Small Double 5x7 Black and White Cedar Door

Small rustic door frame with two 5x7 black and white original Country Candid Photos-“Mother and Child Reunion- a Mare and her foal who both seem to be elated at their "Reunion”, which brought to mind the title line from a old Paul Simon song- with digital painting by the artist, Bob Hoffman. The other photo-Approaching Storm-a photograph of a North Dakota abandoned farmstead against a stormy sky done in black and white with digital painting by the artist, Bob Hoffman.


faerienamjoon asked:

Hey! 💖 I plan to donate but when you say a free mini-print what do you mean? Lol sorry for the dumb question ㅠㅠ

it’s a small random print of one of my drawings it’s about the size of a normal photo. :3 5x7 I believe