6 characters are being killed off

Why Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is my favorite media of All Time without spoiling anything

1. The plot moves a million miles per hour and has like, a minimum of two plot twists an episode. It’s super serialized and feels like a novel.

2. Answers that most series would drag out until the end are answered super quickly to keep the story moving.

3. The protagonists’ plight is really sad/interesting and you actually feel invested in their story and how it ends right from the first episode.

4. The protagonists have lots of agency and drive the story forwards, and there are multiple protagonists with their own plotlines.

5. Multiple interesting antagonists with intriguing worldviews.

6. The antagonists are super intimidating, not just to the characters but to the audience. Every scene one of them is in is extremely tense.

7. Unique setting that isn’t exactly fantasy and isn’t sci-fi.

8. The world’s “magic” has all of it’s rules explained so characters can’t manifest abilities you’ve never seen before without it being logical or foreshadowed.

9. Lots of tragic backstories, but the story has a light tone, and doesn’t try to be dark for no reason.

10. Never afraid to kill off characters, no matter how important, but gives lots of importance to every death that does happen so none of them feel “cheap”.

12. Romantic plotlines that don’t feel forced or boring. No love triangle nonsense to be seen.

13. Side characters that are actually given importance to the overall plot and are given their own characterizations and motivations.

14. Multiple badass female characters.

15. Midwifery being presented as awesome.

16. Gender norms being subverted left and right. Giant, muscly men full of emotions and tears. Women with majestic, long hair that have killed before and will kill again.

17. Deals with race, genocide and the aftermath of war, showing both sides of the conflict.

18. Doesn’t take itself too seriously. Contains the most masterful humorous to emotional tone shifts I have ever seen. They feel seamless.

19. Well choreographed combat scenes with innovative tactics abound.

20. This is subjective, but there are many, many scenes that are sad, or thought provoking, or spine-chilling. It’s a series that constantly shocks and amazes, even on rewatches.

21. AMAZING ending. You’ve heard of 2 episode climaxes. You’ve heard of 4 episode climaxes (hello, Avatar the Last Airbender). Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a 15 EPISODE CLIMAX. That’s 5 straight hours of finale that literally NEVER GETS BORING.

22. Incredible philosophy.

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Care to share why your anti CW Betty? You're entitled to your opinion but im curious to know why

Yeah dude! Here’s a short list:

1) The entire show is suddenly centered around her and her problems. Like, I get it, she has an unbelievably stressful and terrifying life but my boi Jughead over here is struggling with homelessness and his drunken father and his broken family?? And Ronnie is still struggling with the sudden loss of her dad??? And Archie is a victim of sexual abuse and trying to find himself???? Girl, I know you got it rough but you’re not the only one.
2) A follow up of the previous reason, this is RIVERDALE; this is a show about all of the main characters (that means that’s supposed to include Josie and Cheryl too) but it’s still basically a Betty Double Digest. One of the writers of the show also said she’s their favorite character which is why the entire plot revolves around her.
3) She is literally a Mary Sue. I think the writers were trying to make this fantastic, groundbreaking character arc from her but in episode one she was too afraid to try on a new lipstick shade and then suddenly in episode six she’s ransacking her mom’s purse and breaking into cars. That’s not a character arc that’s just the writers hopping from one personality to another.
4) Every other character is constantly villainized to make Betty’s character look better. Archie is portrayed as this complete asshole because he doesn’t feel romantically towards her??? She acted entitled to his affection just because she’s known him the longest???? Calm tf down like I get it, that sucks, but you can’t just blame him for it.
5) In the comics, she’s not like the ultimate character she is here. This is just because I’ve lived off of the comics since forever, but she’s suddenly got all of the best character traits leaving all the other characters to be portrayed as incomplete, the problematic fav, or just an antagonist. Like she suddenly has Veronica’s confidence, Juggie’s sass, Reggie’s complete devotion to his friends, etc. that just rubbed me wrong.
6) Torturing and almost killing a man is not “girl power” it’s just attempted homicide I’m sorry guys
7) She’s being paired with literally the only canon asexual (and seemingly aro) character I’ve ever seen and that makes me so angry

That’s just a few lmao

Crazy Naomi and Junchiro theory

Okay, so I just thought of something involving Junichiro and Naomi. What we’re told is that Junichiro has the ability ‘light snow’, and Naomi doesn’t have one at all. Well the latest few chapters got me thinking of how abilities work. We recently learned that Elise herself is Moris ability. She has powers and apparently is configured by Mori. Therefore she does whatever he says. Then there’s Junichiro and Naomi, who’s relationship looking back on it, is very similar to Elise and Mori.

Junichiro is super powerful being able to take on Hirotsu, Gin, and Tachichara all at once. He stands out so much that even both Hirotsu and Mori took note of this. Everything he is shown to be able to do is far above most other ability users. And yet he never uses it to its full potential

So where am i going with this? To put it simply, Junichiro himself may be Naomis ability. It seems odd, but there are a surprising number of things supporting the idea. For instance, they claim to be siblings, but just a glance at them is enough to see how they may not be as closely related as they act. Even characters in the show point this out.

Like Mori with Elise, Junichiro does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for Naomi. He cooks for her,  he protects her, kills anyone if it means keeping her safe, and their ahem… *cough*relationship*cough* No matter how you look at it, Junichiro has an undying loyalty to Naomi alone, and she knows this. He compares his love for Naomi to those who worship god. He would gladly watch the world burn if it’s for her(actual quote he says).

Going back to Naomi’s physical appearance, she actually has more of a resemblance to two other characters in the show than he does with Junichiro… Gin and Akutagawa.


Most likely not, but it’s definitely not impossible. I wrote it off in my mind as a coincidence with the black hair/gray eye/pale skin combo. But it actually has some credibility. Gin and Naomi even are shown together in the BSD artbook! I can’t read japanese, so I don’t know if there is any meaning to it(maybe there is). But these two are completely random characters to appear together like this.

There was actually a backstory written for Akutagawa that was written in volume 6 called ‘A Heartless Dog’. It’s about Akutagawa taking care of Gin and 8 other orphans who were all killed by the mafia, where Gin and Akutagawa being the only survivors. So how would Naomi fit into this? She could have been one of the orphans, or maybe even Akutagawa and Gins youngest sibling. She could have awakened her ability and saved herself, thus creating junichiro. We know Gin/Akutagawa absolutely despise their past and Naomi/Junichiros past is a complete mystery. So there might actually be some connection there…

Most people already know this, but Naomi’s character is actually based off the main character of the book ‘A Fool’s Love’ which was written by real life Junichiro Tanizaki. So what if the manga is going with a reverse route where this time Junichiro is the fictional character created by Naomi. This wouldn’t be the first time bungou stray dogs does this as something Similar happened with Akutagawa and Dazai. With the real life counterparts, Akutagawa was Dazai’s idol!

I don’t have a clue whether it’s true or not, but I thought it was too interesting not to share.

How to hate on Gency 101

1. Be disgusted by the erasure of sexual orientation. Find out that many Gency fans are not straight. Call them “straighties” anyway.

2. Find out that many Gency shippers ship homosexual ships as well, such as Mchanzo and Pharmmetra. Call them homophobic anyway.

3. Understand that Gency is an interracial ship and that Asian men are rarely paired romantically with white women in American culture. Ignore these merits and call the ship racist anyway.

4. Agree that writers shouldn’t necessarily give into pressure based on fans flooding them with comments and popularity polls. Many writers have made unpopular decisions that you agree with like killing off a character or making a lead in their next work female. Ignore this and get mad that Michael Chu won’t make ships canon based on popularity anyway.

5. Be a huge advocate against racism. Believe Michael Chu identifies as Genji just because they are both Asian anyway.

6. Tag Gency hate in the Gency tag and write long posts about how terrible the fans and ship are. When Gency fans respond, call them “toxic” anyway.

7. Rage about your ship not being canon. When a Gency fan responds, say, “The straights are angry” anyway. Return to ranting a minute later.

8. Love that Michael Chu and the writers made Overwatch’s mascot character a lesbian. Treat Michel Chu like a homophobe anyway.

9. Understand that Mercy is no longer Genji’s doctor. Treat it as an unethical doctor x patient relationship anyway.

If you’ve managed all nine steps then… CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to take your hatred for Gency to the next level. 

‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Finale: Creators Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz Talk Cast, Happy Endings & Season 7

Deadline spoke to Kitsis and Horowitz Friday, two days before the finale and just hours after word spread of the major cast overhaul.

DEADLINE: Big day for you guys today, and I’m sure it wasn’t all easy. Bring us up to speed on what happened with the cast. I watched the finale, and it seems that this had to have been planned all along, with the characters really bringing the story we’ve been watching to an end.

HOROWITZ: It has been planned for a very long time, so while the announcements came today, they were a long time coming. We had reached a point where we felt like it was time to close certain chapters in the book that we were telling and to take some risks and move forward. And try to continue the spirit of what the show is but really find new ways to tell stories. That meant some characters would stay and some would go. We love our cast. We think we’ve been blessed with the best cast in television. So you know, it’s…it’s been an interesting time, you know.

KITSIS: We went into this season knowing this would be Josh and Ginny, as much as they love the show, they wanted to return to LA so we knew that they weren’t going to be regulars. So we’ve had a year to kind of plan what season 7 – and the ending of this year – would look like.

DEADLINE: Was there any thought given to having the same actors play different characters, like an an anthology, like…

KITSIS: Like American Horror Story? We talked about that, but we didn’t feel that it was right for our show because the truth is, is you know we still love writing Rumplestiltskin. We still love these characters and the audience has grown to love them over six seasons, so we didn’t want to do a complete reset/reboot. What we wanted to do was expand the universe and start telling new stories and new worlds with new characters but have some of our characters, who we’ve loved for six years, be the heroes of that journey.

DEADLINE: So there are three actors (Parrilla, Carlyle, O’Donoghue) that are staying, and I assume whatever happens next season is going to sort of be built around them, then built out with new characters?

HOROWITZ: Yeah, I think that’s a fair assessment. Obviously those three are very important to the storytelling we have planned for next season, as is Andrew West as the adult version of Henry, so it’s really four returning characters. And then there’s Allison Fernandez as his daughter, so that becomes kind of the core we’re building around.

We’re not ready to make any formal announcements yet, but we’re planning that there will be more regulars added to the mix and probably more recurring characters as we build out the universe of this iteration of the show.

DEADLINE: What kind of characters will we be seeing? Characters from stories we’ve grown up with? Entirely new characters?

KITSIS: I would say we’ll continue our policy of that mashup. As we’ve said, when we started the show it was like being 12-year-olds taking toys off the shelf. So we will continue to pull from the world of Disney, the world of fairy tales, the world of literature and story…

DEADLINE: And One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…

KITSIS: Yeah, we’ve had six years of a Cuckoo’s Nest reference. So we’ll continue to do it all.

HOROWITZ: We have some ideas that we think will be a lot of fun, that we want to surprise the audience with next season, but yeah, it’s that mashup quality, like the original recipe of  What if Snow White was friends with Red Riding Hood? That kind of stuff is so much fun to us, and it’s cool that we’re going to continue that kind of storytelling.

DEADLINE: What can you tell me about the Lucy character?

HOROWITZ: Well, I think her lineage and who her mother is and how that all fits into our story is a big part of what the show will be next season, so we obviously don’t want to give away that stuff now. But I think in the tradition of what we’ve done over the years, it will be steeped in fairy tale and storytelling mythology.

DEADLINE: What about baby Gideon? How does he fit into the timeline?

KITSIS: We found our happy endings [for some characters] but there are people we still want to know about. Those are all the kinds of things that for us are going to be episodes for next year, so we don’t really want to talk about it yet. We’re just kind of getting into that. But we still have some loose ends with some characters and we’re not going to completely disregard those questions.

DEADLINE: And in terms of logistics back in the real world, when do you guys start writing? When does all this get going?

HOROWITZ: We’ve already started. We’ve already had the writers in and we’ve been working already so yeah, we’re in it.

DEADLINE: Do you have a return date yet?

HOROWITZ: Currently we’re on the same schedule we’ve always been. I mean, obviously we don’t know what the ABC schedule is. They haven’t announced the plans and premieres and all that but as far as our production work schedule…

KITSIS: Production schedule has been the same every year. We start writing in June, we start shooting in July and we run that marathon 22 episodes later all the way to April.

DEADLINE: Are you guys going to be at the upfronts?

KITSIS: Lana. Lana Parilla I believe is going to be there for on behalf of the show.

DEADLINE: Tell me the ending of the finale – when did all that start taking shape? A year ago did you know where you were going?

HOROWITZ: I would say it’s been many years, in the sense of we’ve had this idea of how we wanted to end these stories. The specificity of how it would happen started to take shape last summer as we started to plan Season 6, and Eddie and I have had a pretty strong vision of what that final act for Season 6 would be.

I think the guiding principle was that it’s not happy endings, it’s seeing these people in their lives and knowing that they’re going on and have found some measure of happiness. Just like the way we started the whole show with an iconic happy ending – Snow White being awoken by Prince Charming, to tell the audience, wait, that actually isn’t the ending. The story goes on. That’s what we were attempting to do here at the end.

DEADLINE: Was there any consideration of any characters actually dying? When I saw Prince Charming fall, I’m thinking they’re not really going to kill him off, are they?

KITSIS: Not really. We were on the journey. We loved these characters. It’s a show about hope, so you know we’ve made sacrifices throughout the way but it felt like it was time for them to get their due.

HOROWITZ: We’ve always said that the show can be dark but we don’t ever want it to be bleak…

KITSIS: …and Prince Charming dying at the end felt bleak, yeah.


Arrow's Stephen Amell Reflects on Adrian Chase Arc, Says Season 6 Has a 'Maturity I'm Really Proud Of'

Oliver Queen is “smiling a lot more” in Season 6 of The CW’s Arrow. And so, in turn, is series star Stephen Amell.

Coming off what he recently ranked as his second-favorite season ever (trailing only the freshman run), Amell likes what he is seeing thus far of Season 6, which premieres Oct. 12 on a new night — Thursdays at 9/8c, leading out of Supernatural.

Shortly after regaling the crowd at the NY/NJ Heroes & Villains Fan est (of which he is a co-founder, and where during a panel Q&A he teased another trick arrow and a spoiler-tastic new voiceover), Amell spoke with TVLine about the thrill of the (Adrian) Chase, Season 6’s newfound “maturity” and the new wrinkle awaiting Oliver and Felicity (if, you know, his lady survived that explosive finale).

TVLINE | From the panel, it seems that you obviously hold Season 5 in high regard — and that was a fantastic season. I even had people at work who don’t watch the show but tuned in for the finale saying, “That was a helluva finale.”

I like that.

TVLINE | What about Season 5 do you think worked so well?

I think that Season 5 began in earnest with a dinner that [Arrowverse executive producer] Greg Berlanti and I had just after the conclusion of Season 4. We’ve built out a really interesting universe on The CW, and I think that there are things that we [on Arrow] do better than everybody else. Supergirl has a bigger budget for VFX, I think, and it has aliens all the time, and The Flash is super power-laden, and Legends travels through time. We are best when we stay within the limits of Star City.

TVLINE | You’re on the streets.

Yeah, we’re on the streets. I said, “You know, I think that there’s a lot of things that we do well,” and Greg goes, “I would agree,” and I go, “Can we do those things?” Doing a show is like a relationship, right? You get in. It’s hot and heavy. Things are going great. You move in together. And then one partner turns to the other and says, “You know, you haven’t been to the gym in a bit….” That to me was us. If we’re going to do this show, let’s really do it. Let’s be morally ambiguous with the characters and make it more three-dimensional and put killing back on the table, let’s move away from trying to be like everyone else. Let’s focus on being Arrow.

TVLINE | Coming off such a strong season and now that we’re away from the flashback framework the show had been operating with, do you feel that Season 6 is kind of pivotal? That there’s something to prove?

I don’t think that there’s anything to prove. I wouldn’t call having to do the flashbacks a hindrance by any means, but we did have to do them. And that’s nine-ish minutes of screen time per episode that can be devoted to…. At the risk of spoiling what happens, at the end of Season 5 I don’t think that we’ve ever had a deeper roster of talent on the show and a more capable group of actors to build out what’s going on in Star City. So I don’t think we really have anything to prove. I’ve been really impressed [with Season 6]; there’s a really pivotal moment at the end of our second episode and when I saw it I thought to myself, “OK, this is interesting. Are we going to follow through with it?” And we really do. We followed through with it. There’s a maturity there that I’m very proud of.

TVLINE | One thing we do know about Season 6 is that William (played by Jack Moore) will be a part of Oliver’s life. Is exploring that paternal side exciting for you as an actor, this new facet of a character that you know so well, or was there somewhat of a concern that “there’s a kid in the mix now”?

First of all, I’d be a little more worried if [Oliver’s son] was like five or six, but we’re playing him as like a sixth or seven grader. Jack has been super equal to the task and it’s just been great. I remember when I read the [premiere] and it was just a bunch of Oliver calling William “Sport.” Like, “Hey, Sport!” And I got [co-showrunner] Wendy Mericle on the phone and she goes, “I know what you’re going to say. I know what you’re going to say. Oliver’s never going to call him Sport. You find what you’re comfortable calling him. It can be what you call your [own] kid, it can be ‘Buddy,’ it doesn’t matter.”

Immediately after that my first full day of work was a full day with Jack, and I was really taken with it — and, you take this with a grain of salt, apparently the studio and the network were really taken with it, too. So I think it’s a really interesting dynamic for Oliver to have to examine.

TVLINE | Having Manu Bennett back for the finale was so critical. It gave everything such weight and resonance. How would you characterize the Oliver/Slade relationship moving forward? Frenemies? Something more?

I wouldn’t say frenemies. I think that one of the things we really focus on is that Slade Wilson, throughout the course of the Season 2 flashbacks and what we saw present day, was drugged. He was a character that was under the influence of something. So now we are back, Oliver believes, to the version of Slade that we met in Season 1.

TVLINE | Slade regained some clarity.

Yeah, and then became a comrade, and a confidant, and an ally of Oliver’s. That being said, there are certain things that you cannot un-see, and certain things that you cannot undo. So I can think that he is honorable, and I can look to him for help, and I can maybe even trust him, but I can’t really forgive him. Which doesn’t mean that I’m angry, just again — certain things you can’t un-see.

TVLINE | Same goes for Thea (Willa Holland) if she’s alive. She has something to say about that.

Exactly right.

TVLINE | Kirk Acevedo, who has been cast as a version of Richard Dragon, played such a sonuvabitch on Kingdom this past season. How different would you say—

Haven’t seen him and haven’t worked with him yet [as of this Sept. 17 interview]. It’s really interesting this year. There are a number of big-time players that I have yet to have a scene with.

TVLINE | Wendy seemed really excited about — and this is somebody you have worked with — Samanda Watson, the FBI Agent character.

Sydelle Noel (GLOW) has been really, really, really fun to work with.

TVLINE | In what ways is she a unique adversary for Oliver? I mean, people have tried to connect the dots before.

Oliver can’t so much as open his mouth to say boo without her bulls–t detector going off. She is thoroughly and utterly convinced of exactly what he is, and the ironic and funny thing about that is, of course, she’s precisely right.

Yeah. Yeah. I saw [The Fugitive] in the theater, and if we can create that dynamic…The only problem is I’m not actually innocent! I’m totally guilty, but yeah, she is dogging me — and not just me. The interesting thing about her character is she doesn’t just put one piece together. She puts alllll the pieces together.

TVLINE | What does Oliver see and feel when he looks at Black Siren (returning series regular Katie Cassidy), and vice versa?

Oliver is, ironically, the most hopeful one despite the fact that she allied herself with Adrian Chase — who had offered to break her out of prison, so I understand where she’s coming from. But the fact is he’s sort of hopeful, “If there’s a bit of Laurel in there, I want to find it.” He’s more empathetic to the struggles for [Quentin] Lance, you know, and anyone that has a history with Laurel. He knows that [Black Siren] is not a good person necessarily, but he hopeful that there’s something in there.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, Oliver to her is nothing.


TVLINE | The team really took its lumps in Season 5. Emerging from the Adrian Chase crucible, is there a kind of a restored confidence?

There is with Oliver. I mean, I bristle at the notion that all of a sudden he’s, like, smiley and happy-go-lucky. But I think that there’s a way to fill Oliver with a little more contentment without domesticating him in the way that we did a bit in Season 4. With a lot of the ways that he approaches things now, he just seems a lot more comfortable in his own skin.

You know, the most transformative moment in my eyes, for Oliver, was before everything happened. He had the opportunity to kill Chase and he simply says, “That’s who I was. That’s not who I am anymore.” And if the underlying issue really was blaming himself for his father’s death and he has forgiven himself, he has absolved himself of that, and that’s led to a lot of brighter days for me this year.

TVLINE | In a scenario where Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) did survive the Lian Yu explosion, are there new places for her and Oliver to go to in their relationship that we haven’t seen in the first five seasons?

Well yeah, of course, because Oliver’s a package deal now. It’s Oliver and William, right? So yeah, there are definitely places where we can take it.

TVLINE | And lastly, for this year’s crossover how do we one-up aliens?

The thing that I will tell you about the crossover is that for the very first time…. You know, when we first did them it was just Arrow and Flash, it was kind of simple. And even when we did them last year, it was like, “We’re doing an episode of Supergirl, and then an episode of Flash, and then an episode of Arrow, and then an episode of Legends.” This year it is a four-hour movie. The note that I got when I was speaking with one of our producers is, “When you tune in, aside from the opening graphic, stylistically, if you didn’t know what order the shows were in, you shouldn’t be able to tell.” Like, it’s just one through line.

Reasons Why They Won’t Kill Off Steve Harrington So Let’s Stop Talking About It

I told you guys I’d write it, so here’s the top ten reasons why the idiot Steve Harrington is surviving Season 2.

1) This season is clearly going to mirror the first season in terms of who it follows.  Though there are other plots and characters being introduced, they have two major problems to deal with: Eleven’s absence and Will’s situation. Ending a season like that with Steve’s death would most likely disrupt that flow and take away from our emotional appeal towards the kids

2) As of now, half of the fandom still hates Steve.  Even if they manage to change more minds in season 2, it’d be much smarter to wait until there would be more of an emotional pull towards his death.  

3) The Duffers aren’t lazy when it comes to plot.  They’re not going to kill off Steve so that he’s out of the way for Nancy and Jonathan.  They’re just not. And if they did, do you imagine people would really be satisfied with that? Nancy’s not the type of person to wait for her first boyfriend to die before getting with her other guy.  

4) Speaking of Nancy- she already lost her best friend, and killing off her boyfriend would honestly be pushing it in terms of angst against her.  It would feel forced, like they’re just trying to torture her.  

5) Not really a reason, but anyone who’s saying that the introduction of Billy points towards killing off of Steve, well, let’s be real.  Television can have as many white straight-presenting male characters as they want. I’m just being honest.

6) He just got promoted to a main character.  This isn’t necessarily proof, of course they can kill off mains, but I would guess they’d let him last at least a bit longer in the forefront before pulling the cord.

7) Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve aren’t going to be a perfect trio in season 2, or at least I don’t think they will be.  There’s so much tension between them that they’re most likely still going to be working things through.  Maybe they’ll get there by the end of s2, but maybe not.  That’s a good dynamic to work off of, and three is a magic number when it comes to protagonists (think of all the trios in fiction) and I’m sure the Duffers will want to actually get them to that point before killing off anyone, and I just don’t think that’ll happen by season 2.

8) Steve Harrington only just started to develop as a character.  He has a long way to go.  A long way.  And while there is the possibility of some heroic death to help him achieve that final step of becoming a good person… I don’t know, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  He’s not that good.  They like making him three-dimensional, as they do with all their characters, and having him suddenly play the martyr seems unrealistic.

9) (Besides, the only person he might try to sacrifice himself for is Nancy, who, let’s be honest, can hold her own.)

10) Joe Keery is already pretty much responsible for the complete rewrite of that character.  I’m pretty sure he could talk his way out of being killed off– have you seen his smile?  I trust Joe with Steve’s life.  Not to mention, Charlie and Natalia could probably bribe the Duffers out of it as well.  Come on.

Conclusion: Steve Harrington is not going to die so let’s please stop considering the possibility because it’s giving me anxiety and keeping me up at night.


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In the books wasn’t there 3 treasons, and one of them was a treason of love or something? Maybe daario will be danys final treason? I guess it could happen but honestly daario and Cersei just sounds odd to me. Even if he’s bitter and wants revenge, he knows exactly what dany is capable of and knows he’d be on the losing end.

Hey, anon. I’m going to use this ask to make a post about all of these “leaks” in general. Hope you don’t mind. The supposed leaks can be read here. More of my answer under the cut. 

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 Tog drinking game. Drink every time:

1) A poc is killed off to further a white characters storyline.

 2) You spot forced heteronormativity and heterosexuality. 

3) You spot an overwhelming amount of toxic masculinity. 

4) You realize vital parts of the world/story aren’t mentioned.

5) That fae society is vaguely alluded too but never actually explained. 

6) A character is described as being “unearthly beautiful” based on European beauty standards. 

7) A character is described as being unusually attractive, slim, or muscular.

8) A character is unquestionably paired up with another character of the opposite gender.

9) When a character is described as being super powerful or dangerous.

10) Shitty behavior is excused/glossed over all for the sake of pairing characters together.

people are talking about lavi being dead and not only am i disagreeing because i’d have a fucking heart attack if lavi didn’t turn up for 6 years and then we found out he died cause wtf no?? don’t do that to me?? but also because he’s hoshino’s favourite, he hasn’t had a character arc yet, and it’d be a very shitty way to kill off a main character (even if he has been missing for 6 goddamn years lol)

2017 is the year for epic TV ship reunions.

After the last few years of shows religiously killing off main characters, this year we’re finally getting what we deserve as fans. All our beautiful ships separated by either death or some other tragic reason (that had nothing to do w/ them moving on w/ other people) coming back to each other.

And honestly? I could cry.

Look at all the pretty:

-Elena waking up (after 5-7 years) to be with Damon.

-Davina being resurrected (after 5-6 years) to be with Kol.

-Mary reuniting with Francis in the afterlife.

-Barry returning to Iris after going into the speed force (it’s happening this fall guys, it is. They will not be mean & wait till 4B).

-Elijah reuniting w/ Hayley after being “dead” for five years (even though they’re going through a rough patch rn).

-Snow & Charming waking up from their joint sleeping curse (that lasted MONTHS) to be together.

-Lydia breaking through a supernatural barrier to bring Stiles back just by remembering him. (Again, MONTHS)


I just… I feel so BLESSED rn.

On the Subject of Arya and Sansa and Forced Conflict

Today on Lessons from Game of Thrones let’s talk about FORCED CONFLICT-

Everyone is pretty mad about all the Stark sister drama going on right now. Rightly so, too. Even though I’m sure it’s going to get resolved in the finale with some sweet, sweet Littlefinger death, it still seems unnecessary to have these tense scenes. And while some distrust from the sisters is entirely natural considering their compicated relationship, these scenes seem down right excessive. And there’s a reason why!

The Characters Refuse To Say Anything That Will Deescalate Conflict

I have conflict anxiety. As such, I’m very good at figuring out what to say to bring down a conflict. When watching a show, therefore, I know what the proper, NORMAL PERSON response would be when getting into an argument. And Sansa and Arya are not doing normal person responses right now.


Arya says: “Hey sis, you’re in Mom and Dad’s old room? Why is that if Jon is the leader of Winterfell.”

There are a lot of things Sansa could say in this situation. She could, for example, explain things and say. “Yeah I know. I wanted Jon to have it but he insisted because he doesn’t feel like a Stark. I told him that was stupid but you know him.”

This response would descelate conflict as it is honest and also shows that Sansa is on Jon’s side. This could help lower the tension. Instead Sansa doesn’t answer the question. She asks why Arya is angry and instead of just putting her fears to rest she answers as if she’s guilty or something which she’s NOT.

Arya accuses her of wanting power. Wanting Jon’s power. Sansa could say “I just want to keep people alive. I offered power to Bran when he returned but he couldn’t. I wish Jon were here but he rode off. I’m doing the best I can.”

Instead she doesn’t respond at all. She, by all accounts, acts guilty even though she ISN’T which added fuel to the fire.

This is the real problem here. While Arya is being kind of dumb and distrustful, Sansa is NOT giving her reason to think otherwise. This is not Sansa’s fault, this is shitty character writing that is meant to draw out the conflict. It continues into episode 6.

Arya accuses Sansa of helping to kill their father and reads the letter. Sansa does not explain the situation. Does not explain that she thought is was the only way to save their father and that she was naive at the time. She does not explain how she got down on her knees in front of the king and made the best plea she could think of to save her family. She simply says ‘she was a child’, which is an excuse that won’t fly with Arya.

When Arya and Sansa say that the other “wouldn’t have survived what they did” Sansa does not go into detail. She doesn’t tell her sister about how Joffery threatened to shoot her with a cross bow or had his guards beat her. Or how she was married off twice, once to Ramsay fucking Bolton. She doesn’t explain any of that, but instead jumps to “You should be on your knees thanking me because I saved the Starks.” What does THAT have to do with anything? It’s an inflammatory statement that was very out of character for Sansa.

Because of all of this, the scenes just keep getting worse until the last terrible bit where Arya plays ‘the lying game’ and freaks her sister out. This is where Arya refuses to explain the faces or anything else because…well there is no reason. It’s just to creep Sansa out more and escalate the conflict. And while this will all get solved next episode, it didn’t need to be a problem in the first place.

When your audience can make up ten different better responses to a question than the writers, it’s clear the dialogue isn’t natural but rather just made to make a tense scene that doesn’t need to be there. THAT’S why the writing is so bad. Because the real characters would have worked this out a long time ago.

But anyway…looking forward to seeing this unnecessary drama end.

Updated! Lance Theories/Endgame - Spoilers

I am personally uncomfortable with the amount of hints that Lance may die.

Maybe I’m locked into Keith’s space magic or maybe I’m reading into things but I think the show runners are building Lance’s character up this season and next to take him away and give the team their Mulan hair-cutting moment to torch the Galra empire out of love/revenge for Lance’s loss.

Proof below. Please talk me out of this depressing af theory.

1. Lance saves Coran without knowing him. If he can do this while being a charismatic flirt/obnoxious goofball what could he do when he’s a mature, serious right-hand Paladin?

2. Lance likes the idea of his mind being transferred to an AI if he dies.

3. He has repeated moments of vulnerability and insecurity about his worth as a paladin that are clearly a big deal and unresolved. (See Dos Santos and Montgomery interview from 8/3 - his insecurities are one of the most important and longest character arcs for any of the paladins. Keith heard Lance’s worries but he didn’t resolve or validate them.)

With this underlying thought that the team has to come first and that he isn’t one of their best soldiers, I can see Lance risking his life to save the team. And he’s now in the Red Lion, the lion that relies on instinct over skill - Keith has always been the most skilled while Lance uses his intuition to think on the fly and respond quickly. That’s how he saved Coran and could save the team even if he costs him his life. Especially now that he is in the fastest lion - Keith couldn’t catch him even if he wanted to.

4. Shiro has always been the guy to watch for death risk given his past, the series’ past, and his captures. But Shiro (and Sven) has faced death so many times it’d be very underwhelming and overdone to actually lose him. Lance has enough sadness and ties to his family and Earth that he could easily be the tragic figure that shakes the team up. And rather than kill off a beloved fan favorite since the beginning it would be more shocking to kill off the character who has to work harder to compensate for lack of skill and change and grow into being a paladin.

5. Keith is becoming increasingly reliant on his counsel and temperament, it would be a heavy blow for him as well as the team and the kind of event that would require the team to push harder than ever to make the Galra pay.

6. Lance is low key noble, supportive, and considerate. The show runners said they were surprised at how much fans didn’t like Lance is S1 and as a Lance Stan I agree. His personality is clearly overcompensating for his insecurities and when we see him in the background or throwaway scenes, we see the sweet younger brother who cares about others with his whole heart.

(Quick rundown: protecting Pidge from Iverson’s ire, asking her what’s up with Kerberos, rescuing Shiro, opening up to Blue, playing with the Arusians and wanting to knit them sweaters, being vulnerable with Coran, saving Coran, helping Pidge fight Sendak, his naivety with Nyma, wanting to buy Allura a present, helping Pidge with the game system, caring for Kaltenecker and feeding the mice, helping the mermaids fight in a rebellion, hearing Queen Luxia out, not getting irritated with Slav or the Yupper - see Shiro’s reaction, acknowledging the other paladins’ gifts, respecting the Black Lion’s choice, motivating Keith after he had made bad decisions, acting as Keith’s conscious, respecting Allura and the Blue Lion even if he still wanted to pilot his beloved Blue, opening up to Keith despite their ‘rivalry,’ treating Hunk like family, and not letting his personal feelings come before Voltron anymore, sticking up for the Blade of Marmora.)

7. With Lance’s loss the team would be shaken again and Shiro could be the Red Lion pilot. I don’t see him as going back to the Black Lion given that all this mindfuckery is clearly shaking his confidence. I do see that he has always been the mentor or right hand man to Keith and though.

8. Jeremy Shada said Lance dies as a joke but… yeah I can see it happening.

9. There are six Paladins and five Lions. If he died they could still form Voltron with Keith or Shiro in Black or Red since Allura bonded with Blue.

10. Lance didn’t connect with Red because of the qualities it looks for, he connected because his behavior was the same as the behavior of its creator and first Paladin, Alfor. King Alfor sacrificed his life to protect Voltron. When Allura talks to him about her father look how serious he is and grave and almost sad. It’s like he’s taking on a mantle or mission that has one end. Lance is now acting like the paladin willing to die for the cause. Lance is now willing to die for Voltron. And I’d bet money that if he does die, he’ll die protecting Allura, just like Alfor.

I kind of worry that Lance will be at risk the more development we get, especially given that we’ve been told his arc is important and the longest. This writing team has killed people off before, even character that fans like (Jet in ATLA had a change of heart before dying).

I think they want to create a character that may annoy people with his silliness only to show that by the end he is the heart of the team and his death is the most impactful. Which is pretty innovative but I don’t want it to happen!! Tl;dr don’t call Lance the heart of Voltron! Look what happened to Jean Grey!!!

i’m in a really tough spot right now. i want to keep watching and supporting star trek discovery because it’s the first show in the franchise to have a black woman as their lead character, and star trek does NOT have a good track record with giving black women complex personalities/identities/development, adequate screen time, or really anything at all beyond filling out a barebones quota of “diversity.” before the reboots came out and we got alternate universe uhura, the only recurring black women in the franchise were original series uhura, guinan on TNG, and kasidy yates on DS9. that’s 4 characters total, and 2 of them are technically the same person. in a franchise that’s over 50 years old, has 6 different shows and 13 movies……that’s not good. so creating a show and centering it around michael burnham and her own story has actually been quite refreshing. 

all that being said, this doesn’t excuse the SECOND death of a main woman of color in 4 EPISODES. that’s 1 major woc death per every 2 EPISODES. i’m quite frankly disgusted that CBS has the guile to openly preach about how important “diversity” is to them at the same time as killing off not one but TWO women of color in leading roles, not to mention that BOTH of them held very high-ranking positions (georgiou was captain and landry was commander) and had been set up to have some potentially great story arcs, especially given their interactions with michael. 

so here’s the dilemma: do i continue watching/supporting a show that willingly kills of its main women of color without a second thought (KNOWING and HATING the fact that this has become a pattern for them), or do i stop watching this show entirely, let it tank into the ground, and give CBS all the more reason to suspect discovery’s failure was because their main character was a black woman rather than people being rightfully disgusted with how they were treating their other main woc? keep in mind that the majority of the fandom is old cishet white men who have been ragging on this show ever since the casting announcements were made last year, and a good half of the fandom elsewhere has never even once given this show a chance BECAUSE of the black woman lead. not to mention that CBS’s new streaming service has vastly impeded people’s accessibility to this show, so it’s not like the show was exactly set up for success in the first place anyway.

women of color trekkies, what do you think is the right thing to do here? i want to support your thoughts and feelings above my own (rapidly decaying) desire to continue supporting a show that does things like this. 

(please rb if you can to help get the word out, but refrain from commenting if you aren’t a woman of color)

anonymous asked:

for the character meme of you haven't been asked, how about Panchito?

1: sexuality headcanon: My first instinct is to say ‘considers himself straight but ends up finding out he’s not when he finds love with another gender’. Mica was right, this IS one of my go to preferences. …. Just because it’s pointed out to me doesn’t mean I’m changing my answer, though. I support flexible sexuality, and being on a spectrum. 

2: otp: YOOOOOOO, it’s yo boys– Jose’ and Panchito! Bringing to ya all the fun and excitement you’ll ever need. 

3: brotp: And then you add Donald to the mix. Wash, rinse, repeat– YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A GOOD TIME

4: notp: None

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: He’s amazing with his shooting skills. He can hit a target even if he’s not looking at it. Also in the Adult Cartoon AU that @micaxiii and I have, he Jose’ and Donald play at the bar Jose’ works at. Their band name is, you guessed it, ‘The Three Caballeros’. 

Also this isn’t a headcanon, it’s just fact: Panchito thinks Donald is amazing. He’s the responsible family man. He looks up to Donald for being able to do that. And I think that’s sweet. To Jose’ and him they just see the best guy around.

6: one way in which I relate to this character: I also get excited whenever I see Donald Duck

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: He needs to not laugh off possible dangers. You’re gonna get yourself killed with that YOLO life style, buddy.

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Problematic Pistol Popper

Questions for the Supernatural Writers

Y'all, I get that comic con is quite a ways away. But here’s a list of questions that I would love to be asked at the supernatural comic con panel held this year in August. Please add more if you’d like, and I’ll add more as I think of them.

1) why did Eileen and Charlie, modicums of wonderful diversity and representation, have to die to increase Winchester manpain and angst?

2) why did Eileen have to die by the one thing she couldn’t have stopped given that hellhounds can only be heard and she’s deaf? Why was her disability used so horrifically against her? Was it necessary to not give her a fighting chance, or any chance at all?

3) why did Rowena have to die a horrible off screen death and not even be given the honour of being shown fighting?

4) Are you prejudiced against women?

5) Why does the most amount of episodes a female character, i.e. rowena has been in come nowhere close to the amount of episodes Bobby, the most frequently appearing male character apart from the four leads has been in?

5) Why does the show not have one leading heroine?

6) All four leads of the show are straight white males, females are almost exclusively treated as love interests, any sort of diversity is killed off, usually in a gruesome manner. My question is: what century does supernatural think it’s in?

7) you preach the message ‘family don’t end in blood’ but why do the Winchesters’ family outside of blood ALWAYS meet their end in blood? Why aren’t they given the chance to have a non blood-related family?

8) Why didn’t you learn from season 10 and listen to fans when they told you not to kill off representation, and instead went ahead and killed off Eileen Leahy?

9) Why wasn’t there enough time given to Mary’s character to be fleshed out properly instead of having her be demonised by the fandom since we didn’t see enough of her to understand her?

10) Why do you so often rely on shock-value instead of interesting story-telling?

11) Will Billie’s death, Death’s death, and The Empty ever be addressed on the show again? Because they seemed like pretty important plot points

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Everyone supposedly found out Beth was being killed off while filming 5x07. But they had filmed with Emily in that white house already at that time. How come? Thanks for answering me xxx

Some of the cast filmed with Emily at the white houses because TPTB had Emily film some Beth scenes early. There is a lot of missing footage from season 5, as well as some from seasons 6 and 7 (X), and it makes sense that the show would have Emily film most of her stuff during season 5 before her character’s “death” was aired. It would help to prevent spoilers and to preserve continuity between scenes. These scenes would likely serve as flashbacks similar to Morgan’s episode, Here’s Not Here. I go back and forth, as a part of me thinks that these scenes will be used as a miniseries that would air after Beth’s return. There’s just so much footage we know of, and a lot that was implied due to Emily’s schedule for the last three summers and disappearances from social media.

The main cast is all in on it. If they filmed with Emily besides her aired scenes, and we know they did do to photographic and witness evidence, they would have seen Beth’s third scar. They know. Hence why the cast and crew rarely talk of Beth and only in specific contexts. Heck, Seth Gilliam was extremely nervous talking about the identity of Boots, and he shouldn’t have been as he was supposedly confirming Tamiel being Boots. But he would be nervous if Boots was Beth and he had to help maintain the lie while on national television. I hope this all helps, anon. :)

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Imma go ahead right now and give TF writers credit for SHOWing us in the premiere ep what Iris has been going through for the past 6 months and how conflicted and scared she is at the prospect of trying to getting Barry out of the SF and failing and perhaps never seeing/being with him again off the strength of these promos, especially since there will be relationship issues between them beyond ep1. I mean, I feel like that's a big step up for them regarding Iris' character development.

I mean, IDK how much I love how STRONG she is being played up by Joe, but I appreciate any time we get to see her be vulnerable and have FEELINGS about things, and I know Candice is gonna kill it acting-wise. 

Writing prompts

1. “Take off your panties then we’ll talk”
2. “I am so mad at you miss!”
3. “No you’re not going. ”
4. “You always have the fun.”
5. “If you don’t shut the fuck up and go to sleep, I will kill you myself. ”
6. “That’s a hell of a way to die.”
7.“get me a burger baby?”
8. “I’m sorry he’s gone, I miss him too.”
9. “Please don’t go. ”
10. “I’m sorry for being a jerk.”

Request any character