6 days till christmas

I like to pause this episode like this. Because then it actually looks like Sam & Dean are decorating the tree and not pushing it over and snapping the branches to stab people with them…
6 days till Christmas!

Day Six of Twelve Days of Sterek. ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS! Woo Hoo! Happy reading everyone!

It’s Christmas Time in the City (One Shot | 1,067 | General)

Not everyone is full of Christmas cheer during the holidays. Peter and Stiles are two of those people. Stiles/Peter are brodudes not lovers.

All I Want for Christmas (One Shot | 4,525 | Teen)

Derek wakes up in a dream or a future reality where everything is different and it might give him a chance to get exactly what he wanted.

A Thrill of Hope (One Shot | 4,059 | Explicit)

Stiles crashes through the forest with Derek in his sights, stopping every so often to launch another snowball and duck one of Derek’s. Obviously Derek could outrun him in a heartbeat if he wanted to, but for some bizarre reason he apparently wants to hang out with Stiles and have an epic snowball fight. Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle. Or maybe Derek is just as bored and lonely as Stiles is.

Deck the Halls With Lines of Sharpie (One Shot | 3,784 | Teen)

Derek has been enjoying the holidays and looking forward to everybody making their way home from college for Christmas break. Particularly, he’s been looking forward to seeing Stiles, who missed coming home for Thanksgiving. So seeing Stiles a little early is fantastic. Smelling the sharp chemical sting of Sharpie on Stiles isn’t all that pleasant, but it’s no big deal. Noticing Stiles trying his utmost to hide what’s been drawn on him, however, piques Derek’s interest.

A Caroling We Will Go (One Shot | 1,431 | General)

Isaac wants to go Christmas caroling so Derek and Stiles take the entire pack out. There are complaints of course *Jackson* but Stiles and Derek have the perfect surprise waiting for their pups at home.

Believe (One Shot | 3,022 | Teen)

The Stilinski men are BAMFs, and the evil Christmas elves really don’t stand a chance.