5x19 hammer of the gods

My favorite thing about Hammer of the Gods is when Gabriel looks at Kali and, in a disgusted tone, asks, “Really? Baldr?” since in Norse mythology, Baldr’s mother made it so nothing could kill him except mistletoe, since it was such a small and harmless thing.

So one day, someone went up to the blind god Hodr, and told him to prove that Baldr is invincible by throwing a branch at Baldr, except Hodr didn’t know it was a shaft of mistletoe. It pierced through Baldr, killing him. 

That someone? It was Loki.


5x19 Hammer of the Gods // 11x03 The Bad Seed

When Amara said she was tricked into being sealed away by God I was immediately reminded of the speech Gabriel gave to Sam and Dean at the end of 5x19, in which he suggested that they trick Lucifer back into the Cage rather than try to kill him.

This is certainly not the first parallel between the release of the Darkness and the Apocalypse-that-never-was (probably wonโ€™t be the last either) but it and a couple of other things got me thinking about not only how the Darkness could be defeated this time around, but also how exactly she/it was tricked in the first place.

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