies!

5. Sweet Earth’s Curry Tiger Bowl

Curried seitan, lentils, potatoes, and more!

6. Gardein’s BBQ Porkless Pocket Meal

These incredibly delicious mini-meals are packed with 10 grams of protein each. Ready in two minutes, they’re perfect for when you’re short on time!

7. Thai Kitchen’s Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl

Easily prepped in the microwave!

8. Amy’s Kitchen Baked Ziti Bowl

Made with vegan mozzarella and ricotta!

9. Trader Joe’s Vegan Tikka Masala

Cheap AND easy.

10. Tasty Bite’s Channa Masala

Pair with rice for a quick and delicious meal.

11. Amy’s Kitchen Dairy-Free Rice Mac & Cheeze

The best!

12. Sweet Earth’s General Tso’s Tofu

With a zesty sweet-and-sour sauce!

13. Gardein’s Crispy Chick’n Pocket Meal

Stuffed with kale, barley, and sun-dried tomatoes, this tasty treat is ready in five minutes!

14. Kashi’s Black Bean Mango Frozen Entrée

This easy-to-prepare bowl comes with fire-roasted mango sauce.

15. Thai Kitchen’s Tangy Lemongrass Rice Noodle Cart

A savory noodle bowl ready in minutes? We’ve got you covered.

16. Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Loaf


17. Sweet Earth’s Moroccan Tagine

This flavorful stew is sure to hit the spot.

18. Kashi’s Amaranth Polenta Plantain Bowl

With ancho chili sauce. Yum!

19. Trader Joe’s Punjab Eggplant

Flavorful and ready in minutes!

heello! i recently ordered from acorn press and still have a couple chillypig charms still in my possession so i thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a comparison/review! all the charms are 2″ clear acrylics

this’ll mostly be for people scoping out new companies, or for people who’re interested in making charms for the first time!

NOTE: in all the pictures, charms with a phone strap are chillypig and without are acorn press

i’ll be fairly nit-picky about everything and be as in depth as i can to provide max info, but please keep in mind this is all from personal experience! it’s not the end all be all

this is gonna get pretty long so under the cut we goo

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