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OKAY SO HAVE YOU HEARD LOUIS NEW SNIPPET OF A SONG HE RELEASED TONIGHT? It literally says "I went to Amsterdam without you / All I could do was think about you". And before that he tweeted he was "pissed about industry BS". This song has Larry written allllll over it!! Do you think his tweet correlates to the specific verse of he song he released? And also this sort of confirms Elk was brought back to cover up this album. It's going to have traces of Harry everywhere!! Im so excited!

Anonymous said: “I went to Amsterdam without you, all I could do is think about you…” Yup, the album is going to be hella gay and that’s why they were pushing the “i love my girlfriend” narrative soo much…//

Anonymous said: Ooi Sea you missed the drama storm that was tonight, I’m to bed now, but I bet you’ll see in the morning.lemme ask though, why draw attention to the lyric? THAT specific one? If the intent was always to make it about E. wouldn’t he have thought of that? Wouldn’t he know we larries would pounce in it? As reality slips from my grasp I ask you, how could it have been anything but intentional//

Anonymous said: I’m here thinking what shit might have occurred that it pissed him off so bad he decided to tell the world. i think they might encounter some or the other kind of shit every day but last night was the worst for him i guess.


Holy Shit!

So here are a few pieces of my brain candy:

1. The tweets came fast and furious– all within minutes, except for the last tweet which came three hours later. They send a confusing and cryptic message. First, there’s a clear message about an industry-related disagreement, then one saying fuck ‘em, fans and Louis can do it alone. Then a non-sequitur about Liam Gallagher’s album (possible implications? Gallagher lyrics? Gallagher’ single “Chinatown” has this:

God told me
Live a life of luxury
All our lives we’ve both been waiting

The switches in mood of the texts, the incongruities all suggest conflict bts. The sequence describes opposing parties bts trying to control the direction of the narrative. They remind me of two events in the past: 1. Freddie’s birth, where first it was leaked by Cybergranny via an IG photo of a trash bag, then confirmed hours later by Louis’ tweet, and finally an odd tweet from Harry quoting a song about a father burying his son, and 2. the night of the cancelled Belfast concert, 21 October 2015. First something bad happened, likely related to contractual/ industry disagreement, then something good happened (Home/ Always You leak) to compensate, except in the Always You case, the official narrative was set up months in advance.

2. IG shows snippet from LA traffic (see addendum below). It looks like it’s taken from the passenger side (someone else, not the videographer, is driving), from someone wearing blue jeans, probably a guy. My guess is the guy filming is Louis, because he had to time it to those lyrics specifically. He’s resting his knee on the dash. I don’t know the LA highways well enough to know where this is.

Tweet for the clip was at 8:57 PM EST, 5:57 PM PST:


The snippet looks like it was taken well before 6 PM PST, closer to noon probably, judging by the cars’ shadows. It may have been even earlier than today. So the industry disagreement may have happened after the clip was recorded, and may have prompted the clip to be uploaded.

There was some uncertainty about what the next single was going to be. Was this the controversy? Feels like something bigger, to me.

3. I think that this album is centered on Harry, just as HS1 had huge swaths directly about Louis. There are strands and clues, and I vouch for nothing with any certainty, but let’s look at the clues.

I. Amsterdam. The selection of the lyrics, and the fact that Louis points them out specifically, is 100% intentional. He knows that we know he went to Gay Amsterdam last month. The reason he went was presumably for E’s birthday. The fact that it was for her birthday subtly ties Amsterdam to love, and to birthdays. And the fact that he was in Gay Amsterdam told us that Amsterdam in NO WAY is related to Eleanor, no matter how hard they try to link them. The reason? Because the song was already written and recorded, and there had to be cover for the lyrics. So— hasty trip arranged to Amsterdam to celebrate E’s birthday, with prominent display of Not-straight to dispel any confusion about whom the song is really about.

So, lyrics, Amsterdam, birthdays, and timelines. Let’s take a look.

He tweeted “Always” and had the IG captioned “You” on 26 February 2017:

9:51 PM · Feb 26, 2017


So by that time, the song had been written (assuming that the song is Always You. If it turns out not to be– disregard). The IG had him looking miserable, he was supposed to be on a loved-up vacation with E, he sent the photo from a hotel he had gone to in Jamaica, with Harry.

E was never photographed in Jamaica; she was implied to be there because of fan sightings in a South Carolina airport.

Let’s not forget Harry wrote most of his album in Jamaica. Jamaica is s place loaded with memories and meaning for Harry and Louis, and the Eleanor trip was to provide cover– the way Townes Adair provided cover for Harry’s song “Carolina,” which is not about Townes Adair.

II. The timeline. The last tweet states the song was written six months ago. It was tweeted more than 3 hours after the tweet before. Someone thought it was important to add this timeline.

P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago
12:27 AM · Aug 24, 2017


We’re talking February 2017, so around the time of the “Always” tweet.

Fwiw Louis tweeted this on 4 February:

Also really happy with what’s coming out of the writing I’m doing at the moment . Can’t wait for you guys to hear more
4 February 2017


The timing coincides nicely with a different birthday, not Eleanor’s:

@Harry_Styles happy birthday mate! Have a sick night8:30 PM · Feb 1, 2017


I think both Harry and Louis were in LA for Harry’s birthday this year, although I think Louis flew out shortly after.

The song was likely written shortly after Harry’s birthday, and finished by the end of February. He was probably working on it around mid-February– Valentine’s Day.

III. A last, unrelated thought. Always You is an acoustic ballad, as expected. It reminds me of the black and white IG photo Louis posted 23 January 2017:


On a side note, Eleanor has been in Amsterdam before.


She knows the city and knows where to go. So the place Louis took her to for her birthday was no accident.

addendum: @onebritneydirection just reminded me that there’s no confirmation this song was Always You, and I agree. The above was written with that assumption in mind– but as always… grain of salt. @mumma1direction also corrected me that thus Range Rover is Louis’ car, and is frequently driven by Oli. Again– sorry about the incorrect speculation.


Alright…the 12 WEEK Transformation Challenge at my gym officially kicked off this morning!!

These are my personal BEFORE pictures. There are professional one too as the gym provided a professional photographer to take ones for the challenge.

Here are my initial stats going into this:

*Starting weight (embarrassed) = 177.4
*% body fat (pictured) = 34.3
*BMI (pictured) = 27.6

Because 12 weeks is a long time I have broken my goals down into four week increments using a methodology that has worked for me in the past.

It’s called the 4x4 challenge that I learned from @shortmom.
I am going to shoot for losing 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. {math is 177.4 x .04 = 7.096 lbs or 1.7 lbs per week}✨
So, by October 7th this number is what I want to see on the scale: 170.3

STRETCH GOAL is 5% in 4 weeks {or 8.87 lbs or 2.21 lbs per week} = 168.53

This will not be easy & I already know that challenges (aka life) will happen. Next weekend I am traveling to New Orleans with friends to watch the Patriots play the Saints. I won’t restrict myself from having fun and enjoying a drink or a beignet but I WILL make sure to drink ALL THE 💦💦 and get my fitness 💪🏼💪🏼 in while I am there so that I don’t sabotage myself!

So there you have it!! Accountability post is complete - now it’s time to GET IT DONE!!!

Cuando te sientas vacío(a) recuerda:
  • Dios te llena de amor: Efesios 3:19
  • Dios te llena de paz: Filipenses 4:7
  • Dios te llena de gozo: Romanos 15:13
  • Dios te llena de fuerzas: Isaías 40:29
  • Dios te llena de luz: Romanos 36:9
  • Dios te llena de conocimento: Efesios 1:17
  • Dios te llena de libertad: Gálatas 5:1
  • Dios te llena de vida: Romanos 8:2
  • Dios te llena de fe: Gálatas 3:26-27
  • No tienes que vivir sintiéndote vacío porque Jesús murió para llenarte de todas sus bendiciones. Todo lo que necesitas esta en Él. Busca a Jehová y nunca más te sentirás vacío.
  • Jesús les dijo: Yo soy el pan de vida; el que a mí viene, no tendrá hambre; y el que en mí cree, no tendra sed jamás.
  • Juan 6.35

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6 12 27 33 :)

6 - three things you hate

(language related) not knowing how to stress a word (*looks at russian*), ppl who laugh at other people’s accent and difficulties at speaking, the fact that speaking english is not considered a skill one has put time and effort into acquiring but a given

12 - what’s your goal for future

become a professor at a prestigious university, learn at least 4 more languages, become well-read (admittedly i don’t do much to become so as i barely read, partially because i don’t have time during school but also because when i do have time i spend too much time socializing both irl and through social media) travel middle east and india

27 - do you like your first language

i do! it’s the presence of pitch and length accents that make it sound very dynamic in comparison to most european languages (especially slavic and some germanic). they especially show their beauty in poems, as they give them a specific musical quality.

33 - would you suggest movies or books in your native language?

absolutely! personally i generally enjoy movies of more recent production (like montevideo), though some people have preference for old yugoslav cinematography! either way give it a try! but what i find *more* beautiful is actually literature, i especially like books about western and southern serbia and especially bosnia because those regions have the most complex histories and there’s so many layers of analysis there (tbh books with themes from northern serbia aren’t that interesting to me, they have more of a central european feel to them, but if you’re into that by all means go for it). read pretty much anything by meša selimović, ivo andrić, bora stanković. most of it deals with pretty dark matter which happens to be the reality of being from the balkans, constant struggle to make peace between new and old, eastern and western and trying to understand own identity, stranglehold patriarchy had and still has on balkan societies. without having read classics of balkan literature you can’t understand people from the balkans, though that goes pretty much for all nations.


Da'Vonne and Jason discuss Audrey

Friday 6/26, 12:27 PM PST.

+ [31-12-13] - Shack // taken just outside my Mum’s village (Isuikwato) in Abia state, Nigeria. If you look closely, you’ll observe the small gathering of wild flowers — flowers of the field — coming into bloom fully by their own will, accenting.

These, are the kind of sightings where my inspiration pours from.

There’s 2 scriptures, blended together it goes as follows, “and why do you worry about clothes? Consider how the wild flowers grow”. Mathew 6:28 + Luke 12:27 for enquiring minds.

One day you’re going to meet someone who will finally ignite the coals that have been resting on ice inside of you. One day you’re going to forget about me all together, and your mother will no longer ask how I am doing. You’ll have quit smoking years ago, and I’ll still be hooked, just like I was when you first taught me how to inhale.
—  6/27/14 || 12:26 am

Justin and Selena at the movies (June 27, 2013)

(Tweet) @munoz_lala: @justinbieber justin bieber is at the grill in the ally with selena gomez I love u guys 6/27/12

(Tweet) @_CelineChris: I guess Justin Bieber and Selena are together since they’re at the movies right now! Why am I not there man 🔫 6/27/12

(Tweet) @_CelineChris: Omg @justinbieber is at the Sherman oaks movie theatre with Selena right now 😩😩 he’s 10 minutes away from me this isn’t fair!! #justinbieber 6/27/12

(Tweet) @_CelineChris: @kisshhyy my friends bf works at the movie theatre he said there was like 5 security’s with them and yeah he’s getting taller! 6/27/12

(Tweet) @_CelineChris: @selenagmahone I’m done talking to you pic.twitter.com/TqTGJaLFY7 6/27/12

(Tweet) @_CelineChris: @renmaleki I think he rented the movie theatre out :( 6/27/12

(Tweet) ‏@Michellelyashar: Just sat behind @selenagomez and @justinbieber in the movie theatre!!! Ahhhh 6/27/12

(Tweet) @Michellelyashar: Yooo that’s @justinbieber in the white and green hat!!! pic.twitter.com/byPUVSpx0P 6/27/12

(Tweet) @Michellelyashar: @FlawlessSelenur they were watching this is the end at the Sherman oaks galleria and omg I asked for a pic afterwards and he said not now :( 6/27/12