6 months of spanish

Dropped my friend off at the airport today after our trip to Baja, she’s off the Central America for 6 months to learn Spanish and to work with textiles. Can’t wait follow along with her journeys. She’s really an incredible human being and a better friend now more than ever.
A month in a van with someone oughtta each you something. For me this was a lesson in communication. If you know me well enough, you learn that I’m not easy to be around after some time together. Friendships and relationships alike have taken the blunt end of my inability to voice what’s in my mind. I seem to learn time and time again through the patience and strength of friends like Jalene that learning this lesson isn’t enough, it’s practicing it that matters most.
So in honour of all of our friends who take the time to help us learn how to be human with each other, I’m sharing this lesson as a reminder for myself to practice communication, or as my friend worded it, “communication with compassion”.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any all time favourite songs or albums?

I like this question, it’s hard. I’ve had it in my ask box for a while because I wanted to sit down and answer it properly.

(click the link to hear the album)

Of Montreal - Cherry Peel
 really got into Of Montreal when I was 15. Then I hated them for a while, thought they were too cutsey and ‘indie’. But I went back to it recently and now I remember why I loved it so much. Especially that last track where it fades out forever and ever… Yeah, this is an amazing album. It makes you feel happy, it’s easy to listen to and there is definitely a huge underlying 60s influence. Psychedelic rock, acoustic guitar, cute lyrics. Anyone can enjoy this, it’s easy and it makes you feel happy.

Animal Collective - Sung Tongs
his was the first Animal Collective album I ever heard and I listened to it over and over and over again. It’s all campfires and masks and bamboo sticks, earthy sounding, relaxing, psychedelic, intricate. Great use of sounds all swirling together, it’s the sound of someone else’s dream. It’s warming and adventurous sounding; a nice album to listen to when you’re alone.

Atlas Sound - Logos
 like to listen to this as I am falling asleep. It is very chilled out, very relaxing, very soothing. I love Deerhunter but I am still really taken with Atlas Sound. This is a really beautiful album, I think that’s the best word to describe it.

The Avalanches - Since I left you
Favourite Australian album of all time. This isn’t an album, this a symphony and I’ve still never heard anything comparable to this. It’s just next-level sound mixing, so many samples, each one is used perfectly. The album acts as one long song, each running into the other. Sounds reappear through the album and a theme develops. It can make you dance, it can make you cry. Everyone needs to hear this before they die.

The Beatles - Revolver
his is the Beatles album I’d recommend to a person who’d never head of the Beatles. I received a vinyl copy of this when I was 16 from a friend who’d brought it back from France, and It’s one of my most prized possessions. There are so many amazing songs on this that don’t get enough recognition; I’m only sleeping, Love you to, She said she said, I want to tell you, and Tomorrow Never Knows. ESPECIALLY Tomorrow never knows. Proper psychedelic stuff. They’d just got back from India when they recorded this, you can tell they were going hard in the acid and I like it.

The Notorious B.I.G - Ready to die
What can I even say about this album apart from ‘Fuck yea’.

The Black Keys - Chulahoma
istened to this a lot when I went on a road trip to Tasmania, it was the perfect driving sound track. Bluesy, real bad ass guitar riffs. Gritty and raw. Sexy, sexy bass, and that voice. mmmMMMM! It’s a perfect album, every song keeps me hooked. it also makes me want to chain smoke cigarettes and devour whiskey shots, which is the only down side.

Black Lips - Sea of Blasphemy
he Black Lips are my favourite band of all time. They make me want to get fucked up and start fights and spit on people. They make me wanna throw Tv sets out of hotel windows, and piss in public. I don’t know if this is my favourite album because “they’re all my favourite”. But this one is super Lo-fi, very rock n roll, with some catchy songs. it’s an old favourite. Especially ‘dirty hands’.

Queen Latifah - Black Reign
Damn, another perfect album. Every single song is so gripping. Queen Latifah is my favourite female rapper. Black Reign focuses on women’s rights as well as black rights. An album that I am surprised doesn’t get more attention today. “every time I hear a brother call a girl a bitch or a ho, tryina make a sister feel low? You know all of that’s got to go”. Hell yeah sing it.

CocoRosie - Noah’s Ark
 was completely obsessed with CocoRosie when I was 16 or 17, I drew all these pictures of them, it was weird. They are 2 french sisters, one of them plays the harp and is a classically trained opera singer, the other sings and raps. They take on a male and female persona, it’s really interesting. Anyway, this is an eerie, haunting, beautiful, soothing, concerning and incredibly intricate album. Take your time to listen to this album and the lyrics because it’s worth it, it takes you on this whole journey through all these fucked up songs that are sung so sweetly and wonderfully but are about the most horrible things.

Drake - Nothing was the same
 don’t give a shit, this is an amazing catchy RnB album and every song is just like ‘hell yeah’.

Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.A.A.D city
 love albums that tell stories and need to be listened to in a certain order. One of the best RnB albums ever.

El Guincho - Alegranza
I took Spanish for 6 months and none of it stuck but around that time I was listening to this album a lot. It’s such a happy album, it’s like being at a carnival with all your friends.

Elliott Smith - New Moon
Mopey sad guy music to soothe your soul and make your break ups seem worse than they are. He whispers all the lyrics and plays guitar beautifully. RIP Elliott Smith.

Kings of Leon - Youth & Young Manhood
heir only good album in my opinion. Proper bourbon drinkin’ American rock n roll.

John Lennon - Shaved Fish
his is pretty much all of John Lennon’s best songs, minus Real Love and Jealous Guy. I love listening to his old anti-Vietnam and anti-government stuff. It gives you a good idea of what was going on in the world when this album was released. Listen to Woman is the nigger of the world.

Unknown Mortal OrchestraII
ne of the best albums that came out last year. This is so different and exciting. Very Beatles inspired. Beautiful vocals and psychedelic guitar. One of the best albums I have heard in ages.

I want to list more albums but I’d be here for months. I hope you enjoy this list and I hope it introduces you to some new artists or genres!