I’m not sure if they have shown this in previous episodes, but there is a picture of a clown or mime building in Toby’s apartment in 5X26 Welcome to the Dollhouse. 

The clown or mime could be a clue to Toby’s relation to Big A or Uber A. Maybe Toby will be Uber A, although I doubt that he is Big A. 

It could be the production’s fun way of referencing Charles aka The Great Charlemagne without it really having anything to do with Toby. 

Spencer and Toby did have their second kiss in front of that clown building in 1X21. It could be a romantic gesture because the photo reminds him of him and Spencer. 

Or, it could be nothing. 

Update: The photo is of an amusement park in Sydney called Luna Park. Thanks v0guebruh for the info. In other photos online of the park it doesn’t look like the face has eyeliner or hearts on it’s cheeks. However, it’s still fun to see what we can see in the photo provided by the stage production of the show. Either way, it still relates the clown entrance and the amusement provided by the mime and the clowns. 


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