6 girls 6 cities

Currently en route….  Around the world…  What the hell am I doing?  

Moscow, Russia: 2:44a.m./ June 9th:

In January  I shot experiment, where I shot a series of portraits of a model in studio and then re exposed all the film walking around Manhattan and Brooklyn to create my vision of an NYC girl.  I selected a girl that represented NY to me, a similar look to Marilyn Manroe.  Then all the re exposed film of her was shot on the streets- pieces or compositions that transcended NYC to me.

I then had this idea in my head…  Fuck- I want to do this big and do 5 additional girls 5 cities around the world- 6 girls 6 cities   Where I would shoot a girl that represented each city in studio, and then travel to each city to re expose all the film.  I should wait and do it in 6 months…  No- its in my head, in my fuckin bones.  I have to drop it all now and go for it or else some stupid bullshit thing will come up in 6 months and I wont be able to do it.  And then I will be squeezing my nuts for the rest of my life pissed as all hell I pussed out and atleast didnt try it.

So here I am in Moscow 4.5 weeks later. .   I spent 3 weeks in NYC doing on the pre production (finding the right models, stylist, assembling a team, geting visas, telling my gf I won’t go watch naked girls, etc) and then shooting all the girls in studio.   (As there is without doubt the best resources in the world in NYC which enabled me to do it all there and at once)  Then dropped into my savings account (flushing the toilet sound comes in), bought an around the world ticket and went on facebook to start arranging my couch surfing tour around the world.  Only 4 days- each city, seems stupid-yea but it keeps it short and sweet as i am able to keep costs low and concentrate high.  

I have not a clue if this is going to work.  London, Paris and now Moscow are already shot.  Next stop Tokyo.

Today I realized while spending 11 hours on foot walking through the concrete grey distant planet of Moscow, how important it is to go with your gut.  As I have no plan or clue as to where I am going throughout the days I really just tune out, turn up music and observe.  When I see something or a thought crosses my mind I dont think twice- I just compose and release, whatever it may be and worry about if it worked later (another beautiful part of shooting film-suck it 5d) .  If you don’t go with your gut- then your not expressing your style and vision- atleast I think.

As the predicatable is boring as all hell- I am finding that having a small plan and then letting the organic process take over is providing the best outcome.  Rather than being so worried about a specific agenda or detailed itinerary.  This project is a true test of that so I guess time will tell.  

* Big ups to Kodak for sponsoring this and helping this kid out with that emulsooonnnn. 

* Thanks Jahstangahl for the lead bags to hide the ammo

* Cheers to those who have provided couch space and time out of their days for a crazy foreigner

Next Friday.

I have been sitting on this body of work for almost two years now and can’t believe its finally coming to life in full through an exhibition and a special edition book (edition of 111) publiushed by A Love Token Ltd.  Come hang and enjoy some good wine and brews.


6 girls 6 cities.

30,600 miles_60 rolls_6 cities, 6 beautiful girls 29 days and 1 idea (see here) .  I dropped this large experiment off at the lab a few days ago.. Freakin out a lil bit.. 

Thank you to all that made this project happen.. Whether it was couch to shred, a light to bum or the talented team in the studio.  Thank you Kodak for supporting with a large quantity of Kodak Tri-x.   I am super grateful for everyones help on this project and it feels good to finally be home to breathe for a second.  


As always with shooting personal work, once I complete a project, I always step back and realize how lucky I am to make a living off of a creative vision and energy.   I will never take it for granted as it is a true privilege   Even if this doesnt turn out as planned, I will be pleased with the experiences and places it brought me.


 These personal projects fuel me, and forever will I think.  As if you dont make personal work- then you are a true rat in the race, chasing nothing but $$- which isnt at all what its about.  


 I’d rather be broke and fresh then rich and stale.