6 gingers

Watching Big Hero 6 and realizing it actually portrays a healthy and realistic sibling relationship. 

Watching Big Hero 6 and seeing how racially diverse all the characters are.

Watching big hero 6 and not getting hit with any random and unnecessary romantic subplots.

Watching big hero 6


While waiting for the series, here are some BH6 Text Posts

that’s why you shouldn’t let me near a computer when i’m bored

BH6 Text Posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  • Wasabi: *interrupting an argument between Hiro and Tadashi* Sorry, is this something we should all be discussing?
  • Tadashi: No.
  • Wasabi: It just sounds a little serious.
  • Tadashi: It was mostly... theoretical. We-
  • Hiro: We were just working out a... Look, if cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?
  • Wasabi: ...Uh... You’ve been yelling at each other for forty minutes about this.
  • *silence*
  • Wasabi: Do the astronauts have weapons?