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Ski Jumping Awards - Season 2016/17

Now that the season is over, it’s time to celebrate it. So I decided to let you vote in different categories. Just go to my Ask Box (x) and leave a message with your favorite. You don’t have to vote in every category to make your vote count. Just vote, what you want to award :). You can vote until 09.04.2017 
After that I will present the results.
You can vote in the following 12 categories:

1. Athlete of the season (male)
2. Athlete of the season (female)
3. Team of the season
4. Coach of the season
5. Top Newcomer/Breakthrough 16/17
6. Most impressive victory 16/17
7. Best competition 16/17
8. Best podium 16/17
9. Best Jump 16/17
10. Most touching moment 16/17
11. OTP of the season
12. Crush of the season

You can see last years results here (x)

The End is Near... for Vol. 8

Well, I’ve gotten caught up in a lot of things over the past week or so, but I just finished typing up both ch. 15 and the epilogue of Volume 8. These are both about 20 pages long, so I’ll post ch. 15 right after I finish it and then move on to the epilogue. If I focus completely on translating, I might be able to finish within a week. That’s fairly ambitious, so I’ll give it two weeks (though, I wanted to finish before the end of March).

I think I’m feeling a bit nostalgic… It’s been almost a year since I started translating. My first translation document for Volume 6 is dated May 16, 2016. Back then, I knew almost no Japanese. I spent a day learning all the kana and then jumped straight into translating. What a struggle that was. I even quit for a month or two, but I couldn’t leave it alone. By September 16, 2016, I got the courage to share with everyone.

I am by no means an expert, nor am I a veteran in the Ghost Hunt community, but I love Ghost Hunt and I want everyone to be able to read the novels and enjoy them, too. I’m really thankful for all of the inactive and active translators of Ghost Hunt. Regardless of it all being fan translations, which I must admit aren’t always perfect, I’m still glad they’re there because the substance is what’s most important to me. I think having some slightly inaccurate translations with substance is far better than not having anything at all. And it’s a work in progress, so I think, over time, it will become the best it can be for the English speaking part of the community. I know in my case, I want to keep improving my Japanese and carry that over to Ghost Hunt. Maybe someday, we could all make it an official translation or damn near close.

Anyway, besides my love for Ghost Hunt, my biggest inspiration for starting translations was @flychansan. Thank you so much for translating Akumu no Sumu Ie (and everything else you contribute to Ghost Hunt). Waiting for those updates was agony, but so worth checking it every day.

I also want to thank everyone who followed me on this blog and everyone who reached out to encourage me to keep going. That meant a lot to me and helped so much.

I think that’s all I want to say, so here’s a cute picture of Mai (the last in this novel):

INFP Writer Thing #6

INFP: This is SO good. Like I am so amazing at this, genius.
INFP: No, no this is the one, like I can’t have done this more perfectly if I tried
INFP: I am so talented
INFP: This would be a New York Times Best Seller, hands down
Friend: Oh I forgot, you write! Can I read some of your stuff?
INFP: *Stares with eyes glazed over*
INFP: NOOOOOOOO!!!! I- I can’t, It’s horrible. I, OH NO!!! It needs to be burned with FIRE and BURIED!!!! 

i started playing ffxv and igor is my favourite final fantasy