How 5x19 should've gone
  • Pan :I'm gonna kidnap you now
  • Zelena :oh great
  • Pan :*holds up bag* with a bag
  • Zelena :wait wait wait are you serious
  • Rumple :it's very efficient.
  • Zelena :you could knock me out with any curse or teleport me somewhere and you're telling me you're kidnapping me with a BAG?
  • Pan :yes
  • Zelena :this is why wicked always wins peace out bros *poofs away*
  • Rumple :shut up dad

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Picard Speeches → The First Duty (5x19)
You choose not to answer? But you’ve already given an answer to the inquiry, and that answer was a lie. I said the accident occurred after the loop. It did. What you neglected to mention was that following the loop your team attempted a manoeuvre that was the direct cause of the crash. You told the truth up to a point. But a lie of omission is still a lie.


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anonymous asked:

I think that something major must have happened with stiles and lydia before the "you'll forget me scene." Because they're so open with each other in that scene, kind of like they're dating or have already confessed their feelings. They sure as hell weren't that open with each other in 5x19. Especially the way Lydia says "I won't." It's so emotional and open. It's hard to explain but I do think that a kiss or a confession might have happened before he is like "you'll forget me."

I 20000000000%%%%% argee. I think all the cards are on the table at that point. There’s no effing way she’d be that open with him if there wasn’t stuff that had been implied or said. 

If they were closer, maybe, but even then… would she cry in front of him about him like that if she didn’t know if he loved her? Lydia’s whole life is about hiding and protecting and fabricating. This is so new. 

anonymous asked:

hit us with a stydia 6x01 head canon bc you keep talking about it on twitter

okay so…

at the beginning of 6x01 you can just tell stiles & lydia are acting weird around each other. throughout the beginning of the episode we get this 5x19 vibe where they are obviously in love but they are idiots and wont just do something about it.

about half way through the episode scott (#1 stydia stan) pulls stiles aside and is basically like “bro, you and lydia need to make out soon or I’m going kill you.” so that the audience gets confirmation that we’re not just mis-reading the sexual tension.

so then, at the end of the ep, right before stiles gets taken or whatever, he and lydia are standing alone outside the school. they are basically just chatting about supernatural stuff but you can tell how pissed they are that they don’t know how talk about their romantic relationship with each other.

the show comes upon a moment of silence with them facing each other, and suddenly lydia says “JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY” and then they proceed to kiss each other a lot.