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the year is 2018. someone, probably a new homestuck lured in from hiveswap, decides to see what happened last 6/12 after just discovering it was a thing to be celebrated. they see that one post that’s a 6/12 timeline and think, wait, 2017 isn’t on here. why? little did they know, we don’t talk about 2017’s 6/12. it’s a shameful thing to even think about. they discover that all memories of 6/12/17 have been deleted, except one post simply titled “your ad here: $700.20”.


Every episode of 13 Reasons Why: 1x11
Clay. Helmet. Your name does not belong on this list but you need to be here, if I’m going to tell my story, if I’m going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren’t every other guy. You’re different. You’re good, and kind and decent. And I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you. I never would.

Clay is socially awkward and doesn’t always say or do the right thing but he is a good person.

He did nothing wrong. He did exactly what Hannah told him to. He always does what people tell him to do. He always follows the rules. Hannah was upset and told him to leave and so he did.

But if he’d just looked beyond what she was yelling at him, he would have seen that the last thing she needed at that moment was to be alone. If he’d stopped being so nervous and just told her how he felt things might have turned out differently. If he’d just stopped being Clay for a second he would have seen that it was a cry for a help.

If he’d just stayed with her Jessica never would have been raped, Sheri wouldn’t have knocked the stop sign over, Jeff wouldn’t have died and Hannah might still be alive.

Clay did nothing wrong. How was he to know what Hannah was going through if she never told him? Clay is not the kind of person who can read how people are feeling and know what’s going on inside their head.

Clay, who has the kindest, most pure heart, blames himself. He did nothing wrong but he could have stopped it. The ‘what if’s’ are going to haunt him for the rest of his life and that breaks my heart.

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Van hits pedestrians on London Bridge, many reportedly injured

  • A van struck “a number of pedestrians” on London Bridge, resulting in a major Metropolitan Police deployment to the area and at least five reported injuries, BBC reported Saturday.
  • Armed officers are on the scene, and traffic has been diverted away from the area. BBC wrote their reporter, Holly Jones, was on the scene and said the van was “probably traveling about 50 miles an hour." Read more. (6/3/17, 6:13 PM)

[CHARACTER] Jadeite.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ジェダイト
Romaji: Jedaito

Role: Villain
Type: Humanoid
Alignment/Organization: Dark Kingdom
First appearance: Episode 1
Last appearance: Episode 13
Status: Dead
Voice actor: Masaya Onosaka


  • He is named after the mineral jadeite. Like nephrite, it is a variety of jade.
  • Sailor Mars incinerated Jadeite early on in the manga. His death was postponed until episode 13 of the anime, though. Yet in that continuity, he was killed by Queen Beryl rather than by a hero.
  • In one of Naoko Takeuchi’s illustrations, Jadeite was romantically paired up with Sailor Mars. Takeuchi never had the chance to explore the idea of Princess Serenity’s four guardian Sailor Senshi being involved with the Shitennou in the manga. While the first anime and the live-action adaptation both excluded the Sailor Senshi/Shitennou couplings, they were included in Sailor Moon Crystal.
  • Jadeite was the only Shitennou not to bleed on screen. Nephrite bled profusely in episode 24, and Sailor Venus drew blood when she attacked both Zoisite and Kunzite in episode 33.
  • Jadeite was the only one of the Shitennou without a love interest. The youma Thetis showed affection for him, but the feeling was not mutual.
  • In episode 44, Jadeite appeared along with the rest of the Shitennou in a flashback. However, he did not speak.

Every episode of 13 Reasons Why: 1x12
I walked forever that night. From my old neighbourhood where the houses were nicer than the one we lived in now. All the way up to the hill where the rich people live. Where you live. And from blocks away, I heard it. The music. The murmur of voices. The siren call of a party.