6 feet and perfect

Poetry: Do you remember?

Do you remember our walks?
And the crunch of autumn leaves
That covered the docks
Where we would talk about our griefs

Do you remember the coffee shop?
Where we would go on cold nights
The place we would stop
When we needed some light

Do you remember our tree?
In the middle of the field
Where we went to feel free
Or when dreams needed to be healed

Do you remember our love?
Before we were hurt
It made me soar like a dove
Then we were 6 feet under the earth

Do you remember us?
Or our perfection
That people would discuss
Or was I just feeling our connection?

“Okay.. let’s say you make this” you say and point at the goal. The goalkeeper of the opposite team was huge. At least 6 feet tall, broad chest, extremely agile. He is the perfect goalkeeper. Stiles had no chance at scoring a goal in this match. “Let’s say you score a goal .. then .. then I will go on a date with you”

You watch the game from the stands. You are cheering for the Beacon Hills team, but the team was just better. There was no chance your school. And even less of a chance for Stiles to score.

Then everything changes.

It is seven minutes before the game ends. Stiles catches a pass from a player of the opposite team. He looks just as surprised as everyone else. But then he starts running. Two defender run straight up to him but Stiles manages to dodge both of them. And then the little ball hits the net.

It’s quiet for a moment before the Beacon Hills fans erupt in loud cheering. And you in the middle of everything. As everyone celebrates the goal you watch the team on the field. Scott is the first to celebrate with Stiles. They high-five before the team is all over him.

I’ve been debating about whether to write this or not because I had the idea at 3 in the morning and I have never written any kind of fanfic before, so I wasn’t sure if it would turn out. But I was in such a good mood after the new Minecraft LP, I decided, what the hell, why not go for it because I really like this AU and I wanted to contribute.


Caleb waited for a moment outside the door, his ears perked up, listening intently. There didn’t seem to be any screaming or yelling coming from the room, so the guys probably weren’t recording a Let’s Play. In fact, he could only hear a few voices, too faint to determine who was who. His tail began to wag, excited that he might finally be able to get one of the other men to play with him. Lindsay was great and all, he wouldn’t say no to playing with the lovable husky, but imagine how cool it would be to play Frisbee with someone who could fly! Or someone who could jump really high! He hesitated a moment more outside the door, holding the Frisbee with one hand behind his back. He didn’t know why he felt so nervous asking them to play Frisbee with him, they were his friends after all. Still, his ears flattened a little, and his tail slowed almost to a stop. Annoyed that he was displaying his emotions so openly, he crammed his cap onto his head, squishing his ears flat for a few minutes, and pushed through the door. Four faces turned to look at him.

“Hey Caleb!” Ray called to him, waving like an idiot, his rabbit ears twitching. Caleb waved with his free hand, and glanced around the room. Ryan was at his desk that was right next to Lindsay, and Jack was in Australia, enjoying a vacation with Caiti. But the lads and Geoff were still there, and they were all currently staring at him. Caleb put on a big grin and brought out the Frisbee he had been hiding.

“Hey! I was going to go mess around with this for a bit, want to join me?” he asked in as casual a manner as he could muster. Geoff shook his head, and Caleb’s heart fell into his stomach.

“Sorry buddy, I’ve got too much stuff to do. Next time, alright?” Geoff assured him. Caleb nodded, the grin still plastered on his face. Michael and Gavin were the next to decline, both saying they wanted to record a new Rage Quit together. Caleb tried to avoid giving the puppy-dog eyes look to Ray, but failed miserably. Ray shrugged and glanced at his screen before pushing the power button on the monitor and sliding his chair back. His fluffy rabbit tail twitched constantly.

“Sure, why not. YOLO, right?” Ray said, a shit-eating grin on his face. Immediately, Caleb’s heart soared and he felt excited, more excited than he had ever felt. He wondered why he had ever been nervous in the first place. His tail wagged furiously. Caleb led the way out of the office, and into the parking lot. Ray immediately jogged over to the far end and held his hands up high. “Go long!” Caleb smirked, and expertly flicked a nice easy toss to Ray, who deftly caught it. “Aw man, you going easy on me, Caleb?”

“Its not a competition, Ray. We’re just having fun,” Caleb reminded him, laughing lightly. Ray rolled his eyes before tossing the Frisbee back without bothering to aim. Caleb tracked it in the air, and realized it was going to fly right over his head. He backed up, taking slow careful steps while watching the disc, and when it finally started to lazily drift downward, Caleb lifted an arm to catch it. A sudden breeze blew through the lot, causing the disc to pitch forward and hit Caleb in the face before he could react. It didn’t hurt of course, just bumped off his forehead and fell to the ground. Ray was laughing uproariously.

“Aren’t you some kind of Frisbee master, Caleb? Were you too busy looking at someone else’s screen?” Ray hollered at him.

“Hey, nobody’s perfect!” Caleb called back self-deprecatingly, before picking up the disc and, with one fluid motion, flicking it with perfect precision towards a spot about 6 feet above Ray, who had to use his jumping skills to catch it. Ray gave a little salute in acknowledgement of Caleb’s skill before continuing the game. The game continued for nearly an hour before Geoff finally came outside and told the “screenlooker” and the “minority” to get their asses back inside and get their work done.