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Music asks, personalized list

1. A Song you’re ashamed of liking
2. Favourite lyrics
3. Favourite band/artist
4. Top 5 Favourite songs at this moment
5. Latest song that made you smile
6. An overrated band
7. An overrated song
8. Latest song that made you cry
9. Artist/band that saved your life
10. If you could see any band/artist live, who would it be
11. What song/album/band/artist always brings back memories for you
12. saddest song you know
13. Favourite song to sing in the shower
14. If you played an instrument in grade school, what was it
15. What song would you like to have your first dance to at your wedding
16. 5 Songs to have sex to
17. One band you’d have get back together/bring back from the dead
18. You’re forced to listen to only one album for the rest of your life, what album is it
19. A song that gets you through shit
20. A song to shut everything out
21. A song that’s a joke between you and your friends
22. A song to jam out to at 4am
23. A song that punches you in the gut every single time
24. A song that calms you down
25. A song that makes you feel alive
26. If you could get any lyrics tattooed, which would you choose
27. What band/artist would you get your children addicted to at an early age
28. Can you play any instruments, if so, which
29. If you could be a member of any band for one show, who would it be
30. CDs or Vinyls
31. 25 songs to play at your funeral
32. What are some song titles that you love
33. If your life ended today, what song would you choose to represent it
34. Can you give me a 10 song playlist on ____
35. A heart wrenching song
36. A band/artist you’re proud of
37. A song that has a lot of meaning to you
38. A song that reminds you of school
39. A song not sung in your native language
40. An instrumental song
41. A classical song
42. A song with no percussion
43. Something you’ve heard performed live
44. Something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live
45. A song from a band/artist that’s from your town/city/state/province
46. A song made suddenly precious because of a special someone
47. A song made suddenly painful because of someone special
48. A song that demands lip syncing and a makeshift microphone
49. A song from a band/artist you met/know
50. A song that you would rock at karaoke
51. A song you can’t help but dance to
52. A song that makes you want to dance on a table
53. Your 10 song striper playlist
54. Favourite Disney song
55. A song that starts with the first letter of your name
56. A song from an artist still alive
57. A song from an artist who’s dead
58. A song you love by an artist/band you hate
59. A song you love with a colour in the title
60. A song you love with a number in the title
61. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
62. A song that needs to be played LOUD
63. A song that makes you think about life
64. 15 Songs that get suck in your head easily
65. A song that you think everyone should listen to
66. A song that makes you want to fall in love
67. A song that makes you think about ‘him/her’
68. A song that you remember from your childhood
69. A song that reminds you of you
70. Okay what’s the real answer to number 1


•Panic! at the Disco•

• “You know what, I’m gonna look them up on YouTube…”
I love doing this blog😩 So much new AMAZING music😍

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his name shall be Sunset Butt (credit to @needsmorebirds there).

Sunset Butt lives next to a lovely lakeside campground. He enjoys storing acorns and chasing female woodpeckers around. He also apparently spends less time preening than other males of his species, since he bears a hefty load of flat-flies.

If you see Sunset Butt, make sure to remind him to wash. Nobody likes a flea-ridden bird!

DIY Packer

gather your materials need 4-5 socks that are thin, if you have thick (athletic style) then maybe 2-3 (idk) and about 5 or 6 rubber bands, and a few safety pins. [you will need boxers in order to hold in place or boy shorts for feminine underwear]

stack 3 of them like this

put 3 in like this leaving the edges out (for 5.5in)
(if making a 4.5in then kinda stuff them in a bit more)

squish it a bit and making it like this where the heels of the other socks are inside but not fully in (if that makes sense)

tie it off like this with a small rubber band as tight as you can get it

find where you want the head of your packer at the toe of the sock

tie that with a rubber band careful to keep its shape

put rubber bands around like so (make sure to cover as many bumps as possible)

[if you don’t want the “balls” part then skip ahead]

roll the last sock like this

stick the rolled sock in the heel of the sock

clip the hymn of the sock as pictured leaving enough room to be able to clip to boxers

grab the edge of the underside of the “balls” as shown and clip it also as shown

[For those of you who didn’t want balls, this is where you can pick back up on the tutorial]

squish it and shape it and grab your boxers because we’re fixing to clip it in

grab your boxers and turn them inside out and where my thumb is pointing is where we’re gonna clip it

inside the hole where you take your dick to pee is a little pocket that I’ve found to be well at holding the packer in place throughout the day so its not shifting or something while it’s clipped in
stick the packer in there

now when I clip mine in, I clip it while wearing my boxers so I can position it how I need to for what feels right to me, it’s up to you on if you want to clip it while wearing the boxers or while not wearing them
**also for the last pic it has my everyday packer, vs the one I just made
[everyday packer is 4.5 (left) and the one I just made is 5.5 (right)]

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial and if you have any questions just ask!