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I feel a little apprehensive to post this but damn, I’m tired of Poland during WWII being mentioned only in the context of “Hitler invaded it first” (which is not technically accurate anyway).


  • during WWII, around 6 000 000 Polish people were killed, over 3 000 000 of it were Jewish. The vast majority were civilians. To give you the perspective on those numbers, 35 000 000 people lived in Poland before the war. That means that over 22% of all Polish people were killed in WWII.
  • The first actual report of the scope of Holocaust was conducted by the Polish Underground State. Jan Karski gathered a detailed account of the mass murders that were being committed and presented it to the Allies on the West as early as 1942, asking for help. USA and UK did nothing.
  • (by the way, while giving Jan Karski posthumously the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Barack Obama used the very loaded phrase “Polish concentration camps” - which were, you know Nazi Germany concentration camps where Polish citizens were killed. Not to rag on Obama personally but this goes to show what’s the general American attitude towards this)
  • Speaking of the Polish Underground State - did you know that it was the biggest resistance movement under the Nazi Germany? And it was an actual underground state, with underground cabinet, diplomatic channels, education, judiciary system, the press, etc. There was a branch called “Żegota” that provided help for Jewish people in gettos and accomodated their hiding on the “Aryan side”. (You should consider that in Poland only the punishment for helping Jewish people was death).
  • Don’t forget too that Hitler first offered Poland a deal and the Polish response was “We in Poland don’t know the notion of peace at any cost. There is only one thing in the lives of people, nations and states which is priceless: that thing is honor”.
  • (that probably wasn’t very smart but you have to admit it’s pretty badass)
  • Subsequently, both Nazi Germany and USSR invaded Poland while France and Britain (who formally “declared war” on Germany) did nothing.
  • Also don’t forget that Polish Underground State was forced to work with Stalin even though USSR invaded Poland and committed terrible war crimes. For our troubles, we got sold to the Soviets after WWII. By the way, NKWD (secret police) was actively arresting Polish freedom fighters and Jewish people even BEFORE the war was done (sometimes those “freed” from the concertration camps were transferred directly to the Soviet prisons). USA knew about this.

There’s more but I wrote this off the top of my head and I’m tired.

American followers, be aware of this.

Ask Billboard: Kelly Clarkson's Career Sales & 'Wild Thoughts' About Rihanna
A recap of Clarkson's top sellers & Rihanna likely has added another No. 2 Hot 100 hit. Plus: the hottest new musical genre.

In honor of Kelly Clarkson’s return Sept. 7 with “Love So Soft,” the lead single from her first Atlantic Records album, Meaning of Life, due Oct. 27, let’s recap the career sales (in the U.S., through the week ending Aug. 31, according to Nielsen Music) of the original American Idol queen, and future member of The Voice.

Album Sales
6,355,000, Breakaway (2004); 2,800,000, Thankful (2003); 1,129,000, Stronger (2011); 1,004,000, All I Ever Wanted (2009); 942,000, Wrapped in Red (2013); 858,000, My December (2007); 728,000, Greatest Hits: Chapter One (2012); 284,000, Piece by Piece(2015); 17,000, iTunes Session (EP) (2012)

Clarkson’s career U.S. album sales stand at 14,150,000. She’s the second-best-selling Idol alum, in terms of albums sold: Carrie Underwood leads with 16,389,000.

And …

Best-Selling Digital Songs
4,954,000, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”; 2,973,000, “Since U Been Gone”; 2,855,000, “My Life Would Suck Without You”; 2,712,000, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (Jason Aldean with Clarkson); 2,128,000, “Breakaway”

2,079,000, “Because of You”; 2,009,000, “Already Gone”; 1,919,000, “Mr. Know It All”; 1,834,000, “Catch My Breath”; 1,644,000, “Behind These Hazel Eyes”

1,306,000, “Walk Away”; 1,211,000, “Never Again”; 1,035,000, Miss Independent"; 909,000, “Heartbeat Song”; 882,000, “Dark Side”

823,000, “I Do Not Hook Up”; 813,000, “Piece by Piece”; 738,000, “A Moment Like This”; 621,000, “Because of You” (Reba McEntire duet with Clarkson); 526,000, “People Like Us”

Clarkson has sold 35,173,000 song downloads.

Assessment 5

Forests are lovely to burn down, aren’t they, children? They reminds us of an old friend of ours…

We want you to film yourself, walking through the forest - or just a secluded, earthly area - and screaming about your personal emotions and feelings.

Later, upload it to a video sharing site and send the link to us.

You have until August 28th at 3:06 PM Nepal Time.

Day 1: 100,000,000 points.
Day 2: 10,000,000 points.
Day 3: 1,000,000 points.
Day 4: 100,000 points.
Day 5: 10,000 points.
Day 6: 1,000 points.
Day 7: 100 points.

If you do not complete the assessment on time, you will not receive any points. don’t forget the spanks. You may or may not face punishment for this.

anonymous asked:

When the issue with Bindi being a minor and having to prove her Dad had passed to get issued payment: Dancing With the Stars Contestants Salaries Start with base compensation of $125,000Weeks 3 & 4: $10,000 per week ($20,000 total)Week 5: $15,000Weeks 6 & 7: $20,000 per week ($40,000 total)Weeks 8 & 9: $30,000 per week ($60,000 total)Weeks 10 & 11: $50,000 per week ($100,000 total)If a celebrity makes it to the final episode, his or her earnings can go up as high as $360,000. Source: People

bless u for bringing the facts to my lazy ass 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️ i remember seeing this on tmz when it first came out but didn’t remember if there was info about whether it was consistent across celebs but this wording makes it seem like it is

High Score Event: Reprints

August 27 - 31

The 2nd anniversary is upon us!

Defeat enemies to increase your score! Being defeated will not allow you to continue, but your score will still be recorded.

Fight your way through several maps and defeat the enemies.

Here’s how the scores are calculated.

Tap the medal in the reward screen to check its ability upgrades.

General Ranking Rewards

  • 1 - 1 000: Sora & Beast
  • 1 - 2 750: Donald & Goofy KH0.2 Ver
  • 1 - 4 500: Ventus Armour Ver
  • 1 - 100 000: Jewels

Score Rewards

  • 5 000 000: 6* Moogle x5
  • 10 000 000: Cid x3
  • 25 000 000: 6* Chip/Dale x3
  • 50 000 000: Magic Mirror x1, Huey & Dewey & Louie x5

Score Bonus Medals (21%)

  • Kairi Illust Ver
  • Sora KHII Illust Ver
  • The King KH0.2 Ver
  • Axel HD Ver
  • Roxas HD Ver
  • Maleficent Dragon
  • Sora Illust Ver B
  • Sora HT Illust Ver
  • Roxas Illust Ver
  • Xemnas Illust Ver
  • Xehanort & Vanitas
  • Dark Riku
  • Key Art #1
  • Key Art #4
  • Key Art #7
  • Xion Illust Ver
  • Ursula HD Ver
  • World of Chaos
the signs as ‘funny’ quotes

aries: ‘dear karma, i have a lot of people you missed’

taurus: all my life i thought air was free until i bought a bag of chips’

gemini: ‘dont think of yourself as an ugly person, think of yourself as a beautiful monkey’

cancer: after tuesday even the caldender goes: W - T - F’

leo:rasin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason i have trust issues’

virgo: ‘follow your heart, but take your brain with you’

libra: ‘i love you with all my butt, i would say heart but my butts bigger’

scorpio: ‘8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6 000 000 000+ people, AND I AM STILL SINGLE’

sagittarius:im not lazy, i am just in energy saving mode’

capricorn: ‘i need a six month vacation, twice a year’

aquarius: ‘some people just need a high five, in the face… with a chair’

pisces: hey ill be back in five minutes, if i am not read this message again’