6 gun gorilla


Pull list this week woth mentioning!

6 Gun Gorilla 6  - OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I haven’t felt that way about an ending in such a long time!!!!!!  That was amazing!!  Like Chills pyaaaa chillz!!  Also makes the whole Hunger Games, Avengers Arena, Battle Royale, Running Man sci-fi post-uptopian-entertainment sub-genre more plausible, I mean if telelvised Hunger Games were fully encompassed with depressive/chronic condictioned/glory seeking volunteers whose families/chosen others would get a payoff upon their death it makes it way more morally negiotable!  Simon Spurrier (much like his AUTEUR-revival Sam Humpries) is so guud when he writes his creator owned creative crazyness!  9.5/10

Princeless 1 Encore Edition - Why has no one told me about this comic, why is everyone who hasn’t a bastard!  Action Lab, home of quirky narratives and peculiar characters galore!  Art on body is a bit lacking though but it still shined 8.5/10