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more screencap redraws i hATE T H IS EPISODE;;;;;


Inktober Day 5 + 6 - “I don’t draw spiderbyte enough” + “Dancing Duo” and “Mochi Balls” 

 Got home from class at midnight so I missed Day 5 but I’m catching up! 

 Sombra and Junkrat dance from [x] (you’ll know the part)

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation

LOCATION: Twilight Gap



[Andal Brask] How many dead?

[Cayde-6] Too many. Hate to say it, but we’re in bad shape out there. Ana’s Pack is gone, Ikora’s alive mostly out of sheer spite, and every Titan I’ve seen is doing that grim thing they do. Heard mutterings about “Firebreak” in more’n one place.

[Andal Brask] And you?

[Cayde-6] Licked, but we ain’t dead yet - not all of us, at least.

[Andal Brask] Good.

[Cayde-6] Not seeing much about this that’s ‘Good,’ old man.

[Andal Brask] We’ll need Ikora, and we’ll need you too, once all of this is over. For now, take six of your keenest rifles over to Shaxx.

[Cayde-6] Shaxx? He still alive?

[Andal Brask] Heh. It’ll take more than a few Fallen to kill that son of a bitch.

[Cayde-6] I’d say this is more than a few. What’s he need? Figure I could put those six rifles to use somewhere else, just as easy.

[Andal Brask] Says he’s got a plan.

[Cayde-6] Ho ho? A plan, you say? Thought we were fresh outta those.

[Andal Brask] We were. He’ll need some eyes on him if he’s gonna pull it off, though. He’ll be exposed pretty quickly in a minute here, and he doesn’t have the range that we do.

[Cayde-6] He should know that.

[Andal Brask] He does.

[Cayde-6] Color me intrigued. You think he’s planning on dying?

[Andal Brask] You’re not the only one who’s overheard the word “Firebreak.”


[Cayde-6] Saladin won’t like that.

[Andal Brask] He’ll like it more if Shaxx lives.

[Cayde-6] So, what’s he up to?

[Andal Brask] Something stupid, I imagine. Go make sure it’s not too stupid.



[Cayde-6] He doesn’t know we’re coming, does he?


[Cayde-6] Figures. Keep him alive, huh?

[Andal Brask] Keep yourself alive too.

[Cayde-6] Oh, I won’t be dying today, old man. I got plans, and I aim to see ‘em through.

[Andal Brask] So do I, Ace. We’ll hold things down here, best we can. Eyes up - I’ll catch you on the other side.


[Cayde-6] You’re gonna owe me after this, Andal - and getting shot’d be a cheap way to get out of it, so you’d better stay alive ’til I can collect.


[Cayde-6] Oh, and like I said - don’t call me ‘Ace.’