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My Smoke, My John

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Greaser Sherlock - kassna
Nerd John (and edit) - itsloki
Photographer - mi-caw-ber

Inspiration - traumachu and her wonderful story as well as the art of archiaart


That’s my cigarette, don’t you dare.

Yes, we have more. ;)


1 June, 2017

Ivy spent 3 days unworked. It just kindof happened that way, despite it being not exactly what I’d intended.

And so I went to the barn with a bit of trepidation about riding, which only increased when I pulled into the barn driveway and saw all the activity that was taking place.

There’s a clinic happening at the barn this weekend, so there was much moving of equipment, and people hustling about doing prep work. A woman had shipped in for a lesson, and another boarder had shown up. The dogs were barking and hurrying to and fro…

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Tagged by @dolldirector Thank you and sorry it took so long. The last few weeks have been hectic for me.

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1. My top 3 bands because they are what I listen to the majority of the time when I need noise in the background and am working but don’t want to be skipping around for songs.

2. @kai-alai and @docking-bay-94 mean the world to me and I love them dearly. I am proud to say they represent something very meaningful in my life.

3. Because when I am not teaching guitar I have to be doing something. I don’t like not being busy when I am alone, it allows my anxiety too much free time. This was the base to the Scorpio Mask I made Sagan.

4. Does this one even NEED explaining? haha

5. My precious spoiled rotten mutt named Baelfire. He is one of my favourite things ever.

6. I can see this being used as a pick up line so I figured it would represent my sense of humor as well as one of the many reasons I am still single. 

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I haven’t actually drawn kookie yet and want to 

which should I do ? (1-6)

(photo credits go to NOW3′s bts shoot as well as hyyh promo photos)