6 day race

I don’t have many Facebook memories worth sharing, but this one is gold!


20 Days of Drag Race: Day 10 - Best Outfit on The Runway

Courtney Act’s “resting on pretty” runway look will always be my favorite, I thought it was really friggin’ clever and the judges totally let the look go over their heads! It’s an underrated look that deserved a lot more praise than it got on the show… I’ll always love it


20 Days of Drag Race - Day 1: Favorite Winner 

My favorite winner is the legendary Bianca Del Rio! Not only did she SLAY the competition, but she had a sassy/hilarious remark for practically EVERYTHING! Also, I love the fact that although she was there to WIN she didn’t mind helping out Adore with the corset or Trinity K Bonet with the acting challenge, proving that you can be the best at what you do but also not be above helping someone out…I also just love her close friendship with Courtney & Adore lol 



Trying to put into words the gratitude I feel for my body and all it has accomplished this week is super hard- but I made sure to reward myself tonight with some well-earned funnel cake at a local carnival! The confidence that I’ve built in myself and my running ability in the past two days is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I ran a 10k and a 4-mile race in yesterday, followed by a 5k this morning, and I lived to tell the tale! And I hadn’t run in 6 days! I ran these races hard, at uncomfortable paces, and with plenty of doubt as to my performance~ but my ability to run these races and finish them strong without a week of training prior reassures me that when I do have the solid training in place, races will be a breeze! I cant wait to end the month of June on a high note with plenty of miles :)