6 more to go!!


Episode 9 - 

Look, even if River didn’t *cut it’s stomach open* Star and Marco tied it’s heads up in a knot, preventing it from breathing.

Death count: Is this one kill or six? If we’re going by heads, it’s 6 more deaths, but I’m going by body, so this is just one more death, bringing her official death count up to 8.

anonymous asked:

Why all the naked women recently? Whassup wit dat?!!??

sounds like bad data to me - I feel like it has gone the other way…

but tell you what - get back to me with some stats regarding the ratio of female nudity per post over subsequent 3 day periods going back approximately 6 months - or more if you like…

I’m interested

[also - wassup?]

Tue, 10/8/16

Currently on the second week of trial hsc exams. 6 down, 3 more to go! planned my day this morning and getting things ticked one by one off my bullet journal!


hanamaki takahiro wallpapers ➽ requested by: @sugablossoms

You know that meme when you see something really nice and you go “my depression is cured, my skin is clear, m-” Moana is the actual embodiment of that meme. Moana has actually single-handedly lifted me out of depression. (There’s lowkey a lot of truth in that.) I’m more head over heels for this movie than I am any boy in my school. Moana is perfect. Moana has made everything in 2016 seem a lot better

7 Happiness Tips

1.Don’t listen to gossip.

2.Ignore what people say about you.

3.Design your own life.

4.Look for the good in every situation.

5.Develop an attitude of gratitude.

6.Laugh more.

7.Once it’s past let it go.

Josuyasu Week: Day Six
Protective / Injured or Sick / Teamwork

one of ‘em gets sick, pretty soon they’re both sick

The OUAT Timeline
  • Belle: gives birth, writes a book; relocates to Australia to get away from this shit; Gideon turns 18.
  • Emma & Killian: die another 4 times each; become rightful king and Queen of Camelot; get married; have three children & adopt two.
  • Snow & Charming: celebrate 65th anniversary; go through 6 more sleeping curses & find each other 17 more times.
  • Cruella & James: get married in the Underworld. Everyone attends.
  • Henry: is still 13.
  • Neal: is still 3 months old.