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5x22 Moving Targets  Directed by Lucy Liu!

When a reality show contestant is murdered, Sherlock and Joan zero in on another competitor as a suspect, a former war criminal who may be the most skilled killer they’ve ever pursued.  For the first time since he attacked Sherlock, Shinwell reaches out to Joan to ask for a favor.

Supernatural: Sam and Dean Double Standards

The strangest things pop into my head while I’m stuck in in traffic.  Here are some of Supernatural’s numerous double standards with Sam and Dean.  It must be said that I don’t hate Dean by any means.  Most of these are glimpses into Dean and Sam’s severely dysfunctional relationship, which is fascinating, heartbreaking and great television. BUT the writers are pushing Dean into a worse and worse place while taking away Sam’s voice, and it’s tainting both characters. 

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*Sam dies and is brought back to life in 2x22.  It is feared that he came back “wrong” and is possibly “evil.”  / Dean is resurrected in season 4 by Castiel; and it’s regarded as a miracle.  No one even wonders if Dean is actually Dean

*Believing he is preventing the apocalypse and sparing his suffering brother, Sam works with a demon, Ruby.  It’s considered the ultimate betrayal and Dean even wonders about his humanity in 4x04. “Do you know how far off the reservation you’ve gone?  How far from normal?  From human?  If I didn’t know you, I would want to hunt you…”  /  Dean works with Crowley, the king of hell in 5x20 (and beyond), but it’s seen as a noble sacrifice for the greater good. Sam is also criticized as being “unhinged” for angrily pointing that out.  

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*In 4x21, when Sam’s demon blood addiction is at its worst, Dean locks him up in the panic room and eventually chains him to a bed so he can go through withdrawal cold turkey, knowing the process is excruciating and potentially lethal. / At the worst of Dean’s Mark of Cain transformation, Dean is still making decisions and calling the shots.  Sam has to sneak around and lie in order to protect him.

*Castiel rescued Sam from The Cage without his soul in 5x22.  Dean still blames him for being soulless and what he did without an actual conscience.  / Dean voluntarily took on the Mark of Cain in 9x11 and no one ever blamed him for his bone-headed and impulsive decision that got a lot of people killed.

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In season 6, Dean goes to live a regular life after Sam dies.  It’s okay.  He’s grieving for his dead brother.  /  Sam goes to live a regular life after he believes Dean, and everyone else he loves, has died.  Dean tears into him for abandoning Kevin and hunting for at least 9 episodes.    

Sam befriends the demon Ruby, who saved their lives multiple times.  She snowed Sam, Dean, Bobby AND Castiel, but only Sam gets repeatedly blamed for trusting a demon.  /  Dean befriends Benny the vampire in Purgatory and defends him throughout the season even after he kills a human being in season 8.  He repeatedly refers him as brother.

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Sam was nearly disowned by Dean for inadvertently letting Lucifer out of The Cage.  As late as 9x02, people were throwing that mistake in his face (while ignoring the fact that he put him back and suffered immensely because of it). /  Dean praises Castiel for setting Lucifer free to do nothing but to traumatize Sam, kill angels and innocent people in 11x23.

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Sam, who never knew his mother but was forced to dedicate and risk his life to avenging her death, welcomes her back to the world and offers to help her in anyway she needs in 12x02. /  Dean pulls away from his newly resurrected mother the second she needs space to grieve for her husband, sons and everyone else she knew and adjust to living after 33 years.

Arrow 5x21 - “Honor Thy Fathers” - What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


Oliver (Stephen Amell) returns to the mayor’s office and faces one of his most pressing issues yet – the forced release of dozens of violent criminals prosecuted by Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra).  Meanwhile, a crate is delivered to Oliver’s office containing a mysterious corpse encased in concrete.

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A special mention to the fact that Willa is really in 5x21. Our other girl is back 

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Marc Guggenheim & Sarah Tarkoff

They never co-wrote any Arrow episode. So lets dig in their work on Arrow.

Marc Guggenheim

Everyone knows Marc he’s pretty much the “face” of the Showrunners in Tumblr and Twitter.

Marc co-wrote or Teleplay or  authored the story for more than 30 episodes up until now. I won’t put in GIF’s from all, still they are many

1x01; 1x02; 1x03; 1x06; 1x07; 1x09; 1x14; 1x23

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2x01; 2x03; 2x07; 2x12; 2x18; 2x23

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3x01; 3x04; 3x08; 3x10; 3x14; 3x18; 3x23

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4x01; 4x02; 4x08; 4x15; 4x18; 4x23

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5x01; 5x08; 5x13

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Sarah Tarkoff

4x10; 5x05; 5x11; 5x16

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Note: I know, I know I foccused on Olicity but I’ll be honest these writers pretty much wrote my Olicity favorite scenes.

Marc writes the first and lat episode on every Season he’s also the one that writes regulars in (I am including Felicity), he also wrote the key episodes of Olicity building up but he also wrote the crushing break up to follow suit crushing some other part of the Arrow fandom by “killing” LL.

Billy Joel song


Don’t get excited
Don’t say a word
Nobody noticed
Nothing was heard
It was committed discreetly
It was handled so neatly
And it shouldn’t surprise you at all
You know

Break all the records
Burn the cassettes
I’d be lying if I told you
That I had no regrets
There were so many mistakes
And what a difference it makes
But still it shouldn’t surprise you at all
You know

I said it shouldn’t surprise you at all
You know

Don’t look now but you have changed
Your best friends wouldn’t tell you

Now it’s apparent
Now it’s a fact
So marshal your forces
For another attack You were so young and naive
I know it’s hard to believe
But now it shouldn’t surprise you at all
You know

No it shouldn’t surprise you at all
You know

What has it cost you
What have you won
The sins of the fathers
Are the sins of the sons

It was always within you
It will always continue
But it shouldn’t surprise you at all
You know
I said it shouldn’t surprise you at all
You know

Behind the screen pics

from Stephen Amell Tweet

What we expect / hope

I’m expecting this episode to start some time after 5x20 for Oliver is out of the Hospital and fully recovered. In fact is back to business at City Hall.

He get’s a “gift”

It’s creepy af and I’m expecting this person to be someone really relevant in Oliver’s past, someone that the simple fact Prometheus (it could only be Chase doing this) sent him will crush Oliver.

I saw floating around the theory that it could be Robert Queen. That would tie up with the episode’s title. The body has what looks like a vest of some kind

It could be a life jacket but it could also be a uniform like from someone Oliver killed or blames himself for having been killed. The concrete is puzzling though. I can’t recall anyone that Oliver had disposed of like this, at least not yet. The body could just tie up with the Flashbacks (I’m guessing we are back to Russian Flashbacks for Anatoly and Kovar will both show up).

No one is even remotely closer to catching Chase. And the Team is back in the bunker

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We know have not one but two Villains coming in and out of that place at their own whim, Malcolm and Chase, and the Team is back? Okay, okay, there’s no time or money to get another bunker just for 2/2,5 episodes (we are moving to Lian Yu soon enough), I get it… moving on.

Olicity is moving forward. 

Oliver sharing his fears with Felicity gives me life.

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All the criminals Chase had prosecuted as DA are getting released. In that Universe of week villains now all out on the street keeping SCPD and Team Arrow busy (lucky Prometheus? Nah, this was part of the plan) Derek Sampson (Cody’s character) is the focus.

Derek is clearly working with Prometheus against Team Arrow. His main antagonist for the episode seems to be Wild Dog.

It looks to me (I could be wrong) that Oliver and Diggle, even if taking part of getting the released criminals, and mainly chasing Prometheus.

Oliver spends a part of the episode without the GA suit. And without it he manages to fall into a trap, with Diggle,

Seriously… I mean seriously… Oliver falling through floors AGAIN on THIS episode. I mean, in 520 it was nice, painful, and nerve wracking great to watch but, couldn’t the writers just used that idea for a later episode when Oliver being so seriously hurt from a fall had to undergo surgery - Surgery, you guys? Oliver-fk-Queen? - wasn’t so vividly on my mind.

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But something happens, probably Olicity related, and as Chase puts on Prometheus suit we get

Prometheus by now should have William already, still it’s 5x22 that is titled “Missing”. The “Thy Fathers” in the title probably is a reference to Robert Queen and Chase’s father (forgot his name he was so irrelevant) but most of all Oliver himself. It’s Oliver’s sins that Prometheus is going to make William “pay”; when I say “pay” is by suffering; being kidnaped is suffering enough already but not for Prometheus, I don’t believe him incapable of killing William, but I do believe the show wouldn’t do it. Because that would crush Oliver so much he probably wouldn’t get back from that and I believe they wouldn’t kill another child, Akio was enough.

It’s going to be a full of action episode, with a Arrow vs Prometheus fight along the way. A fanboys episode if you will. I’m good with it, I got Olicity, in 5x19 and 5x20, and they are going to have moments for the rest of the Season. I’m good with it because SA and EBR can do magic in a moment, plus we are having Oliver’s birthday party, organized by Felicity, in 5x22.

It’s 5x21 they need to get to the finish line on the Prometheus story and they only have 3 episodes. Oliver is going back to the hero path, going back to GA, and I’m excited to watch him as he evolves and finds out who he is. Arrow needs it, GA the hero needs it to be just that - a hero, Olicity needs it to move forward. But most of all  Oliver needs and deserves it. I’m going to be so happy when this happens

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There were some official spoilers  and non official BTS for this episode, find them under the cut

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Honestly what happened to Shinwell at the end of 5x22 still makes me sick and it’s tainted the entire show for me. I can’t think of it as a good thing anymore. At least with mycroft there’s unanimous agreement it didn’t happen. But it seems everyone expected Shinwell to die and that just makes it more gross.