time for my second blog of the month eek!

how to enter:

  • must be following me & my current botm theblondeinlaw
  • you don’t need to be a studyblr!
  • reblog this pleas likes don’t count sorry i’m selfish
  • must be pretty active i mean i don’t want an inactive botm ya feel?
  • can’t be a goose (they’re really mean and idk i prefer duckies)
  • that was a joke btw
  • u can stop reading now i’m sorry i think i’m funny but i’m trash

what u get!!:

  • follow back from me if i’m not already
  • a link to ur blog on my sidebar
  • as many promos as you want to 2,5xx followers ! 
  • my unending love and affection

have fun stay safe i love u all !!!!!!!!!!