6 days of the gym is enough this week

You Gotta Work Bitch: The Key to Sugar Baby Success

This may be something that I am writing a little too early as he hasn’t given me my allowance yet and I haven’t even met the other guy for our first date. In fact, I am writing this too early. I am too optimistic and cannot stop myself from speaking. I think I have found the secret to sugar baby success and it is the one thing that is said so quietly that despite its frequency you can still miss it. Drudgery. Sugar baby success does not go to the woman who hits it big on the first date or second date. While those women exist, their initial good fortune is not based on skill but on luck and finding themselves in the Apple store with the right man. No, true and consistent success goes to the woman who is willing to do the same boring and tedious thing over and over until it brings them success. It goes to the woman who is willing to do the same thing over and over to keep a man she would in any other situation ignore.

There is a meme floating around Tumblr and Twitter that illustrates what I mean. Outsiders, daddies, and haters alike all think that we spend our day shopping, having orgies, or sipping champagne. The truth is that for most of us that isn’t our life at all is it? Sure, those are brief moments barring the orgies. But I’ve found that I spend more time on my phone texting, my iPad surfing through profiles, and my MacBook sending messages. I know I can send out ten messages a day and only get one response. I know I will give 10 men my number and at the end of the week no longer be in contact with any of them. I know I can spend an hour getting ready for a date and then know the man will cancel. I have introduced myself so many times I have to stop myself from rattling off my “about me” to my friends. But I can’t leave. I won’t stop.

Those are the sugar babies that win. The ones that know that disappointment isn’t a possibility but a definite and continual occurrence. They know that the path to success is boring and disappointing and you will spend more time wondering why you’re doing this and will it ever pay off. You’ll go on first date after first date. You’ll reject man after man and have men reject you. You’ll wonder if your hair was different, your weight was different, your race was different, your personality was different if you would have a daddy by now. But you can’t stop. 

There will be days when you’ll wonder why you decided to join this lifestyle, why you decided that your life should revolve around the goodwill and the financial status of a man. There will be times that you’ll see your friends living their vanilla lives with their vanilla boyfriends and you’ll think the turmoil and the shots to your self esteem aren’t worth it. 

And maybe they aren’t. Maybe those five days in Miami aren’t enough. Maybe the shoes won’t be enough. Maybe having your rent paid and your education paid in full is enough. Maybe knowing that you’re finally on the road to financial stability is enough. But if you want it, then you need to understand something said best by the great Britney Spears “You gotta work bitch”.

And the work doesn’t stop. I asked once if you should have one daddy or two. I have the answer now. You should have three or four or however many you can handle at one time because they can leave whenever they please. Or circumstance can take them from you. You’re never safe. Fortune’s wheel is never still. There is no job security. You cannot finally land the sugar daddy and think your work is done. You have to constantly remind him of why he wants you. Constantly seduce him. You have to have enough money to maintain yourself in case he leaves or another man that will help you maintain it. The job never ends. The work is never done. 

I’m writing this for the same person I write all of my posts for: myself. I constantly forget how unglamorous this life is 75% of the time. I have spent more time eating frozen dinners purchased hurriedly from Trader Joe’s than I have eating in fine restaurants. I’ve spent more time online than I have in the mall. I know it’s tiring. I know I spend 4 days a week sending a variation of the same message. I know it’s boring. I know first dates fill me with anxiety. But I refuse to quit again. I could. It would be easy. I’ve done it twice before. This time I have goals. This time I’m out a job with no desire to return to corporate America. This time I’m bored out of my mind but I’ve still got seven more messages to send and I need to schedule two dates to go on next week. I know I need to keep up on current events so that I always have something to talk about at dinner and the conversation doesn’t get away from me. I know I need to work on my own craft and that I have to find the time to write, to paint. I know I need to make sure I’m in the gym 6 days a week (okay, 5 days) so that the idea of taking off my clothes in front of a man never makes me hesitate. I know I need to find time to do the things I love with the people that mean the most to me. I know I’ll succeed because I’m not afraid to keep pushing forward until I’ve finally accomplished my dreams. And when I forget, when I wonder if I’m just not good enough or pretty enough or smart enough, when I want to quit again- I’ll just read this.

Do you agree or disagree? Is the drudgery, the ability to consistently do the same thing in the face of opposition or failure, the secret to sugar baby success? If it isn’t then what is?


With the recent Adventure Week ending in Pokemon Go, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite parts (yes I’m behind on this)!

  • Encountered some neat evolved versions of prehistoric Pokemon like Kabutops!
  • Managed to place myself in 6 gyms for a day (thanks to the university being out)
  • Got my gold medal for both Fire and Rock types!
  • Acquired enough candy to finally evolve my Larvitar into Tyranitar! 

Now back to the post-event blues!

Cheat day #2 breakfast: spelt blueberry pancakes with bananas, raspberries, and coconut oil/peanut butter drizzle. YUM. 

Goal tally for this past week: 

Meal plan: 5/5, wooooo.

Yoga: 3 or 4/3 (I cannot remember to save my life.) 

Gym: 2/2

10k step: Technically 5/6 (I was a couple hundred under on two different days, but I was way over on nearly every other day. Room for improvement I suppose).

Studying: HAHAHA OH GOD. I have not studied nearly enough and my test is tomorrow. The goal is 4/5hrs now, then dinner then hopefully maybe some more after? Also luckily the test isn’t until 10:30am so….more tomorrow morning. 

I really feel like the yoga has helped with my joint pain, which is excellent. Also my shins have been bothering me a lot less, barely at all. The goal is to run 0.5-1 mile on my birthday (May 4th) so fingers crossed. Also I’m still plateau’d at 128 which is driving me crazy, esp because next week is going to be a mess diet wise (my birthday, some school events….) Ill just have to kill it in the exercise department. Keep reminding myself slow progress is better than no progress. 

emilyrosedgxo  asked:

Well, I'm 5'7, around 124lbs now. I've always been active, latin/american&standard dancer, tennis player, overall working out freak. I've started working out for real about 4-5 months ago- I may say I can see changes, but this year I would like to impact my glutes the most, abs and legs following- So, if you can give me some advices how to built muscles faster(I know it all takes time, but I'm kind of slow- so maybe not working hard enough)- if you could give me some work out plans for glutes,

You’re a pretty active woman!

Routine / training:
Since you want to build glutes, create abs and legs you first need to do the correct exercises. Some glute exercises like squat are actually more focuses on your quads than on your glutes. But then again if you go below parallel (with good form) you’ll be able to hit the glutes. The best exercises for the glutes are
• Hip thrust !!!
• Barbell glute bridge
• Single leg glute bridge
• Hip bridge with feet elevated
• Kneeling squat
• Step ups (w/wo kickbacks)
• Box jumps
• Bulgarian split squat
• Hip abductor
• Glute isolator
• Cable donkey kicks
• Cable leg lift
• Front squat
• Stair master
• Split box jumps (plyo)
• Cable pull throughs

It is very important to use resistance when you want to build. Pick a weight you can lift between 12-15 but not more than 15. Try to aim for 4 sets of 12 - 15 reps. With most exercises it’s very important to not rush through the exercise. With bulgarian squats, hip thrust, glute bridge you need to push thru your heels to really hit the glutes. With hip thrust you can also do an isometric hold at the top where you really squeeze your glute for 5 seconds.

For legs lunges (reverse, front, side, walking), squats, leg press, cable kickbacks, jump squats, jump lunges are great exercises. Goblet squat and deadlift are both focused on glutes and legs.

When building abs you can do v-ups, the wallet, toe touchers, reverse crunch, kick downs, plank, russian twist, knee tucks, mountain climbers, plank jacks, bicycle, one arm to knee, pike ups, suitcases and so on.

The only work outs I have are my own and can be found here: www.bundleofthickness.tumblr.com/tagged/wod - i post almost all my wod’s there.

Possible reasons why you don’t see results:
1) You are training 30 minutes every time you train legs. You already stated that you might not be going hard enough so there’s your reason. I personally find 45 minutes to 1h 15 a great time range to train if you want to build.
2) It’s possible that you’ve been doing the same routine for too long which made your body used to the exercise what cost it to stop changing. If you want changes you need to shock your body.
3) You’re not increasing you weights. This is basically the same thing as no. 2. You need to continually add resistance in order to grow. Only adding 1-2kg a week will be more than enough.
4) You’re using the same training technique for too long. Other training techniques are diminished-rest interval training, drop sets, back-off sets, pyramids, pre-exhaust training, hypertrophy training, inverted sets and reps, training to failure and so on.
5) You might be over training and not give your muscle enough time to recover. Muscles are broken down in the gym, feed thru nutrition and build during rest. Training one muscle group every other day or three times a week is the best option.
6) You’re eating too little. If you eat less than you need you’ll not build but lose muscle. You can also have a low protein intake.

Try to aim for AT LEAST 3 big meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Have two snack moments between those big meals.

You need to eat before training (preferably carbs) so you have enough energy for your work out. Make shure to not eat 30-45 min before training tho. 15-30 minutes after training you can consume you’re protein drink to kickstart muscle repair and recovery. After a workout, muscle proteins degrade and rebuild faster than normal. Also eat a meal after training you can simply calculate the protein you need with this formula ” your body mass in kilograms x 0.4/0.5 “
(So you are now already in 4 meals a day)

Try to consume mostly protein, healthy fats and then carbs. When u think of protein you can think of fish, meat, beans ect. Healthy fats can be found in nuts (great snack idea) and olive oil and carbs in pasta, rice, oats, sweet potatoes and such. If you have trouble getting enough nutrition in you can make an extra protein smoothie with fruit and 3 tbsp of olive oil.

That covers pretty much everything you asked for i think.

It’s taken me a lot of courage to put this up, but this is me (left) at my biggest, at 290lbs I knew that I had to do something about my weight. I’d never really been overweight, and standing at 6”4 i am heavier than average, but its easy to see that I had really let myself go over the last three years and i had become miserable. Excuse after excuse had kept putting me off doing something about this, and it wasn’t until I visited my doctor about my lower back hurting, that he told me I was obese and that I needed to do something about it. 

Since March 2013 I’ve been working my ass off 6 days a week, every week at the gym, eating clean and not drinking or smoking. 
It is possible to change your life around, but only YOU can do it, if you want it enough, anything is possible. At 230lbs, I can honestly say I am at my happiest I’ve been In years, and even though I still have a long journey ahead of me, looking back on this just proves to me that I have what it takes.

I hope this motivates other people to do something about any weight issues they may have, and if anyone wants any advice at all, don’t hesitate to ask, my ask box is always open!


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trip-wire submitted: 


Before: 206lbs

During: 187lbs

Goal: 150lbs

Its been about two months now of heavy lifting and eating right. Fitness always came naturally to me until I became depressed during my senior year of high school. I went from Varsity Soccer captain my junior year to quitting soccer, running, and lifting all together. I was so depressed I couldn’t even get out of bed. I packed on a good 50lbs and lost most of the muscles I used to be so proud of. After a failed suicide attempt in November I started getting help to treat my depression. Prozac worked in keeping me from being sad but I was never really happy either. So in January I stepped back into the gym. I lift 6 days a week (I live right next to the gym on campus so its easy to get to) and do cardio 3 times a week. I also started cooking my meals instead of using my university’s unlimited dining. I’m also blessed enough to be at the University of Vermont where healthy lifestyles and choices are embraced. I’ve come so far mentally and physically in just two short months that I’m so pumped to see what the future is going to bring.

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We’re in this era of incessant exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I love training. Lifting is my happy place. I love getting stronger, and challenging my mind and body.

What I’ve noticed, though, is that there’s this overwhelming pressure to workout every second of everyday. Sometimes, following elite CrossFitters on Instagram is aggravating. They post shit like “Today was an active rest day, so I just rowed a light 10k, went for an evening swim, and worked on some gymnastics.”

The training frequency of the average person is getting higher. So many people are devoting 3 or more hours to the gym each day.

While I think the proliferation of physical activity is great, it sometimes makes me feel like I’m never doing enough. I train hard 5-6 days per week, and those people make it seem like in order to be in great shape you need to have 10+ hard training sessions weekly. Like you have to constantly be lifting and sprinting and rowing. If you don’t, you’re lazy.

When I take a complete rest day, even though I know I need them, sometimes it makes me feel guilty, like I should still be biking 5 miles or something.

It’s crazy how high the bar is for training now. I can’t help but compare myself to those people.

So I need to work on something

Could be triggering for some.

So recently I have been plagued by a lot of body issue problems. A lot of you might be thinking, “woah a guy with body image issues?” Yeah that’s right I have body image issues.

A little background if you have just recently followed me or don’t really know me that well but I was overweight throughout most of my high school. Although no one ever commented on me or I was bullied for being overweight I never liked the way I looked or felt comfortable in my own body. Although I did a lot of sports it sort of runs in my family to have a little bit more fat than normal and this was really really annoying to me.

I can tell you that for a good 7-8 years or so I was around or over 90kgs. Most of this throughout my high school and uni and it wasn’t really until my last year at uni that I was motivated enough to start cutting some of this fat from me. It took a long time no doubt, hitting the gym and running about 5-6 times a week and that only managed to get me to lose about 5kgs before I plateaued. 

It wasn’t until I started martial arts specifically TKD that I managed to further drop weight and start to feel comfortable in my own body. Skip to the present day and I have slowly been losing the confidence I was once had. Although I trained a lot and trained hard I wasn’t losing that much weight even though I had hit my goal weight of 80kgs. Lately all I could think about was dropping more weight and to try and get as low as possible and it wasn’t until the end of last week which I had an epiphany. I realised that by trying to lose so much weight that my martial arts was suffering. I wasn’t eating enough good food and was feeling lethargic all the time and the stress was building up from uni. 

I have now decided to forgo trying to lose weight but be comfortable at where I am at the moment. Try and get better with my bjj and not worry about how I look, because I know for sure muscles won’t save me from a fight but the skill i have learned on the mat will. 

I thought you guys should just know how I am feeling. I haven’t done a long post like this for a while but just know that I am slowly trying to get better and more comfortable with myself. I hope by writing this I manage to motivate some people to be comfortable with their own bodies and that although body image issues are out there it is up to us to stand up to it and find how we can be happy. Best of luck everyone! 


I’m stealing Mike’s MO! He’s usually the one with the hotel workout room pictures, but I got to tag along on a business trip and take advantage of the super nice gym while he went to work. Lucky me!

I’m not much of a treadmill person but it’s pretty rainy and windy outside. An hour on the treadmill was enough for me and then I lifted weights. The Disney Goofy training is suffering quite a bit the last couple of weeks, but I’m trying to fit in what I can. I ran 6+ miles after flying in yesterday so I’m at least getting some miles in every day, even if it’s not as many as I would like.

Today is also my first day of using My Fitness Pal. I’ve drifted away from my racing weight more than I would like so it’s time to reverse the trend. I don’t mind being a few pounds over, but it’s a little more than that now and I’m too old to gain 10 pounds and think that it’s going to come off easily. Better to catch it when it’s just 5 pounds, although I wish it wasn’t the holiday season when there is so much good food!