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Sunday Morning

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[ wonpil ]


word count; 800

genre; fluff - too much fluff, soft, fluffy wonpil

summary - Wonpil fluff where you both spend a lazy Sunday, cuddling and enjoying each others presence.

Y/N’s eyes fluttered open as the bright, morning sunlight streamed through the blinds. She lazily rolled onto her right side to be faced with Wonpil. His eyes were still shut, but you could see a small smile on his lips.
After Y/N lay there for a few minutes just happily staring at her boyfriend, his eyes slowly opened.
“Morning,” Wonpil said, his morning voice deep. He coughed to clear his throat. Y/N scooted closer to him, placing her hand in his disheveled hair to smooth it out. Wonpil grinned goofily at her whilst she had her hand in his hair.

Taking Y/N by surprise, Wonpil picked her up by the waist causing her to laugh. She closed their heads closer together, placing a small and soft kiss onto Wonpil’s forehead. He wrapped his arms tightly and lovingly around Y/N’s back, holding both of them in a warm embrace.

A few moments of comfortable and peaceful cuddling was interrupt with the buzzing of Wonpil’s phone. He sighed as he rolled over to the bedside locker to pick up his phone. Y/N moved back over to her side of the bed while Wonpil read his texts. Wonpil’s brows scrunched together as he read the message.

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