6 hour run

i cant believe michael mell killed everyone by just existing 

im love him 

Just tech week things

•One 5 minute break during a 6 hour call

•running out of water even though the sm brought 3 cases

•"why can’t the tech crew just go faster" it’s not that easy, Sharron

•the stairs being locked into placed IN THE WRONG ORDER

•wheels getting stuck


•sneaking snacks backstage

•Act 1 Scene 1 taking two hours

what I love in BTS Run ep 13 (Jimin, Jikook/Kookmin)

I only watched Run ep. 13 once, but there were so many cute Jikook interactions. I’d love to watch it again to spot all of those, but I still haven’t recovered from Jimin’s Forehead Syndrome… But anyhow, I’m here doing the screencap again~

Seriously, keep Park Jimin away from the water I’m tired. The stage where they performed BST in the rain still haunts me until today, and they just have to go and put Jimin in a pool.


ah, let’s see

1. Jungkook hitting/tapping on Jimin’s back to stop him from portraying “Run Bangtan” at the beginning. Like boy, who’s the hyung here again?

2. I’d love to see Jimin in Jungkook’s eyes, how does Jimin look like?

3. Jungkook’s scream “ahhh~ yahhh~” in the background when Jimin was competing xD

4. Jimin being an angel he is, my members come first before me ♥

5. I’m enjoying this concept a lot, Jungkook praising Jimin is one of the cutest things ever ♥

6. Erm, thanks? Thank you, Jeon Jungkook and Jung Hoseok. I didn’t ask for this. From this point on I couldn’t pay attention to what is going on anymore…

*don’t miss Jungkook’s “uh/oh wow” in the background, it’s him, people, it’s his*

And I have to say this once more, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM WATER, PARK JIMIN-SSI!!!

7. Cuties whispering

8. *after Jimin and Taehyung’s cheering* awwww~, happy much? 

8. Jungkook’s highfive and Jimin’s hand grabbing in the corner

9. *sorry I just had to*

10. Am I the only one who finds Jimin so effortlessly attractive here? Like he’s so charming when he focuses on something, he even makes my heart race… And look at those lips…

11. yeah, slay my life, bae, slayyyyyy 

12. Jungkook praising Jimin ep. 2

erm… that strong hand grabbing tho…

13. Cuties about to high five, and Kook spoke in satoori to Jimin, Busan couple indeed 

14. *sorry I just had to again*

15. Kook’s non-stop clapping

16. stop high-fiving each other will ya? How many times already?

17. what’s with that face, Jimin?

18. You sure are having fun there, Jeon Jungkook-ssi?

Okay I’ll stop here since I’m running out of internet data again, fml TT_TT

Anyhow, thank you for reading through this. I planned to only make it short and see how I ended up *sigh*. I hate myself.

Ah, we need a conclusion, LONG LIVE JIMIN’S FOREHEAD.


ah wait, who do you guess is the spy? Share your thoughts ^-^~

Here’s my guess from highest chance to lower:

1st. Jeon Jungkook (I doubt him right from the start, dunno why, just a feeling~)

2nd. Jung Hoseok (I dunno, sth is off, but Hoseok is not good at lying so…)

3rd. Park Jimin (you know how they say love is blind, so yeah, maybe I’m blinded by his light that I couldn’t suspect him well enough)

i hate it when people say clarke is gryffindor like do you not have an understanding of the houses or of clarke as a character at all? the girl emotionally manipulated lexa by using a loose story with her dead mentor and a braided hair piece that most likely wasn’t even anya’s to begin with just so lexa would hear her out. She made Emerson run 6 hours straight back to the mountain instead of walking 8. What were those 2 hours gonna do? idk? shes clarke griffin thats why. going on, she hid the fact octavia was in TonDC before the bomb hit to her own brother so her brother could focus on the task at hand and then let it drop knowing Octavia was there. She shot Dante with the walkie talkie on so that the President could hear his father slowly die. She tried emotionally manipulating Roan to kill his own mother. the list goes on. 

like the girl is great, shes the hero, and shes my favorite - but make no mistake, shes a slytherin.

I’ve done so well all week, dealing with all the shit and getting no sleep but now it’s starting to hit me and I just really wanna whine about everything.

especially the fact my ankle hurts for no god damn reason?

guess who got into yakuza 0

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Sleeping patterns: Jeff sleeps 8 hours every night, Ben has an erratic sleeping pattern bc he usually stays up and plays games til he passes out, Brian sleeps 12 hours and is never tired (how tf), Tim sleeps for 6 hours uncomfortably, Toby will run himself into the ground and collapse (he usually wakes up in bed), Jane sleeps for 10 hours and is kinda sleepy in the morning, Sally sleeps whenever she wants to, Clockwork sleeps 5 hours but basically doesn't need sleep, and Liu sleeps for 10 hours.

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Okay, okay... I thought of something totally super adorable, how about a Pokemon/Ow??? How would Hanzo, McCree and 76 react if the s/o's Vulpix loves following them around where ever they cuddles up with them on their laps and totally loves them???


Hanzo Shimada was rarely seen without his twin dratini nearby. Everywhere he went, they snaked around him (those stubborn beasts did not enjoy the confines of the pokeball). He was used to being around the dragons 24/7, even when… impractical. But what he wasn’t used to was this.

A small yet decidedly immovable vulpix sat squarely on his lap. He had taken a short rest on the couch, just after finishing his morning training, when the creature had taken its new position. It took him only a few seconds to guess who its owner was. 

You walked into the room, clutching a hot mug of coffee and almost dropped the cup immediately, trying to cover your mouth to stop the laughter. Hanzo was quite possibly the only human alive that could look that grumpy with an adorable fluffy vulpix on his lap.

“I, uh, I see you two are making friends,” you giggle, setting down the mug on the coffee table to prevent future incident. 

“She likes me. For what reason I cannot tell,” Hanzo sighed, finally placing a gentle hand on the creature’s head. She chirped happily, rubbing the side of her face against his palm. 

“Ah, I bet your dragons have been spreading the word around about just how charming you really are,” you tease. “Where are they, by the way? I don’t see them here- Ooph!” You exclaim as something cool brushes up against your leg. When you look down you see one of Hanzo’s dratini curling around one ankle.

“It seems I am not the only popular one in the room,” Hanzo replied with a smirk. You soon sit yourself down on the couch next to Hanzo, your vulpix happily occupying both laps. His dratini also join you, one wrapped across his shoulders, and the other around yours…


Ever since he had gotten up this morning to grab his coffee, he had been followed. Not by the usual suspect- his solrock he affectionately referred to as “Noon,” but a small vulpix. You had left earlier this morning (at an ungodly hour- 6 am) to run some errands, but you’d left your favorite pokemon back at the base.

Apparently without you, he was the next best thing.

“Alright, c’mon,” he sighed, patting his lap as he took a seat. The vulpix was appeased by the offer and happily settled down on McCree’s lap. He had to admit, it felt nice to have the vulpix there- he was a fairly soft and cuddly fellow after all. The gentle hum of its purring soon lulled McCree to sleep.

“Well, well, I see you two have had an exciting afternoon,” you snicker, finally arriving back at the base to see McCree dozing next to your vulpix (every few seconds your vulpix’s tail would brush up against McCree’s nose, causing it to twitch endearingly). McCree soon woke up, giving you a sleepy smile as your eyes met. 

“Mighty fine pokemon you got here,” he drawled. “I might just have to borrow ‘im for the next time I want to take a nap.” You can’t help but laugh, taking a seat next to your favorite cowboy and wrapping your arms around him.

“As long as you still save some of the cuddling for me!”


Jack always had a strong relationship with his pokemon, especially his favorite, a wartortle. He was an exceptional trainer who ran a perfectly calibrated team. But because of their often rigorous schedule, they often spent their time in their pokeballs. He wasn’t used to seeing pokemon out all the time, like how you were with your vulpix. You were almost inseparable from her and she followed you around constantly. While she didn’t seem to mind Jack,  she never paid him much special attention either. 

Jack never brought it up, but you could tell he wanted to make sure she liked him. 

One evening the two of you sat in the living room, watching an old movie on the television. You felt a paw pressing up against your calf and you quickly invited your vulpix to hop up.

But to your surprise, she immediately walked over to Jack and laid down on his lap. He flashed you a cautious look before gently smiling. He placed a hand on your vulpix’s head and gave it a soft pat. “Well, I think you finally passed her test,” you laugh.

Jack seemed exceptionally pleased with the situation, “She had to come around eventually,” he replied. The vulpix quickly fell asleep on his lap, and soon you were resting your head against Jack’s shoulder. With a slight exhale, he planted a small kiss on your forehead and let you sleep.


I clearly have my priorities straight.



It’s been a year and a day since the last time I read any of the Redwall series, but as a much younger chef I was utterly enamored by the world that Brian Jacques had woven. It was filled with heroes and battles and feasts the likes of which you could only dream about, all of which were hosted by mice, rats, badgers, and other such crittery animals.  

That being the case, you might expect most of the food to be mouse-sized. Sadly since I didn’t have any tiny cake pans with which to cook with, I had to make do with people-sized ones. Somehow I doubt anyone will complain! 

- MJ & K 

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Daytona 100 or Do you have your strap on?

This is going to be long…so grab a drink, a snack and settle in.

Linday, Sara, Chris and I met in Orlando, where Joe lives.  Team Truckin’ on was back together.  Sara and I flew spirit airlines–which for all of their flaws has one strong suit…cup of noodles!

We left Friday at 4.  I was trying to avoid missing too much work–but it also meant we got in fairly late and still had to drive an hour and half to Jacksonville.  I kind of regretted my choice when I realized I had to be up before 5 AM, and then run all night.

(On our way to find Lindsay! Look at how excited we are.)

Anyway, we got to Jacksonville and got settled in the hotel.  Luckily Joe had all of the supplies we needed (and he didn’t forget too much).  So I changed in to my race clothes–yes I sleep in my race outfit the night before–and settled in to bed quickly because we had to be at the start by 5:30.  I needed to stop at the store for breakfast since I forgot.

We got to the start line around 5:15, handled one last minute potty stop and some pictures (of course).

Right before the start, which was fairly cool in the 40s, Joe reaches in to his pockets for his gloves…to find his injinji toe socks which are decidedly not gloves.  Joe and I planned to run 5:1 intervals with a goal of breaking 24 hours.  The gun goes off at 6:00AM and we head for a short tour of Jacksonville before heading south on A1A (for awhile).

The crew can meet us at set points along the first 31 miles–starting at miles 3-5 and then again at 13. We decide to skip the first meeting spot and meet with them at mile 13.  At that point we’re both feeling good.  We ran by some houses that I can only imagine buying…actually I can’t even imagine buying them!  Lindsay, Chris and Sara were waiting for us at 13.  I grabbed ½ a turkey wrap (and it felt really strange eating “lunch” at 8 something in the morning but I knew I was already hungry and I needed to continue to eat small amounts of food.)

The next time we’d see our crew was mile 16 and the first Aid Station, which was a quick check in and refill. At mile 22.1 (the first major check point) was also our turn on the beach.  Originally we were supposed to head to the beach after Mickler’s landing (mile 13) but since the hurricane, we had to run along the A1A shoulder to mile 22.  Definitely disappointing because I LOVED running on the beach.  It really was like running on a track and the views couldn’t be beat!

After the beach section, we headed up to meet the crew, just shy of mile 30.  I changed in to shorts because it finally warmed up.  Joe was starting to struggle mentally at this point–the basic question we all ask ourselves. Why am I here? Why am I doing this?

(You can see my head in the backseat trying to change in a car…) Then I had to drag Joe out of the parking lot.  We needed to go.  Even if we walked, forward progress is progress.  So we finally headed out. At this point, we moved to 3:1 intervals. Our average pace was still hovering just above 13:00 pace, which was still within our goal pace.  Another mile or so down the road, Joe tells me to go, he’s dropping. I ask him (or annoyingly prod him) a few questions but ultimately do head off alone.  I reach the mile 33 aid station and the crew.  I tell them what’s up and tell the aid station volunteers not to let him drop. The crew can now meet us anywhere and we decide that we’d meet every 5 miles.  So I will see them again at 38. At that point I grab a handful of grapes. I’ve eaten two half wraps and some fruit at this point, with a few chips at the aid station at mile 33. 

At this point, I was feeling good.  I got my headphones and finished the audiobook I was listening to and tried to find my zone.

To be honest, the mile from 40-52 are a bit of a blur. I talked to some people I met on the course, listened to my book for a bit.  One guy asked me how i looked so good and he thought I was running the 50, so I guess that’s a compliment since he said he wanted to try and stick with me.  I found a potty for a quick pit stop though so I lost that guy.  Shortly after that I met the crew for an energy drink around 4:00.  This was my first low point of the race so I walked while I drank the Rockstar.  I was about 10 hours in to the race with 53ish miles left to go (as recreated by my text messages and phone calls).

The energy drink helped.  I knew i just had to will myself to get to mile 52. Because then I got a pacer; that turned out perfectly because it got dark pretty quickly after that. I am trying to eat something light every 5 miles.  For the first part of the race it is a turkey and hummus wrap and later I switch to some hot food.  Chris and Sara switched off running with me from mile 52-78 (where i got to briefly run with Lindsay who was tasked with holding everyone together…no small feat!) I hit mile 60 at 7:40pm. Another hour later and I am starting to feel it.  Getting to 100k felt good but it’s still a little hard realizing you have 38 miles left to go still.  I drank some more energy drank and took something for pain.  To be honest, this was probably the darkest moment of the race. Just an hour later though and I felt great again. I was back to running strong with 4:1 intervals.  Granted I never quit the intervals when I was struggling but I was silently cursing every time I had to run.

At mile 70 (Aid Station 7), I have a hot ham and cheese wrap. YUM! And the crew comes through in a clutch with some pizza! 

After the dark spot at mile 60ish, it really was uphill from there (emotionally). I think I started to realize that I could do this. I was still about 45 seconds/mile ahead of my goal.  I checked in on Andie a few times.

At midnight I was at mile 79 and I had almost 6 hours to run the remaining 21 miles. The run with Lindsay flew by–honestly, every time my watch beeped to walk I was like no way that was already 4 miles. 

The course itself ran through some towns–which beach towns at 2am are interesting.  The drunk people walking home did not know what to make of us.

It’s funny how much shorter my recap gets of the miles as we go along–it really is just a blur.  I remember bits and pieces of the race but the timeline isn’t precises in my head.  At mile 88.5 we were supposed to get on the beach again.  Every other mile marker, my watch had been spot on.  For some reason this one was over a mile off.  The brain starts to play tricks on you–I know I had to run something like 20+ miles straight down the highway, but I started to have this irrational fear that somehow we got off course and more than one curse word was uttered.  We didn’t get off course and we found the crew and we back on the beach.  This time Chris joined me to pace. We won’t talk about that time. But suffice to say that Chris took the brunt of my frustration.

After a few miles on the beach, we went back to the road for a loop around the lighthouse and back to the beach for the finish.

I LOVED seeing that light house.  The last 5 miles were tough.  EVERYTHING hurt. I was tired. I was exhausted. But I was also SO close.  Sara dragged me along. She made to swish water in my mouth a few times because I couldn’t stand the thought of drinking anything else. We got on the beach for the final two miles. It was dark and hard to see but somehow Sara spotted a giant green dildo (or she has better hallucinations than I do…) We saw the time clock from a while out and I just focused on that.  My final two miles (and really most of the last 5-7 miles) were around a 15 minute pace.  I took walk breaks at my 4:1 ration still but tried to push through.  The last two miles we ran straight through without walking but running through the sand wasn’t too much faster than my walk.

I crossed the finish line at 23:28:57! I did it.  Sub-24.  It was still dark when I finished at 5:30am.  So I promptly passed out in a chair while waiting on Joe to finish.

Joe finished at 27:17–despite saying he was going to quit. He didn’t and he got a fantastic PR in the process and I am so proud to call him my friend and team truckin’ on teammate.

So thanks to our crew, the volunteers and the race director for making this a fantastic experience.  I couldn’t imagine a better experience.

So if you’ve read this far you’re probably wondering what the heck is going on with my title? Well…I remembered to day that I asked someone “do you have your strap on” but in that moment I couldn’t remember who I had asked or why I had asked that question. After asking Lindsay, Sara and Chris, I remembered it was Joe. He had mentioned his Heart Rate and I asked him “do you have your strap on” and then promptly giggled like anyone would in that situation. Trust me–things are way funnier when you’re miles in and exhausted.

So there you have it. The Daytona 100.


The Long Path Home by Disney Photo Tour
Via Flickr:
Today’s photo tour takes us back to Walt Disney World last May, for the 24hr event at the Magic Kingdom. I spent 6 hours running around the park with my trusty, Sigma 35mm, 1.4 Art lens. I knew this lens was going to perform well but I had no idea it was going to perform this well. I usually use this lens for low light situations such as dark rides but I said, “Let’s see what this lens can really do” and it did not disappoint. Have you ever just walked around and photographed a park with just one lens? Have a magical day!

Staring at the Sun - l.h

day 9 of my 12 Days of 5sos

Eyes as bright as the very fairy lights delicately perched on top of the christmas tree, little Paige Hemmings ran down the wooden staircase of her home excitedly, her tiny steps echoing throughout the silent house. She found herself with a handful of energy, even after a 6 hours night’s sleep. Running to the living room as fast as her 4 year old legs would allow her, Paige stopped in her tracks as her eyes found the bottom of the fake christmas tree she had helped assemble and put the sparkly star on the last branch.

Presents. Wrapped in silver and gold. And so many of them.

She squealed too loudly, certainly awakening at least one of her parents, as she quickly approached one of the biggest boxes. Just having learned how to read, she enunciated every syllable out loud, running her small finger on top of the delicate black ink.

“Fr-om; San-ta. SANTA! SANTA CAME!” The empty plate of cookies and half-drank glass of milk confirmed her enthusiastic theory. With a small jump and another excited squeal, Paige dove into the sea of presents, picking up every single one and shaking them, trying to guess what contents they held inside.

“Paige?” Luke yawned as he walked down the stairs, plaid pyjamas and a grey hoodie on. His daughter’s little feet were pocking out from the bottom of the tree, along with a pair of short legs. Adorning them were her Rudolph-patterned pyjamas, a gift from grandma Hemmings herself. Luke chuckled. He walked up to Paige and sat down with his legs crossed right next to her, watching her legs wiggle as she tried to crawl deeper into the presents. “Paige,” he repeated.

“Daddy!” She shimmied out from under the tree, trying to knock the smallest amount of presents down. Her hair was an absolute mess, the braid that you had done last night all tangled up in a maze of blonde curls. “Santa brought presents!”

“Did he?” Luke questioned as he straightened out Paige’s wrinkled pyjamas. “Do you think he brought everything you asked for?” Paige furiously nodded. The wide, toothless smile could not be wiped out of her face. “Well, let’s find out!”

Paige, with no hesitation, took the first present she saw that had her name on it. It was a small box wrapped in white paper with a snowman pattern, topped with a golden bow almost as big as the box itself. “You pick one too,” she said as she examined the present. “Is yours from Santa?”

“I don’t think Santa brings presents for adults, princess,” he replied as he picked up a present himself.

“Oh. Boo. Who’s it from, then?” Luke smiled. Your name was written on it, in fine print, with Leave this one for last ;-) written below.

“Your mum,” he said as he started playing with the ribbon, the little message you had left in the card making his curiosity grow to the next level. Paige saw that Luke was opening his present and ripped her’s apart, finding a recipe book titled Fun Kitchen! Recipes for Children. She smiled even wider, if it was even possible, at the present, placing it right in front of her dad’s eyes for him to see it.

“Look! It’s the one I wanted!” Enthusiastically, she started flipping through the pages of her new book. “What did mummy give you?” Luke has teared open the small box, gently taking the top off and staring at what lay inside, completely forgetting about his daughter’s question.

Inside the box, surrounded by red and green cellophane paper, was a picture of an ultrasound. Next to it sat a new pacifier, with a note attached to it that read Merry Christmas Daddy!

Luke’s beam grew as he heard your footsteps coming down the staircase, standing up abruptly and running over to you, leaving little Paige confused as he gazed up to her suddenly-energetic daddy. “Whoa, okay. Merry Christmas to you too.” Puzzled, you stuttered out as Luke picked you up from the ground and gave you a compact kiss in the cheek. “What’s gotten into you? You haven’t been this lovely-dovey since we got married.”

“You just gave me the absolute best christmas gift in the history of gifts,” he replied, setting you back down. You rolled your eyes and smacked his arm playfully.

“I can’t believe you opened that first!” Paige set the present she had grabbed down and strolled over to where you were standing, lifting up her arms so Luke got the message that she wanted to be picked up. He followed so, effortlessly, and kissed his baby girl, extenuating a MUAH! once he pulled away.

“You, little miss Paige, are gonna have a little sibling shortly… how exciting is that?”