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Are you interested in watching Adventure Time, but intimidated by the thought of watching 252 episodes? Have you watched the series before, but want to watch again without any filler episodes (unless it’s Bubbline, of course)? This is for you!

After seeing a request in the ATimers tag, I have compiled a list of all the Adventure Time episodes that contain major plot, important backstory, major characterization, and/or Bubbline moments. I have also included optional episodes that I think will increase your understanding/enjoyment of the show (I put the reason next to it; if it says something about being an arc, backstory, characterization, etc., be warned that not watching may make the major plot points of the show a bit more confusing for you). 

I condensed the show down to 128 of the 10-minute episodes (69 episodes if you don’t watch any of the optional episodes). Optional episodes are in italics. Episodes with Bubbline moments, characterization of Marcy/Princess Bubblegum (PB), or major backstory/plot related to Marcy/PB are in bold. Anything with a an asterisk (*) can be watched at any time (order doesn’t matter, though you may still want to watch it in the same season). 

I hope this helps someone out since I spent three hours putting it together! Without further ado… 

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monsta x in a groupchat
  • shownu: "text me when you get there", sends reminders of everyone's schedule, old memes that he unironically finds funny
  • wonho: sends selfies and asks them which he should post, copious amounts of heart emojis
  • minhyuk: usually types in caps lock, sends inspirational pics of puppies and kitties, always tries to facetime
  • kihyun: "ur sick bc you didn't were a jacket on tuesday february 9th 2016 6:43 pm when i told you to", only one to reply when hyungwon starts drama
  • hyung won: only every comes to start drama, has the chat muted
  • jooheon: sends messages at 3 am, tries to rick roll everyone at least once a week
  • i.m: only communicates through outdated memes and cryptic emojis

For anon…enjoy!

“So, I might be able to stop by,” your boyfriend stated over the phone.
“Really?” you asked in surprise, “Are you sure your boss won’t mind?”
You could hear his smile through the phone. “That’s actually why I’m in town.”
“You’re already in town?” you chittered.
“Yeah. Driving to work right now, actually.”
Tony, your coworker, drove over a speed bump. “Ow!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Spence. My idiot coworker decided to speed over a speed bump.”

You smacked Tony’s chest from the passenger seat. He smirked while raising a brow. You rolled your eyes. You realized how close you were to the crime scene.

“I have to go,” you told Spencer, “I’ll call later so we can meet up.”
“Of course,” he agreed before whispering, “I love you.”

You smiled softly before remembering your coworkers were in the same car.

“You too,” you stated shortly, “I’ll see you later.”

With that, you hung up. Feeling Tony and Ziva’s stares on you made you sigh.

“You seeing someone, Y/N?” Tony teased.
You clenched your jaw to hide the blush. “Shut up, DiNozzo.”
Ziva laughed. “He’s incapable.”
“I’m just curious about this ‘Spence’ you were talking to,” the man defended, “Nothing wrong with learning a little about each other’s personal lives.”

You and Ziva shared a devious glance. She leaned forward, arching a brow.

“Is that so, Tony?”
The man nodded. “Yeah. It’s like learning each others favorite colors.”
“So,” you began to drawl, “you wouldn’t mind sharing where you sprinted off to last night?”
“More like leapt,” Ziva chimed.
Tony swallowed, parking the car. “Oh look, we’re here.”

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Okay, so Bitty is procrastinating by scrolling through Youtube and today it starts with husky puppies playing in the snow for the first time, but he ends up watching this contouring video where it starts off with this super cool music riff and shots of the mountains? It’s a really nice shot, but the voiceover sounds really familiar. Like, really familiar.

He spends the next couple seconds racking his brain until Derek Nurse’s Doppelganger’s face shows up “without makeup” and Bitty is transfixed for 6:43 minutes as Totally Not Nursey, Right puts a timer on and does a five minute face in real time. Five minute contouring. It’s mesmerizing, honestly

Then, the guy finally talks on screen and holy mother of the baby lord

So, he watches more as this guy who he’s pretty sure is Nursey combs and fills his brows and gets rid of dark circles and blemishes, uses a dark brown shadow as eyeliner and a pale pink shade in his inner socket and on the bow of his lip for an every day look. There are costume tutorials and filling in spare patches in facial hair, skin care routines, and reviews of products. Bitty’s like !!!!!! because he’s 100% sure this is Nursey but, like Nursey might not want the team to know about his tutorials and outfit videos because Bitty gets it, it’s the Hannah Montana glamour of it all and also yeah…….:/// and it might just be an open secret like his own vlog is???? 

He scrolls through Nursey’s instagram–well, his makeup instagram. It’s not the account that Bitty already follows, it’s his Youtube username, finelines, and it’s kinda…….ridiculously…popular??? It was featured on Buzzfeed apparently??? There’s those flat lays of Nursey’s outfits, lines of poetry, swatches of eye shadow and lip products and screencaps from videos, etc…. 

And while Bitty’s sure that someone in the Haus has seen his own videos, no one ever confronts him about it, so he’s just gonna let Nursey do his own thing while Bitty himself spends the rest of the afternoon watching dozens of videos in bed and maybe orders….some brow product online….like Bitty has blond brows and he would like some definition, thanks Derek

And then Nursey compliments Bitty’s brows once the product’s come in and Bitty’s had a few tries and watched a few videos and !!!! everything is goodt in the Haus

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Jared, the same way he says kinky, whenever Conner says anything: Edgy

[6:38:32 PM] syl manuel miranda: ooh sharp !!
[6:38:36 PM] syl manuel miranda: -jared
[6:38:43 PM] sentiant meat ant: jhdfKJHDNHDF
[6:42:09 PM] syl manuel miranda: connor: i dont know i just really hate myself
evan: o-
jared: ooh sharp !!


realm: 000 (never visited on the show before, 0:00)

realm 2988C: fringe ecosystem (never visited on the show before, 2:03)

HELL ? (4:20 yes, it’s the time stamp)

realm -000: darkness (never visited on the show before but has the same number as the first realm in the video but negative; clips from here included shadow realm and the condemned, 4:27)

realm: iii (earth) (im confused bc realm iii, aslo know as spirit realm, is the home of shaman, 6:43)

Yo, ho trovato questo test su internet, e ho pensato che sarebbe carino se mi inviaste uno o più numerini, così mi aiutate a sconfiggere la noia :c


1. come stai?
2. metti una foto di te stesso (se vuoi)
3. vorresti essere qualcun altro?
4. hai qualche strana mania/ossessione?
5. qual'è il tuo nome per intero?
6. quanti anni hai?
7. l'eta che ti danno le altre persone?
8. cos'hai fatto al tuo ultimo compleanno?
9. come passerai invece il prossimo?
10. il tuo segno zodiacale?
11. di che colore sono i tuoi capelli?
12. hai mai tinto i tuoi capelli?
13. colore degli occhi?
14. se potessi cambiare il colore dei tuoi occhi, quale sceglieresti?
15. porti gli occhiali?
16. cosa ne pensi del tuo corpo?
17. hai mai avuto disturbi alimentari?
18. ti piace andare a scuola?
19. materia preferita?
20. vai d'accordo con la tua famiglia?
21. dì sette cose riguardo al tuo corpo.
22. hai tatuaggi?
23. qualche idea per un tatuaggio futuro?
24. hai dei piercing?
25. quando hai provato veramente paura?
26. usi la mano destra o sinistra?
27. hai mai pianto per gioia?
28. bevi?
29. fumi?
30. hai qualche animale domestico?
31. hai mai fatto qualche dieta?
32. di dove sei?
33. qual'è la tua qualità migliore?
34. in cosa sei bravo?
35. in cosa sei negato?
36. dì tre cose sul tuo carattere.
37. l'ultima persona a cui hai detto ‘ti voglio bene’?
38. l'ultima persona a cui hai detto ‘ti amo’?
39. dimmi due tue abitudini.
40. qual'è la tua carriera ideale?
41. la tua vita è uguale a due anni fa?
42. hai mai avuto un amico immaginario?
43. dì 6 cose sulla tua camera.
44. sei mai stato dallo psicologo?
45. sei allergico/a a qualcosa? se si, cosa?
46. ti sei mai avvicinato alla morte?
47. cose che ti piacciono e non di te stesso.
48. tre cose che le persone non conoscono di te.
49. cinque cose strane che ti piacciono.
50. hai faceboook?
51. hai qualche tua foto su facebook?
52. descrivi te stesso in una parola.
53. dimmi qualcosa. (?)


54. qual'è la cosa che preferisci fare?
55. colore preferito?
56. band/cantante preferito?
57. libro preferito?
58. film preferito?
59. citazione preferita? e perchè?
60. parola preferita?
61. cibo preferito?
62. animale preferito?
63. cani o gatti?
64. fiore preferito?
65. profumo preferito?
66. stagione preferita?
67. cinque luoghi dove vorresti andare prima di morire.
68. cinque cose senza le quali non puoi vivere.
69. qual'è la tua creatura mitologica preferita e perchè?
70. programma televisivo preferito?
71. negozi preferiti dove fare shopping?
72. dì quattro cose sui tuoi genitori.
73. assomigli più a tua mamma o a tuo papà?
74. hai fratelli o sorelle?
75. dì 3 cose sulla tua famiglia.
76. dì 3 cose sulla tua infanzia.
77. il ricordo migliore della tua infanzia?
78. dì 3 cose sulla tua città.
79. il posto dei tuoi sogni per andare in vacanza?
80. dove vorresti essere ora?
81. i migliori posti che hai visitato.


82. hai mai sorriso ad uno sconosciuto?
83. preferisci fare amicizia con le femmine o maschi?
84. il tuo amico più fedele?
85. cosa ne pensi dell'amicizia?
86. amicizia o amore?
87. c'è qualcuno a cui puoi dire veramente tutto nella tua vita?
88. se il tuo miglior amico morisse, cosa faresti?
89. hai mai mentito alla tua migliore amica?
90. perchè?
91. ti sei mai sentito sotituito?
92. un amico ti ha mai deluso?
93. dì 3 cose sul tuo migliore amico/a.


94. l'ultima persona che hai abbracciato?
95. con chi è stato il tuo primo bacio?
96. è stato bello?
97. ti piace baciarti in pubblico?
98. credi nell'amore a prima vista?
99. qual'è la tua idea di appuntamento perfetto?
100. descrivi il tuo ragazzo/ragazza perfetto/a.
101. qual'è la prima cosa che noti in una persona?
102. cosa ne pensi delle relazioni a distanza?
103. e della differenza di età?
104. cinque ragazzi/ragazze da cui sei attratto/a.
105. sei innamorato/a?
106. dì 3 cose sulla persona che ti piace.
107. se la persona che ti piace, ti dice che gli piace qualcun altro, come reagiresti?
108. pensi di piacere a qualcuno?
109. pensi che qualcuno stia pensando a te, in questo momento?
110. hai mai pianto per un ragazzo/ragazza?
111. hai mai desiderato di avere qualcuno di impossibile?
112. ti è mai piaciuto qualcuno che i tuoi amici detestavano?
113. ti è mai piaciuta la stessa persona che piaceva alla tua migliore amica?
114. la frase più dolce che ti abbia detto una persona?
115. una persona per cui faresti di tutto?
116. cosa dovrebbe fare un ragazzo/ragazza per conquistarti il cuore?
117. cosa ti eccita?
118. hai mai scritto una poesia o una canzone?
119. qualcuno l'ha mai scritta per te?
120. qual'è la cosa più dolce che hai fatto per qualcuno?
121. sei fidanzato/a?

music, movies and books.

122. quanto spesso ascolti musica?
123. quale tipo di musica ti piace?
124. ti piace ballare?
125. sei mai stato ad un concerto?
126. una canzone che ti fa piangere?
127. una canzone che ti ricorda un brutto ricordo? (scusa per il gioco di parole)
128. una canzone che ti ricorda un bel ricordo? (riscusa cc)
129. una canzone che canticchi sempre sotto la doccia?
130. la canzone più profonda che conosci?
131. la canzone che ti fa ballare sempre?
132. scrivi una frase di una canzone qualsiasi…
133. l'ultimo libro che hai letto?
134. l'ultimo film visto?
135. il libro che leggeresti tutto in una volta?
136. quale tipo di film guardi?
137. ti piacerebbe diventare attore/attrice?

138. sei felice?



Dazzling Peacocks Caught On Camera Mid-Flight

Peacocks are some of the most dazzling birds, using their beautiful multicolored feathers to woo potential mates and also catch people’s eyes. They make a great subject for photography, as shown by these 9 stunning images of the luxuriously adorned birds taking to the sky.

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subtitle the bird

he said, you are a mouette.
i said, a what?
he said, you are a seagull.

I said, no.
i am the sea.
i am asea.

mid day asahi,
at a restaurant with my
Yellow-eyed Susan
and a passing train.

i wanted to cry.
i mean, i want to cry.
instead, i watch a mynah bird speak japanese.
and i learn that in the future,
humans will live forever by
morphing with squid.

every night.
every single night
he asks me,
what time do you want to eat dinner?
on this night
i said, 6:43!

i am very whimsical.

105 cosas que me gustan de ti

1.      Me gusta que me digas amor

2.      Me gusta tu manera de vestir

3.     Me gusta tu higiene

4.      Me gusta tu risa

5.      Me gustan tus grandes ojos

6.      Me gustan tus pestañas

7.      Me gustan tus gestos

8.      Me gustan tus abrazos

9.      Me gusta como se te ven las camisas de cuadros

10.  Me gusta tu cabello de lado

11.  Me gusta como se te mira la gorra

12.  Me gustan tus labios

13.  Me gustan tus secretos

14.  Me gustan tus metas

15.  Me gusta tu manera de tratarme

16.  Me gusta tu manera de quererme

17.  Me gusta tu atención

18.  Me gusta tu comprensión

19.  Me gusta como te enojas

20.  Me gusta tu manera de decirme no cuando quieres decirme si

21.  Me gusta tu manera de convencerme

22.  Me gustan tus besos babeados

23.  Me gustan tus besos delicados

24.  Me gustan tus valores

25.  Me gusta tu locura

26.  Me gustan nuestras aventuras

27.  Me gustan tus defectos

28.  Me gusta tu manera de manejar

29.  Me gustan tus manos

30.  Me gustan tus sensuales piernas

31.  Me gustan tus boxers

32.  Me gusta tu piochita

33.  Me gustan tus brazos

34.  Me gustan tus estrías

35.  Me gusan tus cicatrices

36.  Me gustan tus miedos

37.  Me gustan tus secretos

38.  Me gusta tu risa de nervios

39.  Me gusta tu manera de salir adelante aunque te sientas estancado

40.  Me gusta tu pasado porque te trajo a mi

41.  Me gusta tu manera de respetarme

42.  Me gusta tu manera de a veces faltarme al respeto (6)

43.  Me gusta tu forma de caminar

44.  Me gusta tu forma de hablar

45.  Me gusta tu seriedad para decir las cosas

46.  Me gusta tu sinceridad

47.  Me gusta tu lealtad

48.  Me gusta todo lo que haces por tus amigos

49.  Me gusta el amor que le tienes a tu hermana

50.  Me gusta que estés para mi

51.  Me gusta que me escuches con atención

52.  Me gusta que le pongas atención a mis problemas o dolores

53.  Me gusta que te ganes mi confianza

54.  Me gusta que te ganes mi amor

55.  Me gustan tus detalles

56.  Me gusta tu altura

57.  Me gusta el tono de voz que haces cuando no quieres irte de mi lado

58.  Me gusta cuando me dices que me extrañas

59.  Me gusta tu inteligencia

60.  Me gusta que seas humilde

61.  Me gusta que me compartas lo que tienes

62.  Me gusta acostarme contigo

63.  Me gusta no hacer nada contigo

64.  Me gusta que te guste mi cabello

65.  Me gusta que me digas cuanto te gusto

66.  Me gusta que me hagas sentir especial

67.  Me gusta tener planes a tu lado

68.  Me gusta tener primeras veces a tu lado

69.  Me gusta tu gusto

70.  Me gustan tus pensamientos

71.  Me gusta que te guste pasear

72.  Me gusta como tratas a mi familia

73.  Me gusta la manera en que me muerdes los labios

74.  Me gusta la manera en que me haces el amor

75.  Me gusta que mi deseo hacia a ti, sea el mismo que tú tienes por mí.

76.  Me gusta que quieras saber sobre las cosas que me gustan.

77.  Me gusta tu lengua

78.  Me gusta las cervecillas que nos tomamos juntos!

79.  Me gusta que te gusten mis detalles y que los guardes

80.  Me gusta que te recuestes en mis piernas

81. No me gusta, pero me gusta… ¡qué las horas     contigo se me pasen volando.

Me gusta que te guste tenerme de la mano siempre

83.  Me gusta tu compañía

84.  Me gusta que me hayas dejado entrar a tu vida de manera tan espontanea

85.  Me gusta que des cosas por mi

86.  Me gusta que pienses en mi

87.  Me gusta la figura que tienes

88.  Me gusta que seas trabajador pero también un poco peresoso en ocasiones

89.  Me gusta que cuando me enojo o te enojas como qiera me acaricias

90.  Me gusta que seas tan apuesto y encantador

91.  Me gusta que a todo mundo le caigas bien

92.  Me gusta que seas solo para mi

93.  Me gusta que me trates con caballerosidad

94.  Me gusta que sientas celos aunque no los admitas

95.  Me gusta que me aceptes con todos mis errores

96.  Me gusta que me ayudes a ser mejor mujer cada día

97.  Me gusta que seas igual de geniudo que yo

98.  Me gusta verte cuando salgo de clases

99.  Me gusta que no me calles cuando canto

100.                     Me gusta que me dejes elegir la música

101.                     Me gusta tu forma de bailar

102.                     Me gustan tus historias de niño

103.                     Me gusta cómo  has cambiado mi vida para bien

104.                     Me gusta que me gustes cada día mas

105. Y por ultimo, me gusta que me gustes. 

Scarlet Begonias
Grateful Dead
Scarlet Begonias

Today’s Daily Dose of Dead (yeah I know hardly “daily” anymore) is one of the most perfect live versions of Scarlet Begonias from the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ on June 17, 1976. 

This was the last days of the standalone 1st set Scarlets and it is just a masterful performance. Also some fantastic banter after Scarlet as Bobby sounds like he wants to do lazy lightning and Jerry says “save it for the second set… let’s play some rock & roll” and they proceed to close the set with Promised Land. All around great show!

Cold Rain And Snow [6:16] ;
Big River [6:11] ;
They Love Each Other [6:42] ;
Cassidy [4:07] ;
Tennessee Jed [9:11];[1:42] ;
Looks Like Rain [7:28] %
Row Jimmy [9:21] %
The Music Never Stopped [5:10];[3:10] ;
Scarlet Begonias [9:56] ;
The Promised Land [3:32]
Two Help On The Way [4:24] >
Slipknot! [8:35] >
Franklin’s Tower [10:18#] ;
Dancing In The Street [11:02] >
Samson And Delilah [5:19] %
Ship Of Fools [7:09] %
Lazy Lightnin’ [2:45] >
Supplication [4:32] ;
Friend Of The Devil [7:42] ;
Let It Grow [5:53] >
Drums [2:12] >
Let It Grow [2:24] >
Wharf Rat [10:57] >
Around And Around [6:43]


“In the thick of the evening when the dealing got rough, she was too pat to open and too cool to bluff. As I picked up my matches and was closing the door, I had one of those flashes I had been there before…been there before”

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - SO PRETTY / VERY ROTTEN by Jane Mai and An Nguyen

Published by Koyama Press

ISBN: 978-1-927668-43-6
5 x 7”, 300 pages, b&w, trade paper
May 2017

A short story and essay collection exploring the Japanese fashion subculture, Lolita, by two cartoonists who go beyond the clothes.

In a series of essays and comics that are at once academic and intimate, cartoonists Jane Mai and An Nguyen delve into Lolita subculture and their relationship with it. Empowering and beautiful, but also inescapably linked to consumerism, the Rococo-inspired fashion is indulgent and sublime, pretty and rotten.

AN NGUYEN is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Ottawa, ON best known for her romantic comic series Open Spaces and Closed Places. She has drawn comics for Spera: Ascension of the Starless, Electric Ant zine, and various Love Love Hill anthologies. In addition to So Pretty / Very Rotten, she and Jane Mai also released a zine titled Don’t Talk to Me or I’ll Set Myself on Fire.

JANE MAI is a freelance illustrator and comic artist from Brooklyn, NY. Her work has appeared in several anthologies and self-published zines. Koyama Press published her first book, Sunday in the Park with Boys, which was followed by the zine Sorry I Can’t Come in on Monday I’m Really Really Sick, and See You Next Tuesday.

NOVALA TAKEMOTO is a Japanese author, fashion designer and prominent promoter of the Lolita lifestyle. Soleinuit (Kokushokankai), his first collection of essays, was published in 1998. He debuted as a novelist in 2000 with Missin’ (Shogakukan). He achieved wide recognition when his 2002 novel Shimotsuma Monogatari (Shogakukan) was adapted into the movie, Kamikaze Girls, in 2004. His most recent work is Rakkusei (Cyzo, Inc.).

“Expertly mixing comics and essays, An Nguyen and Jane Mai take us on an excursion into the fascinating culture of Lolita fashion. These beautifully realized stories, which range from humorous to haunting, involve young people looking for context and place, searching for a balance between materialism and identity within their chosen social reality. Nguyen’s and Mai’s work blends together seamlessly, each approaching the theme with their own unique vision and aesthetic. So Pretty / Very Rotten reveals universal experiences within a distinct and subversive style of self-expression.” — Jesse Jacobs, author of Safari Honeymoon and By This Shall You Know Him