6 october 2013

Photographer Ann Sophie Lindström spent several months documenting  a group of horsemen in North Philadelphia who have been countering crime through their love for horses.  For more riveting photos of the equestrians of North Philly, here’s this week’s Spotlight essay from Emily Anne Epstein.

A stallion named Dusty rears up as Jamil Prattis, 25, leads him to the lot across from the Fletcher Street Stables, October 19, 2013. Jamil became involved with the horses when he was 12 years old, after he saw a group of urban cowboys riding through the streets of North Philadelphia. (Ann Sophie Lindström)

Jamil Prattis sits in front of his house on French Street, May 23, 2014. (Ann Sophie Lindström)

Stephfon Darnell Tolbert, 31, teases a pony named Harlem, making him rear up, October 2, 2013. Harlem is known for being aggressive when someone gets too close. (Ann Sophie Lindström

A horse is tied up in front of a vacant lot on Fletcher Street while horsemen clean the stalls, October 6, 2016. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Stable manager Edward E. Ward cuddles a horse named Maverick, September 29, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Tymeir Sanders, 17, stops by a friend’s house on West Harold Street while out on a ride with Rosie, June 1, 2014. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Stephfon Darnell Tolbert, 24, prepares feed for the horses, October 16, 2016. The horsemen have tack rooms where they keep supplies, feed, and hay. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Donnell Glenn takes Cash out for an evening walk, October 9, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Stevie Spann, 50, checks on the horses before closing the stable for the evening, August 22, 2014.  (Ann Sophie Lindström)

Jamil Prattis, Stevie Spann, and Nate Benson sit inside a horse trailer to escape the sun and smoke, May 25, 2014. (Ann Sophie Lindström)

There is no indoor arena at the Fletcher Stable, so the horsemen like use the vacant lot across the street to train their animals, October 6, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Romere Burch,13, rides bareback on a stallion named Ace N da Whole on Glennwood Avenue, October 3, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

booksforthoughts BPC September 2017

Day 20. Forever to finish. I started reading it on October 6, 2013 and finished on April 1, 2014. I didn’t like it at first and gave it up. I tried again months later and my opinion of it had changed. But I read it on my laptop, before I got an ereader, and couldn’t handle more than a few pages at a time (too much back light)

I need to say that I don’t think this is actually a discussion about bi women’s right to reclaim the word “dyke”. I think this is a discussion whose purpose is to mark a clear boundary between lesbians and bi women, in order to place lesbians as legitimate/queer and bi women as illegitimate/straight.

It imposes a differentiation that in many cases doesn’t exist in daily life, for the sole purpose of fortifying the lesbian identity against a symbolic “bisexual” invasion.

In many ways, this particular discussion is not “real” but simply an excuse. Take for example the fact that my critics don’t discuss bi men and “faggot”, and the lack of any discussion about lesbians with “passing privilege” reclaiming “dyke”. Do recall that in many cases, bi-identified and lesbian-identified women’s lived experiences are very close or even indistinguishable.

So why are bi women singled out? Biphobia.
—  Shiri Eisner from Bidyke” and the appropriation of identities pub 6 October 2013. Additional credit to emiello for the timely reminder of it’s existance.
Sugar on the Asphalt: Forty-Six
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So here we are. It’s been a very long journey. Whether you’ve been here from the very beginning, or joined us at the end, thank you for letting me tell Grace and Harry’s story. They’re the two characters I’m most proud of creating, and writing this has been one of the best experiences. 300k is longer than most books. I’m still surprised it took me that many words to get my point across, but every single one was important.  You guys have been so enthusiastic and I will fight anyone who says they have better readers than me. Thank for the constant feedback and support. I know this is just a fic, but I consider it practice for my future (hopefully!) career in writing.

I was gonna make you guys sweat it out, but don’t get sad just yet! There’s an epilogue. It will be posted next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this journey and I would love to hear your thoughts! <3

Rated M for slightly mature content.

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sticky toffee pudding cupcake it on home; October 6, 2013

I woke up with the same smile on my face that I fell asleep with, a grin pulled so wide that all I could think to do was bury my face into my pillow and laugh. With every moment from last night fresh in my mind, the only thing that could have made this morning better was if Harry was in bed with me.

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Episode 1 ~June 3rd, 2013~ 

Somewhere Down On Fullerton -Allister
Anthem pt.II -Blink 182
I Will Steal You Back -Jimmy Eat World
Passing Through A Screen Door -The Wonder Years
Get Lucky -Daft Punk
I’m Your Daddy -Weezer

Episode 2 ~June 10th, 2013~
Astronaut -Simple Plan
Welcome To Paradise -Green Day
Fuckin’ Problems -A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chains, Kendrick Lamar
Stupid Kid -Alkaline Trio
Bulls In The Bronx -Pierce The Veil


Episode 3 ~June 17th, 2013~
Already Gone -Bayside
The Ocean -Tonight Alive
Roller Coaster -Blink 182
The Phoenix -Fall Out Boy
Awakening -Yellowcard


Episode 4 ~June 24th, 2013~
Best Intentions -Cartel
There She Goes -Good Charlotte
Is This Really Happening -I Am The Avalanche
Go All Night -RadioDriveBy
Listen To Your Friends -New Found Glory


Episode 5 ~July 1st, 2013~
Boomerang -The Summer Set
Antivist -Bring Me The Horizon
Dismantling Summer -The Wonder Years
Viking Death March -Billy Talent
Muther -Letlive.


Episode 6 ~July 8th, 2013~
Who’s Got A Match -Biffy Clyro
Right Here -The Story So Far
Big Casino -Jimmy Eat World
X-Kid -Green Day
Holy Grail -Jay-Z


Episode 7 ~July 22nd, 2013~ Best of Full Frontal
Don’t Go -Allison Weiss
Sleepwalking -Bring Me The Horizon
If Bukowski Could See Me Now -Forever Came Calling
Anklebiters -Paramore
Go To Hell -Go Radio
Any Other Way -We The Kings



Episode 1 ~August 26th, 2013~ Season 2 Premiere

Chocolate -The 1975
This Is Gospel -Panic! At The Disco
17 Crimes -AFI
Attention -We Are The In Crowd

Episode 2 ~September 2nd, 2013~ w/ Tom Ward
Ghosts -Mayday Parade
45 -The Gaslight Anthem
A Love Like War -All Time Low


Episode 3 ~September 16th, 2013~ Vinny Vegas Pretrocelli Returns
My Girl’s Pussy -Harry Roy & His Orchestra
Going Away To College -Blink 182
Reflection -Balance and Composure
Mara And Me -Say Anything


Episode 4 ~September 23rd, 2013~ Fun Facts premiere, “Live” from Ventura
All I Want -A Day To Remember
Conquest of Mistakes ft. Soupy -A Loss For Words
Excalibur -TEAM*
Superman -Goldfinger


Episode 5 ~September 30th, 2013~ w/ Vic Fuentes and Mark Capicotto
Ghost On The Dancefloor -Blink 182
Ain’t It Fun -Paramore
Sex -The 1975
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows -Brand New


Episode 6 ~October 7th, 2013~ w/ Charlie Saxton, #SmarterThanJack
Caraphernelia -Pierce The Veil
Melrose Diner -The Wonder Years
Something That Produces Results -The Early November
House Of Gold -Twenty-One Pilots


Episode 7 ~October 14th, 2013~ Fun Facts, #SmarterThanJack
Elevated -State Champs
Connect The Dots -New Found Glory
Karma Chameleon -Culture Club
Any Other Heart -Go Radio


Episode 8 ~October 21st, 2013~ w/ Jonathan Kite
Bones -Young Guns
Dem Dry Bones -Delta Rhythm Boys
Stare at the Sun -Thrice
The Truth -Spill Canvas
Home -Brighten


Episode 9 ~October 28th, 2013~ Season 2 Finale w/ Joel Madden and Michael Clifford
Somebody’s Watching Me -Rockwell
Thriller -Michael Jackson
Ghostbusters -Ray Parker Jr.
My Bloody Valentine -Good Charlotte
This Is Halloween -The Nightmare Before Christmas



Episode 1 ~February 24th, 2014~ Season 3 Premiere w/ Tom Green

Manners -We Are The In Crowd
Pigsty -Bayside
The Obituaries -The Menzingers
My Standard Break From Life -Alkaline Trio


Episode 2 ~March 5th, 2014~ Rescued From Italian Pirates
Nightlife -Off With Their Heads
Here It Goes -Jimmy Eat World
This One’s On Me -I Am The Avalanche
The Science Of Selling Yourself Short -Less Than Jake

Episode 3 ~March 10th, 2014~ The Adam and Hunter Show
Lonely Girl -Tonight Alive
Cry -The Used
Permanent -Acceptance
Mean To Me -Ben Kweller


Episode 4 ~March 17th, 2014~ Jack has a son.
I Wanna Be Sedated -The Ramones
The Summer -Citizen
Clockworks -Autopilot Off
Learn To Fly -The Foo Fighters


Episode 5 ~March 24th, 2014~ Hungburger w/ Tonight Alive
Two Runaways -I Am The Avalanche
Flicker Fade -Taking Back Sunday
Aside -The Weakerthans


Episode 6 ~March 31st, 2014~ Muy Bien.
Glowing Crosses -Fireworks
Some Days -The Maine
7 Years -Saosin
Danger Zone -Kenny Loggins


Episode 7 ~April 7th, 2014~ Quick Witted and Big Titted.
Almost There, Going Nowhere -The Starting Line
Intergalactic -Beastie Boys
White Lies -Man Overboard
She Broke My Heart, So I Broke His Jaw -Just Surrender


Episode 8 ~April 14th, 2014~ Thong.
Thong Song -SISQO
People Are Still Having Sex -LaTour
Anna Lee -I Am The Avalanche
Your Graduation -Modern Baseball

Episode 9 ~April 21st, 2014~ Gummy Bears.
Stay Out -Hit The Lights
Dumpweed -Blink 182
Summer of ‘89 -Butch Walker and The Black Widows
Time & Confusion -Anberlin


Episode 10 ~April 28th, 2014~ Season 3 Finale w/ Mark Hoppus and Sean Mackin
Hell Above -Pierce The Veil
Awakening -Yellowcard
Faster -Third Eye Blind
Man Overboard -Blink 182
Empty Space -The Story So Far
Shoulder To The Wheel -Saves The Day
Howl -The Gaslight Anthem


1st Annual Christmas Special ~December 23rd, 2013~
The Twelve Days of Christmas -Relient K
Fool’s Holiday -All Time Low
Last Christmas -Jimmy Eat World
All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey
Jingle Bells -Michael Buble
All Alone On Christmas -Darlene Love
I Won’t Be Home For Christmas -Blink 182


October 6, 2013.  That is the day Steve posted an image of the devilishly-tricky-to-actually-get-3D-printed 1/12 segment of his design of Nevinyrral’s Disk.  (My congratulations to Minion #145 who was the only one to speak up correctly about what this thing actually was.)

I don’t want to think yet about how hard this thing is going to be to actually assemble… for now it will live in the “TIPS Appreciated :)” box that graced some GP table, no doubt.

And speaking of “TIPS Appreciated” I can not express enough how much I appreciate this.  I think I asked Steve about producing one of these nearly two years ago.  It was totally worth waiting for!


#ShieldInHistory: October 6, 2013; Battleground - Dean and Dusty

Made with Vine

                                             RIP Angel

I wonder what she called you, little one?

Your precious mama…

Maybe she called you Berhan?…my light

Or did she call you Haben?…my pride

She may have called you Qisanet?…after rest she yearned

Or were you Awet?…Victory

Tell me little one, did she name you after her hope?

Or her aspirations? Her dream?

Did she call you Amen as an end to her prayers?

Did you she name you after the saints your Grandma prayed to?

or were you named after the brother she lost in prison?

Maybe after her father long gone?

Did she name you…Sina…after the desert she crossed?

Or Eritrea…the land she reluctantly left…?

Perhaps she named you for the land you were to inherit?

Tell me little one, what did your precious Mama call you?

…For I can’t bear you being called number 92…

Selam Kidane

October, 6 2013