6 days till christmas

  • <p> <b>Other people:</b> There's 6 more days till Christmas! OMG, I can't wait!<p/><b>Me:</b> There's 3 more days till episode 12 of YOI. OMG I can't wait, but it's the last episode and I love that anime so much and I just don't know how I-<p/></p>

I like to pause this episode like this. Because then it actually looks like Sam & Dean are decorating the tree and not pushing it over and snapping the branches to stab people with them…
6 days till Christmas!

43 more sleeps, 6 weeks, and 44 days till CHRISTMAS!

For a minute, I couldn’t find Gerard Way in my Twitter’s search bar and what a delighted surprise to find out that his account is full of happy Christmas vibezzz! I suddenly felt a jump of joy.

Hey Gerard Way followers and lovers, I just want to make this post to set as a bright full reminder about Christmas (for those who are Catholic and Christian)! Without thinking about it, there is already less than a month till Chrismas, and I am helluva excited for this year’s Christmas because that means no University classes to deal with and worry about and most importantly more family bonding and out door fun.

Christmas holidays just instantly brings you full of joyful light and instant relaxation into your life again, giving you a month break from your dull and hectic life today, and also offers you a whole new chapter to begin right over again in the next year to come. It’s a month to celebrate our most respected Saviour Jesus Christ’s birthday (to anyone Christian and Catholic here). But seriously, I could not grasp the fact that it is almost 2016 when it honestly feels like 2015 just happened recently (didn’t it turn 2015 just months ago?)! Well, I can’t wait for more exciting surprises and opportunities awaiting for me. And as a little reminder to you all during your toughest days to always remain with a positive state of mind and hope for the best in the new year to come. There is always another time to change yourself to become a better person you want to be, so the time is now or never, you choose! Well then, I sincerely hope you all would have a wonderfully spectacular day, and don’t worry, there is one more day till Friday and the torturous days of school and/or work is done for a while. Take care and thanks a million for over 7k followers! I will try my best to make this blog a bit more entertaining and more on Gerard Way for you all