6 days of lounge

67/100 days of productivity - may 6, 2017

spent about 12 hours in the study lounge working on this stupid microecon assignment 🙃

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Free day

Sometimes Allura would give them time off. Days of lounging and playing and cooking. Days where they weren’t being shot at or talking in circles with aliens.

These were Lance’s favorite days.

He’d wander through the Castle popping in on the others as they went about their day. Sometimes he’d help Hunk or Pidge with whatever project they had, or clean and update the Castle with Coran. Keith had even managed to convince him to train with him on occasion.

Listen, it’s hard to say no to that face.

These days were easy and relaxed. Nowhere to be or go. But Lance had wandered for the better part of the day and he was starting to realize he hadn’t come across his boyfriend once.

“Hey, Shiro, have you seen Keith?”

“No… you check the training room?”


“I don’t know, I saw him at breakfast?”

“Yeah, ok, thanks.”

Two circuits around the Castle and he still hadn’t turned up. Lance was honestly starting to worry. Disappearing with no notice was his thing, and he knew what kind of things that lead to. What kind of thinking it lead to.

“Hey, baby…”

Lance peeked through the door to his room. He hadn’t expected to find Keith in his own room, and definitely hadn’t expected him to look like such a mess. But Keith wasn’t answering him. He just stood there, picking at his lips and fidgeting.

“Keith, baby?”

When he finally looked up at Lance, he was like a deer in headlights. Lance stepped in and the door closed behind him. The soft whoosh of the door managed to shake Keith from his frozen state and he began to pace.

Everyone on the ship knew about Lance’s depression. Hell, everyone in the universe probably knew about Lance’s depression. But it hadn’t taken him long to realize that Keith struggles with things as well, his anxiety was a force to be reckoned with, but he didn’t tend to let anyone see it.

The first time Lance had walked into his room to find Keith standing on his bed holding the ceiling up, he’d almost had a panic attack of his own. Lance approached his pacing boyfriend slowly, arms stretched out so that Keith could see what his intentions were and could stop him if needed.

Keith stopped abruptly looking at Lance as if Lance was going to attack him, but he didn’t move away or tell him to stop.

“Baby, can I touch you?”

Keith tensed, but after a breath, he nodded. Lance rubbed his hands up and down Keith’s arms before slowly pulling him into a hug. He let his hand comb through Keith’s hair, the other holding him close. He hummed as he did, feeling the stiffness in Keith’s bones slowly dissipate.

After a while, Keith arms came up to return the hug, and he cleared his throat, nuzzling into Lance’s neck a bit.

“Can we lay down?”

“Yeah, of course.”

Lance maneuvered them to the bed and laid them down, pulling Keith back close to him once they were settled. He continued to brush back Keith’s hair and swiped his fingers along his cheeks. Keith’s eyes closed and he took in a deep breath.

Lance started humming again and played with Keith’s hair until he was sure he was asleep. He took the time to stare at his beautiful boyfriend, to take in his soft features and even softer hair. He’d never admit to Keith how much he loved that hair.

“Mm I love free days,” Keith croaked out.


“Yeah, I get to do stuff like cuddle with you all day or have a mental break down without worrying about crashing and killing everyone in the process.”


Keith opened his eyes and looked at Lance. He looked so tired and weary, but he smiled softly and bumped Lance’s nose with his own.

“You know what I love more than free days though?”

“Is it me? Please let it be me.”

Keith laughed and kissed Lance. “Funny enough, its is.”

They were two broken boys keeping each other together, some days doing a better job than others. The hard days were going to happen, tears would be cried, but they would be there for each other, and conquer them together.

Lance didn’t necessarily love days like that, but he did love moments like this. And he loved Keith. And free days were as good as any for both.

so as i have been vaguely saying my grandmother (nana) passed away this past saturday morning and we buried her today

she was a tough detroit jewish lady who raised three sons as a single mother in the 60s, she was an innate musician who was born with perfect pitch and who supported her family with her talent by playing 8 hour nights 6 days a week in lounges

a couple years ago she made a cd of herself playing and singing and burned everyone like 40 copies, and at some point like 4 years ago i uploaded it to 8tracks so it wouldn’t get lost between computers

nana was really generous to us and to most every person and her greatest gift was her music so im feelin sharing the link if anybody is interested in hearing her set lmao: http://8tracks.com/stephenfried/still-got-it

anyway im Soft and i had some drinks but i love my nana and human life is precious, please enjoy the music