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Like so many, we were saddened by the announcement of Jennifer Morrison’s departure following the s6 finale, and all of us at fyesthesavior wanted to do something really special to honor one of the most amazing female characters in television history that Jennifer brought to life. Emma meant a great deal to many and we wanted to do an appreciation meme that would highlight the six wonderful years we got to spend with Emma Swan.

The meme will span two weeks and each day will have a theme, with a final day following the two weeks as a free choice day. Feel free to participate in as many days as you would like–there is no obligation to do them all. We have tried to include categories that encompass all aspects of Emma’s character and we hope this will be a fun way for us to remember all of our favorite Emma moments and for us to come together in our appreciation for this amazing character.  The Emma Swan Appreciation Meme will begin on Sunday, May 28th:

-Day 1 (May 28): favorite s1 episode
-Day 2 (May 29): favorite persona
-Day 3 (May 30): favorite happy moment(s)
-Day 4 (May 31): favorite s2 episode
-Day 5 (June 1): favorite quote(s)
-Day 6 (June 2): favorite s3 episode
-Day 7 (June 3): favorite outfit(s)
-Day 8 (June 4): favorite s4 episode
-Day 9 (June 5): favorite familial relationship
-Day 10 (June 6): favorite s5 episode
-Day 11 (June 7): favorite badass moment(s)
-Day 12 (June 8): favorite s6 episode
-Day 13 (June 9): favorite character growth moment
-Day 14 (June 10): favorite dynamic/relationship(s)
-Day 15 (June 11): free choice

We will be using the tag #ESAM, so be sure to tag your gifs, graphics, edits, etc. with that tag in the first five tags to be sure we all get to see them! We will also be reblogging sets here on fyesthesavior.

We wish Jennifer the best of luck in what is sure to be an amazing future and we are so thankful to her and to all those at Once Upon a Time that brought Emma into our lives these past six years. We can’t wait to see all of your Emma creations!


Are you ready?  Cause here I am presenting a week for the beloved Portgas D. Rouge!

From June 4th to June 10th, her birthday!

Themes have been decided as such;

June 4 - Day 1 - Family
June 5 - Day 2 - Ocean
June 6 - Day 3 - Music 
June 7 - Day 4 - Scifi AU
June 8 - Day 5 - Flowers
June 9 - Day 6 - Sleep 
June 10 - Day 7 - Birthday

The prompts are purposely a bit vague to give you as much creative freedom as you desire.  

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with and remember to have fun!!

Have questions?  Check this out and if it’s not answered feel free to drop it in the ask.


OMG, these Omocat X Pokémon shirts ⊟ 

We featured the Drifloon tee before, but Omocat just posted more of the Ghost-type shirts she designed for the Pokémon Boutique pop-up shop opening at the Japan LA Pop Culture Shop this Saturday.

“The Pokémon Boutique opens June 6 with lots of exciting opening-night activities! There will be character photo opportunities, appearances by featured designers, celebrity DJ Amy Pham, nail artists, and more. The event runs from 6–10 p.m. on June 6, and all Pokémon fans are invited!”

The shop will remain open in Los Angeles until July 5, and it will also feature tees designed by Japan LA and Onch Movement.

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uniforms  asked:

It'a okay if you don't but I wanted to ask just in case :) Where is "When Marnie Was There" is showing in America? I believe it came out last Friday but I can't seem to find movie times anywhere even online :( I live in Philly but wouldn't mind driving to New York City...

Hey you! ^___^ Thank you again for helping me with my laptop! I can never thank you enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

As for your question, I believe I can help. Here is a current list of North American theatres (with links to each) in which “When Marnie is There” is showing -

**Updated 5/19**


Seattle, WA - Seattle International Film Festival (5/16 & 5/20)

MAY 22

New York, NY - IFC Center
Los Angeles, CA - Landmark Nuart

MAY 29

Chicago, IL - Landmark Century Centre
Toronto, ON - TIFF Bell Lightbox
Vancouver, BC - Vancity Theatre
Pasadena, CA - Laemmle Playhouse
Encino, CA - Laemmle Town Center
Claremont, CA - Laemmle Claremont
North Hollywood, CA - Laemmle NoHo
Irvine, CA - University Town Center


San Francisco, CA - Landmark Embarcadero
Berkeley, CA - Landmark Shattuck Cinemas
Menlo Park, CA - Landmark Guild Theatre
San Jose, CA - Camera 3 Cinemas
San Diego, CA - Reading Gaslamp Stadium
La Jolla, CA - Landmark La Jolla Village Cinemas
Philadelphia, PA - Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
Boston, MA - Landmark Kendall Square
Minneapolis, MN - Landmark Lagoon Cinema
Grand Rapids, MI - Celebration Cinemas Woodland
Denver, CO - Landmark Chez Artiste
Cleveland, OH - Cedar Lee Theatre
Akron, OH - Nightlight Cinema
Portland, OR - Regal Fox Tower
Austin, TX - Regal Arbor at Great Hills
Dallas, TX - Angelika Film Center
Plano, TX - Angelika Film Center
Houston, TX - Landmark River Oaks Theatre
Phoenix, AZ - Harkins Valley Art
Santa Cruz, CA - The Nick
Montréal, QC - Cinéma du Parc
Montréal, QC - Cinéma Beaubien (in French)
Québec City, QC - Cinéma Le Clap (in French)
Sherbrooke, QC - Maison du Cinema (in French)
Santa Barabara, CA - Plaza de Oro (6/10)


Washington, DC - Landmark E Street Cinema
Salt Lake City, UT - Broadway Centre Cinemas
Providence, RI - Cable Car Cinema
Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center
Cincinnati, OH - Mariemont Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA - Regent Square Theatre
Nashville, TN - The Belcourt
Knoxville, TN - Regal Downtown West
Charlotte, NC - Regal Park Terrace
Asheville, NC - The Carolina Asheville
Raleigh, NC - The Raleigh Grande
Greensboro, NC - Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema
Santa Rosa, CA - Summerfield Cinemas
Tucson, AZ - The Loft Cinema
Santa Fe, NM - Regal DeVargas
Duluth, MN - Zinema 2
Amherst, MA - Amherst Cinema
Vancouver, WA - Kiggins Theater
Victoria, BC - The Vic Theatre


St Louis, MO - Landmark Plaza Frontenac
Indianapolis, IN - Landmark Keystone Art
Hartford, CT - Real Art Ways (6/19-21, 6/26-28, 7/2-4)
Lambertville, NJ - ACME Screening Room (6/21 & 6/28)


Atlanta, GA - Landmark Midtown Art


Seattle, WA - SIFF Cinema Egyptian
Gainesville, FL - The Hippodrome

Source: When Marnie was There (Facebook)


Zodiac Test

Listed below are traits from each sign of the zodiac. Mark off the ones that apply to you, and see which one you are most like.

♈ ARIES. (MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)

[x] you have a tendency to not finish things you start.

[x] you are very conscious of what people think of you, and you let it impact you deeply.

[] you’re impulsive and spontaneous.

[] you are very headstrong and hard to sway.

[x] you are more likely to take your own approach to something rather than go by conventional methods.

[] you’re not afraid to say what you think, but sometimes you forget how what you think might make other people feel.

[] you are young at heart.

[] you love to experience new things, even though you bore of them quickly.

[x] you can be very jealous.

[] even though you are quiet in nature, you still know how to make the best out of any situation.


♉ TAURUS. (APRIL 20 - MAY 20)

[] you are very possession-oriented, and have a hard time sharing your belongings.

[x] you are extremely affectionate.

[] you have great tolerance, and it takes you a lot to reach a breaking point.

[x] ^ but when you do, it’s disastrous.

[x] you like to take things slow and know what you’re getting into.

[x] you have never been one for change.

[x] you can’t stand to be challenged.

[x] you have a firmly set comfort zone, and it irritates you when people tamper with it.
[] you are especially reliable, and you are always there for people who need you.
[] you always keep your promises without fail.


♊ GEMINI. (MAY 21 - JUNE 20)

[] your dominant trait is absolutely your love of communication.

[x] you are naturally a very curious person, but since you flutter from one thing to another so often, you aren’t one to appreciate the deeper aspects of an experience.

[] you are all about logic. things need to make sense to you.

[] you are very restless and active, in both body and mind.

[] you tend to be two faced.

[] you are a very critical person.

[x] you are a cynic.

[] you thrive on change and hate being in the same environment for an extended period of time.

[] once someone betrays you, you have difficulty trusting them again.

[] you are very unpredictable.


♋ CANCER. (JUNE 21 - JULY 22)

[x] who you are as a person is deeply affected by your childhood.

[x] you are very in touch with emotions, to the point where you can almost instantly tell how someone else is genuinely feeling.

[x] you need a place you can call your own, which is why you value ‘home’ (be it in a place, a person or an object) so much.

[] you love kids.

[x] you are very affected by other people’s problems, and have a knack for putting yourself in the shoes of other people.

[x] you dislike confrontation.

[x] you have always valued your heart over your mind.

[] you hate being told what to do.

[x] your moods are very fluid, as you are very sensitive.

[] if you like someone, you accept them into your heart just the way they are.


♌ LEO. (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)

[x] you would move heaven and earth for the people you care about.

[x] you would never consider yourself petty.

[x] you are naturally a very generous person.

[] for you, there is nothing worse than losing.

[x] in arguments, you come across as stubborn and hot headed, but you just want to justify your actions and explain why you believe you’re right.

[] you set very high, occasionally unreasonable expectations.

[] your ego is the size of a small planet.

[x] you dislike change, and would much rather have stability in your life.

[x] one of your talents is making people feel special.

[] you love being in the limelight, and it roots from a need to be appreciated.



[] you like to dream and fantasize, but in the grand scheme of things, you are realistic and won’t waste time on the impossible.

[] you know exactly what you want, you just don’t know how to get it.

[] education is very important to you.

[] all you really want is to feel useful.

[] you never lose your cool.

[x] you second guess yourself a lot, and majority of the time, you don’t think you’re good enough.

[] you don’t mind going the extra mile, even for people you don’t really know.

[] you are not overly emotional, and you sometimes perceive them as messy, embarrassing or even a weakness.

[x] you are deep and reflective.

[] you would rather be lonely than settle for less.



[] you are very laid back and you don’t mind a lot of things.

[x] you are fascinated with people, and you love to understand others.

[x] you dread hurting other people’s feelings.

[] you are very charming.

[x] you would rather look at life through rose-tinted glasses than acknowledge the negatives.

[] you are very focused on balance. if someone pushes you, you will push them right back.

[x] you are indecisive.

[] you wish more people would give peace a chance.

[] you become annoyed when you spot unoriginality in others.

[] you will never forget to let the people you love know how much you care about them.



[] if someone tries too hard to control you, nothing will hold you back from rebelling.

[] you are vindictive.

[] you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself.

[] you can see right through people when they lie to you.

[] you can always be trusted with secrets. always.

[] you are horrified of being made vulnerable.

[] you have complete control over your emotions. people only see what you let them see, and you prefer it this way.

[] you do not desire approval from anyone; you’re content to do your own thing.

[x] you can be pretty blunt.

[] people often say you’re a mystery.



[] you’re a risk-taker. you’ve never been afraid to act on a hunch.

[x] you love to learn and gain knowledge. wisdom in general is something you find very, very respectable.

[x] freedom means the world to you.

[] you’re not a dishonest person, and very rarely will you take advantage of someone to get what you want.

[] a lot of people think you have a great sense of humor.

[] you are very carefree by nature, but occasionally you tend to be careless.

[] you don’t freely hand out compliments, but when you do give them, you mean them.

[] you love a challenge. if something comes too easily, your interest in it will disappear.

[] you are very enthusiastic about life.

[] you are generally upbeat and happy-go-lucky.


[] you are very reliable, but you have a hard time relying on other people.

[] you don’t know how to ask for help.

[] you finish everything you start.

[x] you hate making mistakes, no matter how small.

[] you don’t like talking about your deeper emotions, and you get really irritated when people try to make you.

[x] you are far more complicated than people believe you to be.

[] you may come across as harmless, but you are tough as a keg of nails.
[] you like to be in charge of everything in your life.

[] you always stand your ground.

[] a trait you hate to see in someone is vulnerability, and you might find yourself taking advantage of someone who tends to play the ‘victim’ role.


[x] emotions can be scary for you.

[x] you are a walking contradiction. you want freedom, yet you want protection. you want to be alone, yet you want the laughter and adventures that only other people can bring you.

[] you are not the jealous type.

[] you are an inventor. you live in today’s world, but think in tomorrow’s world.

[] you rebel for the sake of rebelling. you love to shock.

[] you won’t change for anyone. someone must either take you as you are, or stay out of your path.

[] you like to listen to other people’s opinions and views, even if you disagree. you aren’t at all unreasonable.

[] no matter how close you get to someone, there will always be a part of you reserved for yourself.

[] you expect less than practical things of people.

[x] you’re more interested in being a friend than making more friends.



[x] you are very artistic, to the point where you can’t keep it in. art is your life.

[x] you have no emotional boundaries. you feel practically everything.

[] you are very, very open minded. you would never put anyone down because of their beliefs. 

[x] you have your head in the clouds maybe too often.

[x] you want a fairytale romance.

[x] sometimes you tend to see things less as what actually happened, and more as what you wished happened instead.

[x] if you’re excited about something, you become a dog with a bone. you could talk about it all day.

[] you are capable of surprisingly biting sarcasm.

[x] you have a hard time accepting criticism.

[x] you hold onto people who are bad for you.


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Future Bekkathyst Shop Updates

Good evening everyone! I hope you all had a great New Year’s celebration.

I wanted to let you know some scheduling changes with my shop. Lately I’ve been having one big shop update a month. However, every time this happens, I find myself struggling to get all the pictures taken and listings made on time, with so many items. So, from now on, I will be having two smaller updates every month- pretty much every other Friday. So, if everything goes as planned, my updates will be on these days:

January: 15 & 29

February: 12 & 26

March: 11 & 25

April: 8 & 22

May: 6 & 20

June: 10 & 24

July: 8 & 22

August: 12 & 26

September: 9 & 23

October: 7 & 21

November: 4 & 18

December: 2 & 16

Now, please keep in mind, this is just to give you an idea- I can’t guarantee these will be the exact dates. Of course, I will let you guys know. But for sure my next update is on January 15th!

I hope this sounds good to everyone. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

Gyakuten Ryoku Chp. 4 : The Biggest Pinch of My Life, and How to Turn it Around

In this chapter Sashihara Rino opens up about what everyone probably bought this book for, her scandal. She speaks about how it transpired, and what she did to find the silver lining in a (what then was) very dark cloud. 


When Sasshi first appeared on PVs, she got about 2.5 seconds of screentime. This went to over a minute as her rank went up over the years. The 4th sousenkyo happened on 6 June, and 10 days later, Sashihara found herself a member of HKT48.

I wanted to quit AKB48

Sasshi first found out about the article’s publication on a Monday, which is the day they do Waratte Ii Tomo. That night, there was a concert in Chiba; it was too late to take a break from the concert; she performed with a lot of heart, but the tears could not stop flowing, because “the people I’m standing with right now, I’ll never be able to do this again…”

She wanted to quit AKB48. She felt sorry, for all the fans that support AKB48, and for causing trouble to all the members. After telling Aki-P that, the response she got was “Okay. The only people that should be left in the entertainment industry are those who cling on to it with their lives.” There was a brief stop in the stream of negative thoughts. Sasshi turned from thinking about AKB48 fans, to thinking about her own fans, the ones that would support a person like her.

With all the worry that the fans have after such an article’s publication, Sashihara’s abrupt graduation from AKB48 due to it would be the worst case scenario for her fans. She remembered her time as a mowota. Kamei Eri’s graduation in December 2010 came as a huge shock to Sasshi (one of the “biggest in my life”). Eri retired not just from Morning Musume, but also from the entertainment world as a whole. However, there was no choice, she had a medical condition; Sasshi contrasted this with her own situation. Quitting because of one article was definitely not a very good thing. 

The fans hadn’t seen her stand in the 4th place position, the same position that they put her in on their own power. They hadn’t yet seen the result of their work. If it was her, she’d want to see it. If it was her, she’d want Sashihara Rino to stay.

The next day, she contacted Aki-P to say, “I think I want to stay on and work hard, in AKB48”

The sudden move to HKT48

The article was slated to be published on a Thursday, and she carried on working and living as per normal. But the previous day, she got invited to dinner with T. Minami and M. Minami, who spotted her change in demeanor and wanted to help. After speaking to them about it, they all went to karaoke, and sang songs like “Makenaide” (don’t lose!). It only strengthened Sasshi’s resolve to stay in the group.

That Friday, Sasshi appeared on All Night Nippon (radio show). It was originally supposed to just be Akimoto Yasushi doing the show, but she was told to come participate as well. After she apologized to fans for causing so much worry, Aki-P said, on air “From tomorrow onwards, you will be known as HKT48’s Sashihara Rino”.

“Wait, what?”

HKT48 was the youngest child of the AKB48 family, and at that point had yet to have its single debut. There were few chances for AKB to encounter HKT, and Sasshi barely knew anyone’s name. This was true for most members, and even some of the fans. Sashihara was transferred to this group, where at 19 she was the oldest member.

She was told to contribute to the cause, by Aki-P. For someone who broke the rules of the group, one way for her to claim the forgiveness of the fans was to work for AKB48. To start off anew in fledgling HKT48 and raise its profile, contributing to the group as a whole, was the best way to get redemption.

Even if she carried on with a normal life as 4th, there might not have been much change in her popularity. But for her to move to HKT48, there was a better chance of doing something interesting.

In a way, where she was now was not a pinch, but an opportunity. Or to be more accurate, that was the only way of thinking she could adopt.

Renewing the spirit

 After a good night’s sleep, Sasshi woke up feeling anew. It was not so much that she didn’t reflect on her mistakes, but it was simply that her spirit returns very fast. 

Sasshi prides herself for being able to find chances in adversity. When she was first told that she was going to HKT48, she was really depressed. But AKB48 is full of surprises, and dwelling on things that are already decided simply wastes time, and it’s best to look for the silver lining. “Hakata has some pretty good food” “Well at least I can save up a lot of miles” “Maybe all the people from Oita can come see me”

“Maybe compared to being in AKB, there’s a better chance of meeting people that will allow me to grow further, or having that serendipitous moment”

And she believes that this came true.

Never voicing out anything negative

Sasshi’s first performance with HKT48 was in 5 July 2012. Her time for dance lessons was limited, but at one point she said to her manager that all she wanted to do till the first performance was rehearsing, because she didn’t want to do a press conference where all it is is “how do you feel now?”

She didn’t want to say “I am reflecting on my actions” any more, because there’s nothing else to say, and she didn’t look like she was reflecting on herself. Saying “I’m working hard”, leaves her only to prove it on stage. A question like “it’s going to be starting soon, how do you feel?” only warrants a “I’ll work hard so that people will come to accept me”, and nothing else can really be said. 

More so than herself (whom she feels does what she needs to do), she felt that the fans were even more worried about her HKT stage debut than she was. For her to look dispirited would have increased their worries even more. 

Putting the conference at the end would allow her to look forward while giving comments like “It was great. I’ll continue working hard!”, and show her positive side. Saying negative things only serves to your surroundings negative, and sometimes, that also comes back to you.

When feeling negative, never read the Internet

When the scandal broke, Sashihara managed to stop looking at the Internet, both 2ch and matome sites. Looking at them would only give her the feeling that she did something wrong, and only have a negative effect on her mood. She could easily imagine what they wrote about her, but this was countered simply by not reading it at all. 

While there are people who read encouraging messages when they’re down on the internet, when it’s a really bad time words with bad intention simply reverberate in your head. The negative feeling swells up quickly, so it’s best to simply just…stop.

Because everyone accepted me

The only thing left in Sasshi’s heart from her first day in the HKT theatre was the enjoyment and how she motivated she was, with no negative thoughts at all. From the time it was decided that she was moving to HKT, Sasshi remembers nothing except the good things.

At the start of course there was a little turmoil from her entry. From an environment where the members only worked with the people that were on the same level as themselves, she came in as a member many years their senior.

While it was fine for Sasshi, M. Minami told her that it was much like “Shinoda Mariko joining the group” in terms of how frightening it was. In a good way, HKT was filled with children. Pure children full of spirit, who accepted her much like they would have accepted a transfer student from Tokyo. It might have been different in the other sister groups. 

She is thankful for all the people that welcomed her, including the fans from Kyushuu, who at her debut stage shouted “Welcome” (youkoso) and “Welcome home!” (okaeri). Since she’s from Oita youkoso was expected, but she thought okaeri was totally fresh and really appreciated it. 

Right after the performance, she had a job at the local Fukuoka TV station, whose people welcomed her with open arms as well. It’s because of all the people that accepted and welcomed her, that she thought “I want to do the most I can, here in this place”. 

The chance that arose from my biggest pinch

8 June 2013. The first senbatsu sousenkyo since Sasshi first got transferred to HKT48. She wanted to be at least 4th, but came in 1st instead, with a vote count of 150,570. 

She was so surprised that she became breathless. She remembers the view from the stage, and the shouts from the crowd vividly. Quite a bit of the crowd was saying “Why Sashihara?!”, but that notwithstanding, on that day a non-cute 20 year old managed to shake 70,000 people. For someone who uprooted herself in her third year of junior high school, this was purely unthinkable.

Every vote was a vote of support. “Try hard, once again!” Sasshi received one more try at being an idol, from everyone who voted. During handshakes, there were many people who said “Sasshi’s working hard for HKT48, so I voted once for you”. It was for these people that she decided that she needed to make a difference in HKT48. And at the same time raise AKB48 group as a whole. 

I’ve become stronger

Since moving to HKT, Sasshi’s spirit has gotten stronger. Or rather, she feels there was no choice but to become stronger. As the oldest in the group, and one of the seniors, she had to be the person that led. The someone whose failure to do so would result in everyone else failing as well. 

As an idol, these qualities are a disadvantage. The weak girls, the undependable, the ones who show all their weak spots, these are the ones that people want to see and support. Even more so the case, for a person like Sasshi, who made her reputation and popularity on being useless, and a chickenshit. 

But there’s no place to show weakness any more, for Sasshi. She’s no longer a chickenshit. There’s no other way, but to live life as a strong-willed person. It’d be great if everyone else came along for the ride.

This was a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long chapter. I read it long and hard as well. I think I understand her decision better, to basically end her idol career in HKT48 (she’s said before that she will graduate from HKT, and does not intend to go back to AKB). If you liked this summary, please check out Gyakuten Ryoku on your favourite book-store. If you can’t read it, I’m always available to help: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1695105