6 month photos

February, 1936 and Hitler attends the winter Olympics. Several women are staring at him on the right side, but a woman in this group who is not looking at him is Magda Goebbels. In fact, Magda looks massively peeved, perhaps because Hitler brought along to these winters games his mistress, Eva Braun.

Just 6 months after this photo was taken, Magda had the audacity to openly complain that Hitler had again brought along Eva to the hotel, this time to the Nuremberg Party Rally. When Hitler got wind of this, he blew up and removed himself from Magda’s presence for many months. This was brutal punishment for Frau Goebbels. 

Magda left no doubt to anyone that she had always been madly in love with Hitler. Here’s what German filma director Leni Riefenstahl wrote about Magda and her confession to her, from 1937:

That’s from page 140 of Riefenstahl’s memoirs, which has a lot of juicy revelations about both Hitler and Goebbels’ private lives.


It’s my 1 year diaversary, or more specifically a year since I was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic. On April 6th, 2015, I was admitted into the hospital for Diabetic Ketoacidosis after 6 months of symptoms (photo on the left). It was kind of a relief finally having a name to what was going on with me, and knowing I could manage it. But it was hard, and scary, and still is. Diabetes is a lot of numbers and math that can lead to frustratingly different outcomes that directly affect my health. But while I’m not a fan of the disease itself, I have not once been ashamed of being Diabetic. Being diabetic has opened up a lot of opportunities to me; I’ve met amazing diabetics, made amazing connections, and I am inspiring people and cheering them up with my art like i’ve always wanted to do. On the right is a picture of me this past saturday at the JDRF one walk in Tampa, wearing my Type 1 superhero outfit to cheer on all my fellow diabetics and diabetic supporters. So many people were so happy because I was calling them superheros, so many kids were excited to see my dexcom out in the open.

I live in a day and age where this is not a death sentence and I don’t want to let it be one. As a creator of stories, I think bad things in life just make a person and their story more interesting. So today I’m happy; I’m alive and I’m using my illness to my advantage. (And extra good news, tomorrow I get celebratory macaroons) Here’s to year 1 of being T1D!

There’s 6 months between these photos, originally I wasn’t going to share this with anyone but why shouldn’t I? I’m so proud of my progress so far this year and I personally just want to say fuck anyone who ever called me fat, but thank you for giving me the determination to become the best I can be.


finally have zoe’s 6 month photos. here are some from our family section :]

I am happy how they turned out. i am not a fan of this outfit though. haha we kind of forgot all about them and picked this particular one because we both had white and black. it is cute, just not for professional photos? eh, whatever. she also didn’t want to smile due to teething. but what a cute family :D

this is a collage from august 2015 that i never posted bc i kept forgetting to cover up my passport photo because it makes me look like i’ve just murdered someone and then immediately regretted my hasty decision