6 feet and perfect

“Okay.. let’s say you make this” you say and point at the goal. The goalkeeper of the opposite team was huge. At least 6 feet tall, broad chest, extremely agile. He is the perfect goalkeeper. Stiles had no chance at scoring a goal in this match. “Let’s say you score a goal .. then .. then I will go on a date with you”

You watch the game from the stands. You are cheering for the Beacon Hills team, but the team was just better. There was no chance your school. And even less of a chance for Stiles to score.

Then everything changes.

It is seven minutes before the game ends. Stiles catches a pass from a player of the opposite team. He looks just as surprised as everyone else. But then he starts running. Two defender run straight up to him but Stiles manages to dodge both of them. And then the little ball hits the net.

It’s quiet for a moment before the Beacon Hills fans erupt in loud cheering. And you in the middle of everything. As everyone celebrates the goal you watch the team on the field. Scott is the first to celebrate with Stiles. They high-five before the team is all over him.