6 7 wig


Shangrila in 6-7 “size par Amadiz


I haven’t had the chance to post her here yet, and I’ll post more pics soon (as well as edit her unboxing video), but here is my Renee! ;w; These are two of my favourite pics I took of her at Tenshi no Sato yesterday.
She’s my very first volks resin doll (although my third resin overall) and to tell the truth I was really waffling about trying to get her - I’d already fallen in love with the 2007 Renee and had given her up as the impossible grail but her rerelease wasn’t at the greatest time (because my wallet was still recovering from Brisbane…) but I’m really glad I did, because I’m really blown away by her quality. I love that she came with silicone kips in her joints preinstalled! Her face is extremely cute too. I’m not a huge fan of her default wig tbh (plus it’s extremely tight and annoying to get on) but my Renee isn’t staying like this anyway, and I already got her a new wig from Dolk in Osaka (the staff were incredibly generous and let me try the wigs on her in store so here’s a heads up in case anyone doesn’t know - even though SDC and YOSD are supposed to be the same wig size, 6-7 inch, the 6-7 wigs by Crobidoll at least were much too small and I ended up getting her a 7-8 one.

I am completely in love with the Super Dollfie Cute scale and now really hope they’re either going to rerelease some of the boy ones or release new ones because there’s no way I’m only going to have just one of these. Volks definitely needs to release them more or put SDC in Full Choice already.


Modded Doll Chateau Alberta FOR SALE: £235 GBP plus shipping. 

However I will offer FREE UK domestic shipping during December only. I do not charge Paypal fees. This transaction will go through PayPal and so will be covered with buyer protection if clicking on: “paying for goods and services”.

Including: Doll, with both human (as pictured) and centaur parts (not pictured). Her certificate of authenticity and doll pillow.   

I do not have the original box. She will come with the face-up, hand blushing, and modding as in the picture.  All the work on her was done by Foolbot. The sale is for the doll only. I would be willing to sell the eyes for an extra £20 GBP since they are resin Mako Eyes. 

She is fully legit, which is why I have included pictures of her head plate, and inside her head to show how clear the markings are. I am the 2nd owner of this doll. I come from a smoke free home, but I do however own a dog.

She has no noticeable damage or yellowing. If any more pictures are needed, please feel free to ask and I will provide them. She does have some hot glue sueding on some of her joints. This however can be removed easily. 

Her eye size is 16mm and she takes a size 6-7 wig. 

I am selling her for a couple of reasons. I feel she is too big for me to handle, it is why I tried her on the human body for a bit. She is just so feels much bigger then my other dolls. My credit card has also sneaked up a little higher then I would like. 

If you have any questions please feel to ask me.