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Hey friendly reminder to everyone that Jenkins is the only character to have such a bad roll that he died

Griffin: Uh, and he points his wand at the meat monster and a bolt of fiery flame shoots out of it. Uhhh,

[rolls dice]

Griffin: And he rolled a 2. And uh, misses the meat monster by a country mile!

[Travis and Justin laughing hard]

Taako: The worst!

Griffin: Uhh, and uh, with that, it’s back to the top of the order! [laughing] Uh, which is, the meat monster [Justin laughing hard]. Which, uh, trudges over to Jenkins, uh, picks him up by the throat, and throws him off the back of the, uh, open caboose door. And Jenkins… [rolls dice, scoffs] rolls an 8 on his dexterity saving throw. And you don’t see Jenkins anymore, he is gone, he has been deposited out of the back of the train. You hear him go:

Jenkins: Smell ya laterrrrrrrrrrrr~~~

Taako was right; Jenkins was such a shitty wizard that he died from his own bad rolls.


hiromu….is still pretending to hold daryl. naito, rather than trying to convince hiromu that daryl isn’t there anymore, or act as if hiromu is acting strangely, gladly goes along with reacting as he would as if daryl was still with hiromu, without even hesitating. 

my heart.

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what wad the context/reasoning behind the "sauté" codeword from the suffering game? all i remember was taako saying it when a certain door appeared or something like that

Oh, that was the Boys’ code word for “fucking shit up.”

Magnus: I have a thing, yeah. So here’s what I’m thinking fellows. If Cam’s right, and I have no reason to doubt him-

Cam: [strained] I’m right, I’m right!

Griffin: He’s in your bag, I guess.

Magnus: I know, I’m including you in this, Cam, I know you’re there. Then this is a rigged game, right?

Taako: Yeah.

Magnus: So, the only way to rig, to win a rigged game is to change the game, right?

Taako: Right.

Merle: That’s the Captain Kirk philosophy.

Magnus: Right, so I think- I don’t have anything specifically in mind right this second but we need to keep our eyes open for an opportunity to change this shit around because I ain’t getting trapped in another endless cycle. We did that in the last one, I’m not doing that again.

Taako: Yeah, I’m with you on that.

Magnus: Cool.

Merle: I have a question.

Cam: Yeah, shoot.

Merle: Is that a new, is that a new bandsaw? Did you get a new bandsaw?

Magnus: I did, thank you!

Merle: That is nice- Black & Decker?

Magnus: Well, the other one just kept throwing the blade and I got sick of it, it was something- it was a balance issue or something -

Merle: That’s nice.

Magnus: Um, so, here’s the thing.

Merle: Be careful so you don’t lose another finger!

Magnus: Yeah, agreed. Taako?

Taako: Hm?

Magnus: I would like you to pick the word, that’s gonna be the word to let us all- like, let the four of us know that it’s about to happen. That it’s time to make our move.

Taako: I’ll come- yeah, for sure.

Magnus: You don’t have to tell us now, you can keep it and say a weird word and we’ll know!

Taako: Okay!

Merle: That is not a good choice of character!

Magnus: Is that not how it works?

Merle: No, he’ll come up with all kinds of weird words!

Taako: How about “pseudonym”? [pronounced as “sway-dom”]

Merle: Sway-dom!

Griffin: No, that’s only going to be good if you listened to the last MBMBaM.

[Clint laugh, Justin and Travis quietly snicker]

Travis: That’s called a tie-in, Griffin!

Merle: How about “bananas stand Afghanistan”!

Magnus: I didn’t ask you, Merle!

Merle: Right, you didn’t!

Justin: [weird choppy croaking sounds] Why-? Okay, I talk kind of for a living and I’m being tasked now coming up with like a word.

Griffin: A single word.

Justin: Uh, okay, I got it: The.

[Griffin and Clint laugh]

Travis: Well, hold on.

Justin: Okay, that’s not great either. How about “sauté”?

Magnus: Perfect! Perfect!

Taako: That’s good.

Merle: Ahh. It’s in character!

Taako: Sauté, yeah!

Magnus: Perfect, alright, let’s get back out there and fuck some shit up!


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