6 custom links

Fansite Theme #05 by cvndythemes

Preview: here ; here \ Code: here

Updated Code: here

1700 X 1140 at least ; this layout auto sizes to cover

270X290 Image;
If Sidebar Image;
If Latest Photos;
If Projects;
If Sidebar Image;
If Affiliates;
If Stats;
If +Sidebar Section;

Links: 6 custom + home and ask
Post Size: 500px only

Other Options:
All colors customizable
There’s also options for an additional sidebar box + title and content boxes

Most options easily editable ; basic HTML to edit
Please reblog or like if using. And let me know if you come across any issues.

Important Notes:

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Good for personal blogs! :)

Can change:
+ Background Color
+ Sidebar & Post Background (optional)
+ Font Color
+ Link Color
+ Link Hover Color
+ Selection Color
+ Navigation Color
+ Scrollbar Color
+ Ask Background
+ Post border (optional)

Other info:
Top Bar (No image)
+ Sidebar Image (270 width)
+ 600 Post’ Width
+ (6) Custom Links
+ (6) More Extra Links
+ One column post
+ Not infinite scrolling
+ Instagram widget
+ Social media icons
+ Post Tags (optional)


• Theme #06: Everbloom •

Live Preview + Code

It’s taken a long time and a lot of love, but I’m happy to finally be able to send Everbloom out into the world! It’s my first public theme with responsive design, which I’m very excited about, and hopefully I will later be revising themes #01 to #05 to also work in this way. Hope you like it!

Theme Features:

  • Total of 39 customisable options
  • Up to 6 custom links
  • Responsive design – try resizing your window!
  • Flower-style navigation on click
  • Permalinks appear on post hover
  • Choice of infinite scroll/pagination
  1. Please like/reblog if you use this theme, it’s very appreciated!
  2. Please consider following yonderesque for code updates and other web dev stuff!

This theme also marks the beginning of my semi-hiatus due to revision for exams. I won’t be working on my themes during this time but I’ll still be around to answer questions etc. from time to time if need be!

See you in summer! <3